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WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A LOT OF BAD WORDS AND THIS VIDEO IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!! Me (Rochelle / Zoey) Rayne (Nick / Bill) Jake (Ellis / Francis) and Cpt. Drew (Coach / Louis) are going on a long journey of total FAIL in Hard Rain, No Mercy and Helms Deep 2. Credits goes to: Blues Brothers for these Songs: Who's making Love I got Everything I need (almost) Rubber Biscuit Do you Love me Crush 40 for: Through the fire Jonny Cash for: Ring of fire If anyone, who have the copyright for these songs, disagree with appearing in this video, I'll delete it. If Valve have something against that I'm making Videos of Left 4 Dead, I'll delete them too. I just don't know how to contact most of you. Thanks for reading.
3 Sep 2011
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WARNING! THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A LOT OF BAD WORDS AND IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!! Mordry as Zoey Jake as Francis Rayne as Bill Cpt. Drew as Louis are continuing the Journey of No Mercy. Will we ever beat the Witch? Will we ever stop failing? Will we ever stop being stupid? Find it out! Credits goes to: Blues Brothers for: Messing with the Kid Soul Finger Funky Broadway Going back to Miami Yeah, you will hear no other songs.
10 Sep 2011
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While talking with two people including Jake I played a "Classic" Sega Game for PC. I suck literally at every Sega-Console port for PC but the controls are just not good.
1 Dec 2011
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This time in the Realm of Stupidity: Jakes Download Adventure ( 00:00 - 03:10 ) : Drew wanted to play Killing Floor and let Jake choose a server... Battlefield Bad Idiots 2-3 ( 03:11 - 05:33 ) : Rayne, Jake and Mordry are playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 but are they able to resist the grenade Launchers? Faggots in the Fortress 2 ( 05:33 - 06:22 ) : Jake and Mordry are into some Team Fortress 2 but Jake isn't able to hide his dark ability anymore... Portal with 2 ( 06:22 - 07:56 ) : Mordry and Jake are working together... Are they able to ignore there personal hatred for each other and solve the puzzles? Magibla ( 07:56 - 08:35 ) : Jake and Mordry as Wizards with some technical problems... Left 4 Charger ( 08:35 - 09:21 ) : Besides of Jake and Mordry, a new Gamer named Riykku joined the game and the Zombies are already starting to love him... Left 4 Classic ( 09:21 - 14:38 ) : Another normal Day in the world of the dead with Drew, Rayne, Jake and Mordry. Left 4 Modern ( 14:38 - 17:34 ) : This time L4D with Drew, Jake, Riykku and Mordry. Contains gay pink. Drew Music Troll Credits [or just DMTC] ( 17:34 - 19:05 )
20 Dec 2011
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Well sort of, first a little bit of "The Sacrifice" with Drew, Jake and me. After that the Versus match with Drew, Jake, Riykku, Rayne and me. Yeah well... Music is written in the video so nothing else to say actually... YouTube Channel of Drew and me btw., mostly Drew.****/user/Misjoiners
3 Mar 2012
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The third one of the YouTube Shorts. Including Mordry, Jake, Drew, Rayne and Riykku.
15 Mar 2012
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Jake, Captain Drew and Mordry are fighting the saxton hale to the death... Mordry and Jake needed to become saxton hales themselves to understand how to defeat them but without any success.
10 Apr 2012
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