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Tuina massage is one of the oldest forms of massage! Always ask for a doctor's permission before massaging any person with an aliment, pain or disease that you have questions about.
6 Feb 2007
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Tuina massage is one of the oldest forms of massage! Always ask for a doctor's permission before massaging any person with an aliment, pain or disease that you have questions about.
8 Feb 2007
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טיפול טווינה לכאבי כתף - כתף קפואה, דלקת בגיד הכתף, קרע בגיד הכתף, בייספס טנדיניטיס. מודגם על ידי מורי - ד"ר לי האנג. צולם במהלך התמחותי בסין בשנת 2009-2010 בהאנג-ג'ו סין בבית החולים המחוזי של zhejiang. tuina treatment for shoulder pain - appliable in cases such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff syndrome, biceps tendinitis, rotator cuff tear. performed by my teacher Dr. Li Hang 李杭 during my internship in his clinic 2009-2010. filmed at zhejiang provincial TCM hospital xia sha branch.
19 Oct 2011
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Chinesse massage technique- tuina
24 Dec 2008
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23 Sep 2008
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Cerebral Palsy Jenny: Age 5 Treatment started: October 1st 2009 Time since start of treatment: 30 days Improvements: Walking straighter and longer Talking Able to stand Able to abduct and adduct legs
19 Dec 2009
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Time since start of treatment: 1 month 24 days Jenny's has been able to walk much faster and with more confidence
25 Dec 2009
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Time since start of treatment: 1 month 17 days Improvements: Confidence while walking
24 Dec 2009
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Time since start of treatment: 1 month 17 days Improvements: Confidence while walking
25 Dec 2009
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Time since start of treatment: 4 months 22 days Improvements: Walking faster Ability to sit up from lying down
25 Feb 2010
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*******www.unihealthcare****** Welcome to Uni Health Care, The London Acupuncture clinic Uni healthcare clinic was established in 2006 and has successfully become London’s leading provider of Oriental Medicine and alternative therapies. You are an individual and your situation is personal to you. This means your treatment must be tailored to meet your needs. We can advise you on the most appropriate treatment for you. Our team of specialist practitioners provide a variety of treatments and are experts in treating a wide range of conditions, from physical injury to fertility support. We are qualified, experienced members of their relevant professional bodies and we ensure high standards of practice are maintained for you, our clients. Some of our practitioners are even considered experts in their specialisms, both nationally and internationally. Acupuncture, tui-na massage and alternative therapies are a powerful tool in the developing solutions to our current healthcare crisis. It is our belief and vision that they should be accessible to people when they need them, and we always strive to be at the forefront of our field creating exiting new initiatives. Our specialist acupuncture practitioners are experienced in treating a varied range of conditions from the physical, like osteoarthritic knee pain, to the internal, such as nausea and vomiting. As you are an individual, your situation is personal to you. This means that your treatment must be tailored to suit your needs. Other therapies include gua sha, Cupping therapy, Moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, hot stone massage and reiki We are also currently offering Free Initial Consultations worth £20. For expert treatment or friendly advice please call 020 7253 5892 or visit our website on *******www.unihealthcare******
4 May 2012
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Vive la experiencia de un masaje a domicilio en Madrid. Nuestro equipo de masajistas se desplaza directamente a tu domicilio, para que puedas disfrutas de una amplia gama de masajes: - Masaje Deportivo - Masaje Relajante - Masaje Chino (Tui-na) - Reflexología podal - Kinesio Tape (Vendaje Neuromuscular) Infórmate en nuestra web: www.areanatur****
21 Sep 2016
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*******www.traditionalhealingcentre**** TCM and Acupuncture Clinic serving Toronto, Ontario. Been in practice since 2008. Acupuncture And Alternative Medicines Toronto - 7 visits - 10 Feb Acupuncture and alternative medicine in Toronto from Pacific Wellness. Acupuncture, shiatsu, RMT massage, reflexology and other alternative modalities for ... - Cached - Similar # TORONTO ACUPUNCTURE HUB - 3 visits - 21 Feb Cosmetic Acupuncture BREAST ENLARGEMENT toronto acupuncture TORONTO PAIN CLINIC HERBAL MEDICINE CHINESE MEDICINE ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT OF ASTHMA 4168807752 ... www.larrysong****/ - Cached - Similar # Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine - 4 visits - 27 Jan - [ Skip intro ] Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TSTCM also includes an on-site teaching clinic including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and tuina massage.” www.tstcm****/ - Cached - Similar # Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine offers professional diploma programs, continuing education and general interest courses. Located in Toronto ... www.tstcm****/html/acupuncture.html - Cached - Similar # Toronto Total Wellness Centre: acupuncture, infertility,fertility ... - 10 visits - 31 Jan Toronto Total Wellness Centre offers acupuncture, fertility treatment, fertility acupuncture, infertility acupuncture, natural infertility treatments, ... - Cached - Similar # Japanese Acupuncture Treatment Clinic Toronto: Infertility ... Toronto acupuncture clinic specializing in alternative medicine treatments for infertility, migraines, headaches, sports injuries, back pain, sciatica, ... www.acupuncture-treatment****/ - Cached - Similar # CTCMPC : Acupuncture School in Toronto : Toronto Chinese Medicine ... The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Parhmocology Canada: CTCMPC, offers a vareity of professional diploma programs in Acupunture, ... www.ctcmpc****/ - Cached - Similar
15 Mar 2010
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Acurate diagnostic procedure to identify the source of pain on the patient's frozen shoulder and finger numbness. Patient is in her 70s and experiencing chronic shoulder pain for almost a year. Proses diagnostik untuk memastikan sumber kesakitan pesakit (umur 70-an) kerana pesakit mengalami kesakitan kronik tangan dan kekakuan bahu. #AcuHealing #Tuina #TCM #Physiotherapy #PerubatanTraditionalCina #Akupunktur #UbatanAlternatif #QiGong
13 Jun 2019
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Upper back soreness caused by daily activities. #Acupressure is a safe yet pain-less treatment that could relieve the pain within minutes. Call 0126501200 or, wa me/600126501200 to claim FREE DIAGNOTIC + SOFT TISSUE TUINA, worth RM150. Kesakitan badan disebabkan aktiviti-aktiviti harian. Aku-tekanan boleh menghilangkan kesakitan amat cepat dan selamat.
14 Jun 2019
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Patient had frozen shoulder, due to an accident. It caused pain and weakness on the entire arm. Acupressure is a pain-less yet effective treatment for neck and shoulder related pain and restriction. ☎️ Call 0126501200 or wa me/600126501200 for FREE DIAGNOSIS appointment (worth rm240) for 2 PAX. #AcuHealing #Acupuncture #Tuina #PhysioTherapy #ChiropracticTreatment #QiGong #TraditionalChineseMedicine #AlternativeMedicine #Acupressure #Akupunktur #PerubatanTraditionalCina #Fisioterapi #UbatanAlternatif
18 Jun 2019
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