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4 Oct 2007
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the ultimate way to open a beer !
29 Oct 2007
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24 Aug 2008
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*******www.VTheMLMCoach**** *******www.internetmarketingcoach.squarespace**** Taking action is one of the hardest steps for new internet marketers. Many new people get stuck in the "educational phase" of internet marketing and they wait too long to actually start applying their knowledge. Soaking in as much information as possible is important, but the ultimate way of learning begins with experience.
30 Sep 2008
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Bring your company to life with Get Launched – The online video company. Engage your customers and stand above the competition with professionally produced videosites: - Showing your products and services, and how they work - Testimonials from your customers, describing why they use you -Project your personality, people buy from people! Get Launched is the ultimate way to connect online. www.getlaunched******
28 Nov 2008
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Bring your company to life with Get Launched – The online video company. Engage your customers and stand above the competition with professionally produced videosites: * Showing your products and services, and how they work * Testimonials from your customers, describing why they use you * Project your personality, people buy from people! Get Launched is the ultimate way to connect online. www.getlaunched******
12 Dec 2008
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*******www.laminateflooringhere****/ Soft Decoration is the ultimate way to buy a modern and comfortable room at least. If you have so far resisted the temptation to add color and then me to do so.
14 Jan 2009
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20 Jan 2009
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The Canadian province of Quebec is where the best of North America and Europe come together. It’s just a seven hour flight across the Atlantic, and when you arrive there’s another flight that is well worth taking. Aquaplane’s regularly take to the skies above the stunning Lac Sacacomie in Quebec’s La Mauricie region, and it’s the ultimate way to appreciate the vastness of the beautiful place. quebec, canada, flying, plane, mauricie, sacacomie
24 Jan 2009
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Most viewed video celebrity on Youtube www.TubePromote**** Remember to create the video with good quality and a clear message since it reflects the value of your service and product. The video should be something very attractive that grasps the viewer's attention and pushes them till the end of the video. See that your video is neither too long nor too short. It is always a better way to blend your service, product or website URL in the form of watermark throughout the video. You can also embed your ad in the beginning and at the end of the video. You can also embed your logo and company name to improve the notability of the viewer. Take enough time to create you quality video. If you find it difficult, you can approach a custom video creation company or a vendor providing these services to make sure that the video is of high quality at the same time give out the message that you want to convey. www.TubePromote**** Viral video marketing method is the ultimate way to boost your traffic, sales and promote your product in a short period of time. www.TubePromote****
19 Feb 2009
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Hello I'm Scott Harbuck and I Work from Home. No More Searching the Internet for Work from Home Jobs and Businesses. Find Everything You Need in One Easy step by reading my FREE website at ******* People Just Like You Are Finding Work From Home Success through The Ultimate Way to Working from Home. I ask people: Why do you want to work from home anyway? * Do you find yourself yelling at the kids for no reason? * Are you always frustrated? * Are you unhappy with your life? * Are you envious of other people's lives? * Have you fantasized about being your own boss? Worst of all. This is the one that's going to make you really mad when you stop and think about it. On your days off, are you so busy catching up on chores, finishing the laundry, running errands, housework, repairs, or sitting at an auto shop getting that much need oil change because of the wear and tear on your car. Is catching up turning into a part-time job because all your energy during the week is spent on pleasing your boss? I need a handkerchief to wipe the beads of sweat from my forehead. I just thought about what would have happened if I would have allowed myself to be lulled into false security and threatened by fear. I wouldn't be making working at home all year and I wouldn't have been self-employed for the last eight years with the freedom to take vacations whenever I wanted. When I first stepped out on the faith of my own abilities, there was no straight to the point guide that told me, without running around in circles, how to work from home and escape and impending mid-life crisis that would have left me crying "where did I go wrong in my life?" into the palm of my hands. The stuff I tell you Will Put You Back In Control of Your Destiny. I knew I wasn't the only one who went through this phase in my life. I defeated the fear and developed confidence in my abilities. I also conquered the other obstacle facing people who want to work at home… Finding the information to make it happen and avoiding the scams. There was no comprehensive guide for me, so I fell prey to some of the scams. That's why I created a venture to set out and help people. The Ultimate ways to Working from Home is perfect for: * Homemakers * Students * Retirees * Disabled * Self-starters * Writers * And anyone else who has the desire to get out of the corporate workforce. The Ultimate Way to Working from Home is a comprehensive PROOF ridden idea to getting paid for working from home. Not only do I teach people what they need to know about working from home, I provide an extensive list of work at home careers and work at home opportunities. You cannot find a more detailed compilation of information anywhere else that will give you the tools to be your own boss and have control over your daily workload... To succeed you need a plan and the right information. Thus I give all the information people need to start their own home based business or their work from home career, in one complete package FREE. I also review the pitfalls to avoid and the advantages people should expect to encounter on their journey for independence. This help of mine is written in plain English on videos FREE. No fluffy language that talks around what you really want to know. Although this information is jam packed with detailed information, it's easy to understand and navigate to the parts that people really care about. The easy-to-understand videos for FREE will not only get people's mind thinking about ways you can make money from home but points you in the right direction so you can get started today instead of procrastinating any longer. Your options are only limited by your desires. Every viable option available is covered in my videos. Real opportunities! No Scams! The videos that are FREE are designed to help those: * Find work-at-home jobs and opportunities that fit the things they like to do FREE. * Who have been scammed by "work-at-home" classified ads. * Who already have an idea of what they want to do from home, but need clarification on available opportunities FREE. * Escape the stronghold of complacency. * Who want to control how much money they can make FREE. * Who have circumstances that force them to work from home FREE? Working from home will give them the opportunity to use the skills they possess at the same time as doing what they enjoy. Does their current job allow them to do that? I say NO! Do people crave to feel a sense of achievement and personal fulfillment in the work they do? Running their own business and working from home at only the things that they enjoy doing will give them that satisfaction. When people are rewarded by the gratitude of happy clients, it's the individual who receives that pat on the back. Not their boss. Working at home makes you the boss. Work from home opportunities offer: * Unlimited earning potential FREE. * The ability to make your own rules. * The choice of what types of projects you want to work on. * Job enrichment. * Help you create your own balance between family and career. The FEAR Factor…and the SCAMS. Working From Home can be a scary task. People have to have confidence in their abilities and not be dependent on the income that they get from a traditional job. It also takes discipline. In some instances, people may have to sacrifice to get their work at home venture off the ground. Being responsible for one's own income is frightening to most people. That's mostly because we lack faith in our own abilities. Plus, it's just plain scary to have to count on yourself to be responsible. Then, there is fear brought on by confusion, "What should I do?" What kind of work can I do from home? What am I passionate about? Confused about what type of work-from-home business to pursue can cause people to put the notion on the shelf and leave it there until their frustrated about their job again. Then, there are the opportunistic predators who seek out people just like those who are frustrated with their jobs! A major problem in the work from home industry is the scams that are robbing the unsuspecting. Too many people fail to do their research and get ripped off by these predators. The Ultimate way I explain to people about Working from Home will help them avoid these scams. The research has been done for them. The other rip-off is taking advice from people who have never followed the same strategies that they are teaching. These are scams as well. They sell you information they haven't actually put to use themselves. People need to Stop falling for the uninformed and untested advice they read in every blog and listen to in podcasts. I ask people if they Have had enough of… * Disputes with their boss over the hours because their child is sick and they need time off? * Missing their child's field trips because they are out of vacation time? * Can't coordinate vacation time with that of their spouse's because of work conflicts? * Working on Holidays? My videos are about Working from Home helping to control: * Peoples income and the amount of money they can make FREE. * All the profits the work at home job or business generates. * Your success. * Your destiny. * Vacation and Sick time. * The time to spend with your spouse. * The time to spend horse-playing with your kids. I have been self-employed, working out of my home for the last 8 years and have created a very successful at home business and make a moderate income. That's why I'm able to offer the most comprehensive info to working from home available, in one easy to use video, The ability of Working from Home with No more searching to find jobs and opportunities. It will help people avoid the scams. With the resources from my writings to Working from Home, everybody will have enough information to make competent decisions about working from home for themselfs. With the amount of information available, people will feel confident about moving forward to follow their dreams, spending more time with their children, and making a living from the comfort of their own home. Now, people have the opportunity to create their own work environment. Every time they start their work from home day, they can dress anyway they want. (Although some people make it a habit to dress business