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The movie Planet Of The Apes edited by RexRed to Fleetwood Mac's song Tusk.
1 Nov 2008
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<p>This is an amazing piece of Mammoth ivory Tusk- The Dragons. Hand carved by Japanese Master carver.<br /> Browse our <a href="*******www.ivoryandart****/servlet/the-Mammoth-Ivory-cln-Mammoth-Ivory-Tusk/Categories">Mammoth ivory</a> Collection</p>
31 Oct 2008
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Carving on Mammoth Ivory Tusk. WoW!! This is an amazing carved mammoth ivory tusk of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals. This is a 3 dimensional Carving Into The Mammoth tusk. Buy Mammoth ivory Tusk & own a piece of history & Luck. Browse our Collection at Http://www.IvoryAndArt****
2 Apr 2009
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Five water Buffalo carved on mammoth ivory tusk. The master Carver carved along with the Buffalo the swamp plants & creatures like the snake & frogy. Browse our Mammoth Ivory collection at - *******www.IvoryAndArt****
17 Apr 2009
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WoooooW. Definitely one of our diamonds at our Mammoth Ivory Tusk collection. Two Dragons & children carved on high quality genius Mammoth Tusk,. carved by Master carver. *******www.ivoryandart****/servlet/the-Mammoth-Ivory/Categories
6 May 2009
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If you like Ivory & Foo dogs you are going to love this video clip. An amazing big Mammoth ivory of Foo Dogs scenery. Mammoth ivory tusks are absoulotly legal worldwide. This Tusk is handcarved by Master carver. *******www.ivoryandart****/
7 May 2009
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Hand carved Dragons on High Quality Mammoth Ivory Complete tusk. mammoth ivory is absolutely legal worldwide. When you buy a piece of Mammoth ivory tusk you own a piece of history as well. Browse our Mammoth ivory Collection. *******www.IvoryAndArt****
7 May 2009
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Cats hunting rats carved on Mammoth Ivory Tusk. You can watch the high quality carving on the mammoth ivory tusk. The master carver done an overwhelming work to perfection. Browse our Mammoth ivory collection at: *******www.ivoryandart****/
25 Nov 2009
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a beatiful carving on mammoth ivory tusk of 8 tigers tribe. The master carver succeed to carved carefully on this this thin Mammoth ivory Tusk aged more than 10,000 years ago.Browse our mammoth Ivory tusk collection at; *******www.IvoryAndArt****
9 Jul 2009
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An Amazing piece of Ivory carving TUSK!!! 180 CM (6 FEET) Length of Carving on Huge Mammoth Ivory Tusk from the Extinct woolly Mammoth. Mammoth Ivory Tusk are absolutely Legal worldwide. Browse our Mammoth Ivory collection at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
1 Nov 2009
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Mammoth ivory carved Tusk of Fukurokuju the Longevity God & Flying Geisha. This Carved Ivory Tusk is legal worldwide because its Made out from the extinct woolly mammoth. browse our mammoth Ivory Tusk at: *******www.IvoryAndart****
23 Jul 2009
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Incredible carving on mammoth ivory tusk. This Mammoth ivory tusk carved by Master carver - Prince Traveling. We can Notice at the Price face that looking from the window of his cabin. Browse our Collection of Mammoth Ivory: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
26 Jul 2009
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Beautiful hand carved of the extinct Woolly Mammoth family scene on High quality Mammoth ivory tusk. The master carver carved the Mammoth Family to perfection on the mammoth ivory Tusk. Browse our Mammoth Ivory collection at: http;//www.IvoryAndArt****
9 Oct 2009
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Amazing carved mammoth ivory Tusk of the 12 animal of the Chinese zodiac. Take a look at each animal - They carved to perfection The Master carver Signed on the 40 Cm Mammoth ivory Tusk. Browse our Legal ivory Collection at: *******www.IvoryAndArt****
13 Oct 2009
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