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This lady steals the money from the tip jar of this Uber driver when he was not looking and quickly gets down from car and escape.
5 Nov 2017
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This was pretty awkward for the Uber driver. Of course, he thought the girl standing there was his passenger, but there was a hilarious twist.
1 May 2017
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How Uber Star Ratings Work For Driver-Partners Uber | Uber Star Rating System Click this link to get started In this video I explain how Uber Star ratings work for driver-partners that are apart of Uber. I illustrate the Uber Star Rating system by opening up my Uber app and screen sharing my phone. When riders choose to leave a rating, which is not required, they’re sharing how they felt about the overall Uber experience you provided. In this video I attempt to deliver value for new Uber drivers that need to understand the Uber ratings. I use the uber app ratings tab to share the details. Several sections will be discussed in this video. They include star rating, acceptance rate, cancellation rate, rider compliments, rider feedback, driving style dashboard, partner rewards, pro tips, and weekly reports. The way I break it down in this video is first I talk about star ratings and how riders rate trips on a scale of 1-5. our ratings is the average of riders ratings form you last 500 rated trips. Then I move on to the acceptance rate which is based n the percentage of trip requests you've accepted over the last 7 days. I further talk about the trip requests sent and the accepted trips. Become an Uber Driver and and Make Up To $1000 in bonus! Uber Signup Link: Free Uber Ride Credits Uber FREE Ride Code GEORGEB3625UE Next, the current cancellation Rate is which is based on the percentage of trips you cancel over the last seven days. Low rates always lead to better reliability and efficiency. Uber wants to ensure the quality of both the driver-partners and riders in the community, the Uber driver rating system is a two-way street. Driver-partners have the option to rate every completed trip, while riders have the opportunity to submit a rating along with comments about the Uber driver which will explain why the 5 star Uber rating was given.
10 Mar 2018
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One is an Uber driver another one is the driver who cut the Uber driver off. To settle their dispute they chose to fight hilariously in funniest manner.
13 Mar 2018
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the man who headed Susan Fowler’s department at the time of her alleged sexual harassment, AG Gangadhar, has left Uber to "pursue other oppurtunities." When I first read this news, I was shocked. You mean they didn’t fire him ages ago? WTF(NOTE : pronounced double ewe tee eff) , Uber?
19 Aug 2017
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Seems like another top tier Uber employee is leaving the company. And that’s always a good sign, right? When everyone at the top is fleeing the company like.... those things that flee sinking ships... what are they called... RATS! As in, "Rats, I just can’t think of it." I guess we’ll never know. This time the prudent rodent is their confusingly titled Head Of Developer Product, Chris saad.
24 Aug 2017
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Update on Travis Kalanick and Benchmark Capital. Travis did a lot more than just deny the charges against him. He fired back with some accusations of his own. He has accused Benchmark Capital of taking advantage of his mother’s death in order to remove him from the Uber Board of Directors, or atleast remove his voting rights. Now is it just me, or is this starting to seem less like a legal battle and more like a couple having a huge fight at a restaurant?
26 Aug 2017
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The latest development is that Uber lawyers are complaining to the judge, Judge William Alsup, that one of the people issued a subpoena in the case, none other than Sergey Brin, is trying to avoid giving a deposition in the case. Well of course he is. The guy is the twelfth richest person in the world. And he has been that rich for decades. People like that lose the ability to do things they don’t want to do. Visit DriverunoDotCom for more updates.
28 Aug 2017
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Episode No. 77
30 Sep 2017
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Episode 78
2 Oct 2017
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Episode 79
3 Oct 2017
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Episode 80
5 Oct 2017
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