casual just to distinguish to themselves that they need to be disciplined to put in a productive day). Working from Home is the BIGGEST money saver people have seen in years. I cut the cost of gas out of my budget, as well as maintenance on my car. I don't have to drive nearly as much, nor put as much wear and tear on my car. New Working from Home people will have the opportunity for the first time in their life to truly dictate what they will spend the day doing. No one day will ever be the same. The excitement only begins with Them Working from Home. Where it goes from their and their level of achievement is only controlled by THEM. Included in my expertise is: First Steps - What people need to know and what they need to do before they make the leap to work from home at ******* Work From Home Opportunities - a complete and well-researched listing of all the opportunities to choose from before they dive into their new venture at ******* Scams - Learn how to sniff out the predators before they try to scam you out of your money at *******BrianBear**** Work From Home Job Resources and Links - Be astonished at the collection of complete information and websites that all can use to launch their work from home career FREE. Advertising and Marketing - Learn easy-to-follow tactics for advertising a new work from home business and pulling in new clients by the truckloads. Strategies for Using the Internet Successfully - There are many misconceptions about making money online. Find out the truth of what people can expect and how to properly use the tools this excellent technology puts at the fingertips of everyone. Here is a small taste of opportunities you will learn about in my videos: ~Customer Service ~Virtual Assistant ~Online Tutor ~Sales Working from home is no longer a dream. It is now at yor command. Everything people ever needed to get their work from home career started is right at their fingertips at ******* All you have to do is take the initiative. Say, "I am ready to work from home!" But that's not all... The benefits people will receive from Working from Home are invaluable and worth every penny they might spend. However, I give these INCREDIBLE resources FOR FREE! They get 5 FREE in depth work at home opportunties exposed. 1: Guide to being Successful Online Free. 2: How to Get Paid. 3: How to Start a Home-Based People Helping Service. 4: Get Paid to Work. 5: Typing to Make Money Made Easy. I have a few final questions for people that will determine if they are ready to work from home: * Would you rather be responsible for your own success than a supervisor or boss? * Would you like the work you do to have direct impact on your income? * Would you like to be around for the cable guy or other repairmen without missing out on pay? * Would you like to experience historic events like the Olympics without losing money or having to get permission from your boss (who would undoubtedly deny your vacation request)? * Would you like to take family vacations whenever you wanted? * Wouldn't you like to work from home, create your own schedule, work fewer days per week (if you wanted), and have longer weekends? This is just a few things of what I have to offer to my associate's and I'm just beginning. Awesome Success, Scott Harbuck.
27 Aug 2011
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We are a one-stop supplier of professional STEAM cleaning products in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and south east asia. Everyday, our quality products are used in airports, hotels, shopping malls, factories... all over South East Asia. OPTIMA STEAMER, Cleans & Sanitise Steam cleaning is the ultimate way of thoroughly cleaning without messing up the entire area. It cleans and sanitises deep into the micro pores of any surface, killing bacteria and thus removing foul odour. 1. Powerful Steam: 187 degree Celcius steam to kill bacteria and remove stains 2. Excellent Accessories: Heavy duty and designed for many functions Quick and Effective The OPTIMA STEAMER is a powerful yet steam cleaner. An ideal machine that requires only a rapid 3.5 minutes to start. With just a squeeze of the trigger, a consistent and powerful jet of 187 degree Celcius superheated steam is available for cleaning. There is no downtime to cleaning as it features automatic boiler refilling. Steam cleaning is very effective for cleaning and sanitising irregular surfaces or hard to reach areas. Recommended Industries Professional Cleaning Contractors Home Cleaning Conservancy Healthcare Hotels F&B Education Leisure We provide more than just excellent products. You get expert advice from our friendly team of specialists who will gladly answer any cleaning questions you might have. So, how can we help you clean today? [Application] - High standard washing solution that can polish, remove dust, dirt and deep stubborn stains. - Start your own business withdout having to woory about official permits and water restrictions, plus do you part to save the earth by saving water. - Great for commercial use, for example - auto repair shops, car detailing outlets, large public, government and corporate car parks, service gas stations, large company fleets and many more. - Optima Steamer is not only beneficial for the exterior of a motor vehicle, but it also cleans thoroughly the engine, wheels and interior while automatially removing unseen bacteria. - Industrial sites, such as food proccssing factories that require the equipemeent to be safely serilized. - Due to the compact size of our stam device, it becomes possible to run your own mobile onsite car cleaning service. - Ideal for establishing your own small car wash outlet using a small place and low capital. - Earn a steady income by washing the vehicles of high-end customers. for more info: please visit website: www.mrsteam****.my or email us your inquiry to : quah1yahoo****
21 Apr 2009
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