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In this video Sean Stefan from ******* demonstrates how you install a sprinkler head and poly pipe to turnseal sprinkler fittings. Also shown in this video, the Blu-Lock pipe cutting knife, which is available at *******
24 Mar 2009
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Learn how to tee off sprinkler lines and install sprinkler heads using turnseal sprinkler fittings with help from Sean Stefan of *******
25 Mar 2009
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Blu-Lock irrigation pipe and fittings are the wave of the future in the sprinkler business. To get a quote for your Blu-Lock sprinkler system head over to ******* We'll still gladly sell Turnseal and insert fittings with standard poly pipe, but the Blu-Lock pipe and fitting system goes together so much faster and provides increased water flow over TurnSeal and insert fittings because the fittings fit over the pipe, not inside.
23 Feb 2010
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Blu-Lock fittings require no clamps, glues, primers, or tightening like pvc, insert fittings, turnseal fittings, or other barbed fittings. Watch this Blu-Lock fitting demo from Sean at ******* to see how easily the Blu-Lock pipe and fittings go together.
24 Mar 2010
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One of the great reasons to install a Blu-Lock sprinkler system vs. an insert fitting based sprinkler system is because the Blu-Lock fittings go over top of the pipe instead of inside the pipe like insert fittings and TurnSeal fittings do. For a quote on a Blu-Lock sprinkler system that you can install yourself, head over to *******
23 Feb 2010
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