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short stories idea
Cat is sittin at the bottom of a 4 foot tube when he decides to attack the camera strap
27 Jan 2008
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Thread your exercise tubing through one or more of your Bounderball handles and lift into a V-Up position. From this position slowly move your ball up and down without allowing ball to touch the floor. Use perfect posture. Enjoy!
15 Feb 2008
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Lay prone over your Bounderball while placing your exercise tubing over one foot and one hand. Stabilize over the ball and extend one hand and one leg. This is a great exercise for core muscles and balance. Enjoy!
14 Nov 2009
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Thread your exercise tubing through one or more of the bounderball handles for the desired amount of resistance. Sit tall on the ball using perfect posture. Roll forward or back being careful with your balance point (don't fall off!). Enjoy!
17 Mar 2008
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Here I show you how to make a mixer for test tubes. It is pretty easy and you can build it in less than 10 min. Magnets can be demount from a CD/DVD drive also a e-motor.
19 Nov 2008
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Thread exercise tubing through one or two of the desired bounderball handles. Sit tall on bounderbal and bring exercise tubing handles over your shoulders. From this position "crunch" forward. You ca also work obliques. Enjoy!
5 Mar 2008
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Thread your resistance tubing through one or more of the Bounderball handles. Chose an exercise tubing with slightly less resistance due to sustained position. Arms out to side with slight bend in elbows. Sit tall, with perfect posture. Enjoy!
19 Feb 2008
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Either the tube was too small or the water was too rough or I wasn't ready, or something... You figure it out! I just know that I took on a whole bunch of water that day. Yea right, very funny. Just Living the Dream.
8 Mar 2008
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A simple guide on how to operate Tube Mogul. It is a great program for uploading your videos to multiple sites at the same time. *******www.breannejoseph**** *******www.myspace****/brejoseph
25 Feb 2008
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this video is of devang doing tubing with one of his friends jayesh and 2 others vinay and ashish.. venue buckhills..
8 Mar 2008
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*******www.aztechmusic**** ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Amp comes in shop very dirty and needs tubes. Video shows checking out the amp and looking at the waveforms on the scope. Using a drumstick to check out the circuit. Visit website for more info.
21 Jan 2009
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Running over to find nobody moving... Drunken antics after work party along with closed unfinished black diamond tube park run = INJURY & PAIN. Ice boulder they hit was as big as an exercise ball and didnt move!
20 Jan 2009
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