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+ Author : Rhys Bowen (Author), Jonathan Keeble (Narrator), Katy Sobey (Narrator) + Format : MP3 ( without DRM – You can listen on many Other Devices ) + You will get link download from Dropbox when Completed Purchase ! + Listening Length : 10 hours and 9 minutes + Language : English From New York Times best-selling author Rhys Bowen comes a haunting novel about a woman who braves her father’s hidden past to discover his secrets…. In 1944, British bomber pilot Hugo Langley parachuted from his stricken plane into the verdant fields of German-occupied Tuscany. Badly wounded, he found refuge in a ruined monastery and in the arms of Sofia Bartoli. But the love that kindled between them was shaken by an irreversible betrayal. Nearly 30 years later, Hugo’s estranged daughter, Joanna, has returned home to the English countryside to arrange her father’s funeral. Among his personal effects is an unopened letter addressed to Sofia. In it is a startling revelation. Still dealing with the emotional wounds of her own personal trauma, Joanna embarks on a healing journey to Tuscany to understand her father’s history – and maybe come to understand herself as well. Joanna soon discovers that some would prefer the past be left undisturbed, but she has come too far to let go of her father’s secrets now….
19 Sep 2019
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Travel to Florence Italy brought to you by the Italian Broadcasting Company. Television videos of Florence, Italy are on www.WebVisionItaly****, the only Italian television network in English. See the countryside of Tuscany, visit Lucca, Pisa, Siena and Florence, Italy. Find great Florentine restaurants, hotels in Florence, learn about great Tuscan food, and see shopping and fashion in Florence, Italy. . and eat great Tuscan food and drink great Tuscan wine. Visit www.WebVisionItaly**** before you travel to Florence.
6 Dec 2006
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Italian cooking and Italian food with Chef Rick television video on demand at www.WebVisionItaly****, the finest Italian cooking video. Brought to you by the Italian Broadcasting Company, the only Italian television network in English, see Chef Rick prepare this hearty dish from Italy's Tuscany region. Visit www.WebVsionItaly**** to watch television videos of authentic Italian food and authentic Italian cooking
5 Feb 2007
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My second car - Hyundai Coupé (Tiburon Tuscani) 2003
24 Jun 2007
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Siena is my favourite city in tuscany italy please take a look
9 Aug 2007
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This is the "Pineta della Feniglia", the 6-miles long trail that crosses the Feniglia peninsula, in Orbetello, Tuscany (Italy). The road runs across pine trees, and you can reach the sea on a side, and the internal lagoon on the other side. This is also part of the Argentario complex, a must-see in Tuscany, especially in summertime.
24 Sep 2007
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Pan across olive groves in Tuscany, Italy with clouds moving over head.
8 Oct 2007
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Tuscani Forever..
10 Apr 2008
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Italy Travel-Chiusi Tuscany, in southeast Tuscany border with Umbria, one of the more powerful among the Etruscan 12‑city confederation, the first "League of Nations". Chiusi went into the Roman orbit in the 3rd century BC and took part to the Social War. Ancient Rome took many of the Etruscan traditions to build ancient Roman civilization. In 540 AD it was occupied by the Ostrogoths and was later seat of Lombard duchy. From the 11th century it was under the rule of the local bishop, and was later contended by Orvieto and, from 1231, Siena, belonging to the latter until 1556, when it was annexed to the Grand duchy of Tuscany.
20 Jan 2010
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Travel Italy-Tuscany Cruise Port Livorno-Cruise Mediterranean vacation in Italy holiday guide brings you the cruise Livorno brought to you by Italian Broadcasting Company www.WebVisionItaly**** for the best TV Italy Telly about travel in Italy. Tour Italy travel to Rome, Florence, and Venice with a cruise around Italy tip to toe from Genoa, to Livorno, civitavecchia and Venice, travel Italy and arrive in new ports like the Ancient Romans, by ship to the great ports of Italy.
21 Apr 2008
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City of Rufina Tuscany Region (Toscana) Italy. Producer of Chianti Rufina wine more at (C) Terrell Neuage neuage****
22 Jul 2008
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Pietrasanta in the northern part of Tuscany, Italy is an artist's sanctuary, made famous by Michelangelo who loved the Carrara marble quarried from the nearby mountain. Other artists who have called Pietrasanta home at some time in their life include Henry Moore, Botero, Donatello, and Stagi. Today Pietrasanta continues on the cutting edge of art, home to many contemporary art galleries including Christo and Jean-Claude, known for the Gates Central Park, New York. Holiday in Italy travel Tuscany. Web Vision Italy the only telly Italy TV Italy video in English. WebVisionItaly**** travel Italy.
17 Jan 2009
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