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In Zui Quan or the drunkard boxing, boxers falter, waddle, fall and sway just like drunkards. Zui Quan can be used for both fighting and maintaining health. However, the drunkard boxers go out of their way to stress the combative side of their style. They blend a series of movements, actions and skills o f the martial arts and try to confuse their opponents with special skills which often lead them to surprise triumphs. Execution of the drunkard boxing demands extreme flexibility of the joints as well as suppleness, dexterity, power and coordination all of which can be developed in the course of practice.The main feature of the drunkard boxing is to hide combative hits in drunkard-like, unsteady moveme nts and actions so s to confuse the opponent. The secret of this style of boxing is maintaining a clear mind while giving a drunken appearance. Drunkard boxers are required to be responsive with good eyesight and fist plays. They move in unconnected steps but with a flexible body combining hardness and suppleness. They have to be fast to get the better of their opponents but their main tactic is to feign defence while trying to attack and aiming in one direction but attacking in another. Various degrees of drunkenness are demonstrated by different ranges of movements and expressions in the eye
5 Oct 2010
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My huge cat going crazy trying to attack the dot from a cheap laser pointer. For some awesome videos of my Burning High powered lasers visit my videos section of my profile! Thanks for watching. Enjoy!
5 Jul 2008
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In the Urban City - A Hawk Eats A Crow on a Telephone phone while other Crows circle and try to attack the Hawk.
29 Oct 2008
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a short, somewhat funny clip, which i made some time ago.... a 'killer' tries to attack a sleeping guy, but is attacked himself... enjoy :D
3 Jun 2008
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Toker gets so made when I tease him with his knuckle bones. He tries to attack the bone and camera.
3 Jun 2008
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A wild hare tries to attack a crippled crow, seeing this a pack of crows come to the rescue!
3 Jul 2008
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I was flying my Zing Wings ZB 28 model glider one day. It attracted a bird called a night hawh that flew with it, I tink trying to attack it. The insect like noises are made by the night hawk. There is also a swooshing sound you'll hear near the end of the video that is caused by the bird diving and then pulling up quickly. Pretty cool!
9 Dec 2008
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Isabelle is trying to attack my cup with Jack and Coke...haha!
18 Dec 2008
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Adolf Hitler warns psychopath Josef Stalins little bitch Molotov that there will be trouble if they try to attack Finland again.
9 Jan 2009
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john mccain tryed to attack me and i killed him and took his hat.
5 Nov 2009
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Following a sting operation by a British tabloid, nine-year-old angel-faced Rubina Ali, who starred in Slumdog Millionaire, has been caught in the midst of a tug-of-war. Since the news broke that Rubina’s father Rafique Qureshi was allegedly trying to sell his daughter to a Saudi Sheikh for a whopping Rs 1.8 crore, every relative, no matter how distant, entered the fray. Direct fallout is that the girl’s biological mother, Khurshid, who separated from her husband eight years ago, laid fresh claim to the girl. Khurshid even arrived at Bandra’s Gharib Nagar slums where Rubina lives, and abused everyone. She tried to attack Rubina’s step-mum Munni, but others intervened. She then approached the Nirmal Nagar police to lodge a complaint and take custody of Rubina. The drama unfolded when News of the World reported that as Slumdog Millionaire did not fetch Rubina’s family a fortune, her father was even prepared to “sell” her for a tidy sum. Catch all the drama…only in this video
23 Apr 2009
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Watch Twilight New Moon free *******newmovies6****/ Plot summary Protagonist Isabella "Bella" Swan is thrown an eighteenth birthday party by Alice and Edward Cullen, the vampire she loves, and his family. While unwrapping a gift, she gets a paper cut. Edward's brother, Jasper, is overwhelmed by her blood's scent and tries to attack Bella. To keep her safe from vampires, Edward breaks up with Bella and he and his family leave Forks, Washington. Bella becomes severely depressed and seeks comfort with Jacob Black, a cheerful friend who eases her pain over losing Edward.
28 Nov 2009
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