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Waste Management's "TV Time" shows a funny way to think about the power of recycling and your time in front of the television. Check out the Waste Management website *******www.wm****/ or visit *******www.smartmarketmovie**** for more of our videos.
16 Nov 2009
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Predicto TV is on the red carpet in Times Square to hear celebrity predictions about the latest hot topics in pop culture, sports, celeb gossip and more. Check out Episode 21 of Predicto TV now!
11 Jun 2009
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Predicto TV is on the red carpet in Times Square to hear celebrity predictions about the latest hot topics in pop culture, sports, celeb gossip and more. Check out Episode 25 of Predicto TV now!
24 Jun 2009
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With the smart TV you are not just watching tv, but you’re integrating different facets of your life into an entertaining experience
27 Jun 2011
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FitnessBlitz Personal Training guide to the 2012 season of health improving exercises and competitive adventure! Join Master Fitness Trainer Jim D. and improve your fitness now!
19 Apr 2012
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Just another night in front of the TV or is it? They are having a real good time.
21 May 2007
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It's Black Track Tuesday, but that doesn't stop the barn from yappin a little before turning in for some rest. Shady tries to get Boomer to let him in on the plan as to how they will get to the Breeders Cup. It's October 16 and the big weekend is getting closer. Oh, the football season. Well, Giants won on last nights daily pick. That puts the barn at 47-9 on the season. Get your weekly pick package by writing us as $59.95 one time yearly charge.
28 Oct 2007
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This is an acoustic version of 'Coffee House-er shei aaddaa',the famous Bengali song sung by the great Manna Dey.Please post your comments or mail:kaustav.bhattacharyagmail****.Just used a live guitar here with the vocals.It goes on in the background as the clip shows the Coffee House culture of Kolkata:)
6 Oct 2008
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In another funny tale by David Zebronex we find David, our favorite once published author, now cable TV host, holding a "Win a Date with Brad Pitt" charity contest. But as usual, with David, things do not go exactly as he planned Starring Jorge Campos (act3scene24), Tyre McAllister (Snaketail 234)and Lucinda McNary. This movie contains mods of Manhattan, Times Square Tower, MTV Bldg., Conde Nast Bldg. ABC TV Bldg., New Years Ball, A working airplane that flies, both interior and exterior, New York Street scene, The Empire State Building and a Manhattan street scene set. To obtain this addon, write me, Lucinda McNary here or at my email address at lucindalucindamc123****. Music by Vice Romania - 3 songs, two of them new.
12 Jan 2009
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Why pay over$100 per month for cable or satellite TV services? Benefit this software: -> No Subscription or Monthly Fees -> No Hardaware to install -> No Bandwith Limits -> You Get Over 3,500 Channels -> You Get 24/7 Unlimited Access -> You Get Auto Channel Updates Visit my website for more reviews of Tv on PC software. *******www.satellitetvonpc.procbshop****
20 Oct 2010
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Most cats have natural bird hunting instincts. Even if the cat is old and lazy, bird and squirrel videos generally get their attention.
31 Oct 2013
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В течение нескольких месяцев на глазах зрителей будет происходить смелый социальный эксперимент. Молодые девушки из провинции, чьи жизни на бешеной скорости катятся в пропасть, изо всех сил постараются изменить свою судьбу. Первое реалити про напряженную работу над собой начинается прямо сейчас. Героинями проекта стали одиннадцать девушек. Каждая из них – пацанка и оторва, лишенная родительской любви, понимания окружающих, заложница неблагополучного окружения и образа жизни. Они озлоблены на мир и, в первую очередь, на себя. Они слабы или слишком ленивы, чтобы встать на путь исправления самостоятельно. Но каждая из героинь понимает – дальше так жить нельзя.
1 Feb 2018
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