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Board certified plastic surgeons, Dean Jabs, M.D. and Frank Richards, M.D., practice at Cosmetic Surgery Associates in Bethesda, Maryland. With facilities located in both Maryland and Virginia, they are dedicated to serving all of their patients. One procedure commonly performed by Drs. Jabs and Richards is tummy tuck surgery, or "abdominoplasty." During this surgery, excess fat and skin are removed from the stomach, liposuction is performed on the hips, and the abdominal muscles are tightened. Please visit Drs. Jabs and Richards' Web site to learn more about this effective body contouring procedure.
9 Oct 2007
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As said by Robert J. Schwartz, M.D., there are two areas of focus for getting natural-looking results with tummy tuck surgery. First, not pulling the skin too tight, and then enhancing the appearance of the belly button. When the abdominal skin is pulled too tight, the stomach looks unnaturally too snug and does not feel like normal skin. Also, the belly button should be aesthetically appealing, as well as natural-looking. According to our Dallas physician, it is imperative to create a nice "inny" and bury the post-operative scar in the belly button. For more information regarding tummy tuck surgery, please visit Dr. Schwartz's Web site.
3 Nov 2007
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Patients who wish to contour their abdomen often ask the question of whether they should undergo liposuction or tummy tuck surgery. According to Robert J. Schwartz, M.D., there are three factors that make the abdomen fuller or bigger than desired: 1) excess skin, 2) loose muscles, and 3) excess fat, all of which can be due to weight changes or pregnancy. Liposuction aims to rid your figure of excess fat, whereas tummy tuck surgery intends to tighten loose skin or stretched out muscles. Some people have all of the above-mentioned three and would benefit from both liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. In this case, our Dallas specialist, Dr. Schwartz can perform both at the same time or stage them. Please visit Dr. Schwartz's Web site to learn more about liposuction and tummy tuck surgery in the Dallas area.
13 Nov 2007
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Learn why both women and men on Long Island choose abdominoplasty to remove extra skin and fat from their stomachs while tightening the abdominal wall. Dr. James Romanelli also discusses the popularity of mothers combining tummy tuck with breast enlargement on Long Island for their "mommy makeover." To view additional cosmetic surgery videos, visit *******www.jrcs****
7 Feb 2008
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Visit *******www.losangelestummytuck****/tummy-tuck-articles.cfm to view additional cosmetic surgery videos. Christy wanted a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills. After having three children, she felt that her figure needed extra enhancement, so she decided to meet with the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery to learn more about her options. After careful consideration, she decided to undergo breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, and a ThermaCoolâ„¢ facelift to complete her new post-baby look.
16 Jul 2008
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Visit *******www.losangelestummytuck****/tummy-tuck-articles.cfm to view more cosmetic surgery videos. Like many people considering abdominoplasty in Beverly Hills, Jeremy wanted to remove the loose skin he had as a result of losing a serious amount of weight. For more information on tummy tucks, Jeremy turned to Dr. Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles for liposuction and an abdominoplasty so that he could enjoy a slimmer look and enhance his confidence with his body.
4 Mar 2008
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Do you need a little extra help reducing the size of your stomach? If so, seek the assistance of triple board certified plastic surgeon Michal Eisemann, M.D. At Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston, you can look forward to attaining impressive results. During this procedure, also known as "abdominoplasty," loose, sagging skin is removed from the midsection and the underlying abdominal muscles are tightened. Depending on the patient's needs, a mini tummy tuck may be a better option. Additional information pertaining to tummy tuck surgery can be obtained on the Web site of Dr. Eisemann.
31 Mar 2008
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Getting a perfect shape for your tummy with a tummy tuck surgery in India at Bangalore is a good choice. Bangalore city in India is a medical hub as well as an IT park. Still you would find the expenditure of cosmetic tummy tuck surgery in India at Bangalore very much affordable. Tummy tuck surgery also called abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure used to provide an attractive contour to the tummy. Tummy tuck surgery is a good solution for women who get stretch marks on their abdomen after pregnancy. Tummy tuck surgery is also helpful in reducing the tummy size in persons who have got it in bad shape, by tightening the abdominal muscles. Getting a tummy tuck surgery in India won't be difficult as medical tourism in India provides you comfortable stay at the cosmetic surgery hospital along with nice facilities. A holiday vacation is awaiting for you at the most beautiful Indian tourist resorts near Bangalore city. Visit us at *******www.tour2india4health**** or email at enquirytour2india4health****
2 Aug 2008
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Michelle Morelle a U.K native recently underwent a tummy tuck surgery in India at Mumbai. Tummy tuck surgery can be taken in case of reduction of tummy size or removal of pregnancy scars from the tummy. The video shows features Michelle Morelle the british native telling about her tummy tuck surgery in India. Cosmetic procedures like tummy tuck surgery in India have build a wide repute in international cosmetic care. And due to this very reason abroad natives are seeking and hiring Indian surgeons for getting desired results with tummy tuck surgery in India at Indian cities of Delhi and Mumbai and Chennai. Medical tourism is encouraging global natives to take benefit from the health recovery facilities of Indian cosmetic surgery clinics to get tummy tuck surgery in India at a less and affordable budget. Tummy tuck surgery is also called abdominoplasty, it is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen and tighten muscles of the abdominal wall. For more options of tummy tuck surgery in India please visit or email at enquirytour2india4health****
3 May 2008
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Tummy tuck is a plastic surgery used to help in cases of excess tummy skin, when extreme or rapid weight loss results in protruding abdomen that remains after stabilizing in the desired weight. In cases of multiple areas needing reshaping or tightening, a board certified plastic surgeon may recommend a body lift - Dr. Mordcai Blau, M.D., P.C. Plastic Surgeon, NY, USA *******www***smetic-md****/abdominoplasty
14 Dec 2008
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*******www.dr-petti**** With abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, our Los Angeles area patients can regain their waistline. Dr. Christine Petti's advanced tummy tuck procedure easily tones and tightens loose skin and weak muscles.
18 Sep 2008
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www.southbaycosmeticsurgery**** With abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, our Los Angeles area patients can regain their waistline. Dr. Christine Petti's advanced tummy tuck procedure easily tones and tightens loose skin and weak muscles.
18 Sep 2008
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