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We all know how we act when we get reunited with our close friends after staying out of touch for a while.
7 Oct 2019
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graffiti characters
2 Mar 2010
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An obscure Clay Animation, about the life of two characters. Find your own meaning to it. Let me know what you think it all means, metaphorically and deeply. I'd be very interested to know your opinions. Totally rushed but a totally new style. A couple of hours animating, and about 4-5 hours editing. I get Jack all time to do animations anymore. (more)
22 Apr 2007
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The studio short is based on the opera play by French playwright Jean Moliere. Two characters debate on social conventions in a farcical manner.
1 May 2007
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Heres part two of the As You Do... Series. An obscure Clay Animation, about the life of two characters, who know just as much about whats going on as you do...or do they? Enjoy!
23 May 2007
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Heres Part THREE of the As You Do... series. An obscure Clay Animation about the life of two characters. Only to get more confusing. It Will all be answered, That is... if that's what you want...?? Enjoy! Thy MilkMan
9 Jun 2007
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from vezoom**** - This was my first movie creation. ranma is an animation title as well as the name of the main character in the movie, which plays two characters at the same time, a funny guy into a wild lady. Some of the other characters in this movie also play two characters at the same time too. It seems a little confusing but it's fun to watch!!! Do enjoy it!!! 'Japanese animation with Japanese song' --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Sep 2007
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I play two characters in this video because like to see what i can do but i hope you guyz like it and check it out.
26 Sep 2007
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An award-winning performance from Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor highlights this subtly restrained, beautifully lensed film about two characters from opposite ends of Mumbai's social spectrum stuck together under shelter on a stormy night. Kapoor plays the brash prostitute Chameli opposite the charismatic Rahul Bose as Aman, a yuppie bank executive harboring guilt and grief over the loss of his wife. As the night passes, social barriers drop away and Aman shares a glimpse of Chameli's troubled world. The prostitute and banker drop their identities and come to forge a closer, human bond.
15 Nov 2007
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*READ THE INFO NOW!!* www.cdrdj**** Take the time to read please. I keep getting the same types of comments like "Their names are sasuke and naruto, duh" or "why aren't you guys wearing any costumes, at least get a headband!" or "What program did you use?" Narutaw VS Chasuke - Fight between two characters loosley based on Naruto and Sasuke. This is a PARODY. I KNOW their names are Naruto and Sasuke. Narutaw comes from Taw and Chasuke comes from Charles. And no, I don't have any Naruto costumes and will not go out to buy some just for a one time use. Also, I know the term Special Effects is wrong but people don't generally know the difference between VFX and SFX so I just keep SFX because most people call it that. *** Edited using Premiere Pro and After Effects *** I DON'T have any of the files for this video anymore. I deleted them all since it's been a while already. The sound effects were all just captured using a mic. I also don't use premiere anymore so I can't really help out with any of the editing questions. *General Info: This is my first Project using After Effects and it was really fun to do. I'm happy with the results considering what my preview looked like. I got this idea from looking at what Narutards did and looking at other Youtube videos. So special thanks to the Youtube FX community and Narutards****! cdrdj
17 Feb 2008
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This is my second slideshow. About Neji & Tenten. I like those two characters. I didn't made a amv yet.. But I hope you like this video! Feel free to rate and comment. Enjoy
11 Aug 2008
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Nobody knows exactly what they are. A mixt of humans and metal, these two characters present you a strange and very futuristic act. They are from Germany and the act is about 6 minutes long.
24 Apr 2008
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