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Conoce las Ășltimos dispositivos de ultramovilidad UMD del frabicante lĂ­der VIA TECHNOLOGIES
6 Feb 2008
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La mejor forma de comunicarte cuando no tienes cobertura de movil es un UMD con technologia VIA Technologies
23 Apr 2008
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Classic Game Room reviews EYEPET for Sony PSP, a virtual pet simulator played with the PSP and PSP Camera. The EyePet UMD for PSP comes with a card that you place on a surface which works with the PSP camera to use augmented reality style technology to place the Eyepet on that surface. Play games with it, name it, even go fishing. But don't forget to feed your eyepet and give it exercise or else it will run away and spread lies about you on Facebook. Oh no! Vindictive little suckers... Playing with the eyepet gets old fast, but the technology used to make this unique game is very cool. Another cool game using a similar card and virtual environment style is Invizimals. This CGR review of Eye Pet has gameplay from Eyepet showing Eyepet PSP camera gameplay in HD with an Eyepet videogame game play style.
22 Jul 2012
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It's a Classic Game Room surprise, look what's been done now! Sony PSP review UMD disc. disk
14 Aug 2012
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An updated UMPC vision video with a few minor tweaks.
6 May 2007
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Psp slim VS Psp fat
7 Dec 2007
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hack-video/ ) A quick tutorial that demonstrates how to play multiplayer games on the PSP with only one copy of the game....psp hack. A quick tutorial that demonstrates how to play multiplayer games on the PSP with only one copy of the game. (more)
31 Dec 2007
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*******www.PSPGameDownloadStore**** Click The Link To Find Out How You Can Download And Play All The Games You Ever Want On The PSP. Never Buy Another PSP Game Again. Visit PSP Game Download Store
29 Jan 2009
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FANTASTIC NEW SONY PSP SCREEN MAGNIFIER FOR ALL TYPES OF PSP'S.. SLIM LITE OLD.. TheiBud Great new accessory for all Sony PSP consoles, turns your small PSP screen into a Whopping 6x4 inch Screen with 3x Magnifacation, Stop huddling over the screen, sit back, relax, play games with ease, watch movies from your chair, you'll be amazed at the difference this inexpensive PSP accessory will have, ..Watch the film. Screen size: 6x4 inches Magnifcation: 3x Arm Height: 70mm Arm lenghth: 110mm Clamp is made of strong clear Polymer Plastics with clear rubber inlay that Grips to PSP You can increase or decrease the Magnification by simply turning the bottom Arm around the clamp 180 degrees bringing the lens closer or further away from the LCD screen. Theibud ~ theibud******
22 Jul 2009
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Download from here: *******gofilesave****/Mueller989324/Assassins This a tutorial about hacking a PSP without a Pandora Battery, by using the ChickHen exploit (Homebrew enabler) and the HC Recovery Flasher. What do you need: a PSP ( Of course) / a USB cable / and the internet What do you need to download: "The easy CHickHen CTF installer" and The Official Firmware 5.03
9 Oct 2010
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Pro Console Repair (817)803-4867 *******www.proconsolerepairdfw**** Pro Console Repair are the experts when it comes to video game repair. Our seasoned video game technicians have years of experience in Xbox repair, Playstation 3 repair and Wii, Computer and Laptop repair with one of the highest successful repair rates in the industry. Let us get you back into the game fast with our cost effective and speedy video game repair services. We will transform that flashing red light into a green light today. Visit Pro Console Repair for best service on electronics
7 Nov 2011
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Classic Game Room reviews METAL SLUG XX for Sony PSP from Atlus. Basically the same game as Metal Slug 7 for the Nintendo DS, Metal Slug DOUBLE X brings you action on the PSP. It does have an ad-hoc multiplayer feature, but other than that it's pretty darned similar. Made by SNK / Playmore and gushing with 2D side scrolling action packed goodness, Metal Slug XX dazzles players with a dizzying array of enemies and creative environments. Encounter end bosses that crush and mangle you as well as a variety of "Slugs" like the Camel Slug. This CGR review of Metal Slug XX on Sony PSP has gameplay from Metal Slug XX showing 2D run and gun game play in action. UPC 730865600120
31 Jul 2012
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Find your ideal home at The Enclave at 8700, in one of our contemporary two, three or four bedroom apartments at prices that suit your budget.
23 Aug 2017
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Well, my first time making a tut video. so here goes. This is to teach you how to downgrade your TA-082 PSP, how do you know you have one?, open up the UMD slot and check the upper right corner of it. Can't quite tell you where but go on google and google it, you'll know what I mean. So watch this video and enjoy psp 1.5. IF YOU USED THE EASY INSTALLER THEN YOU CAN SKIP PART 1. Links are: *******forums.afterdawn****/thread_view.cfm/441993 and *******www.psp-hacks****/2006/12/27/ta-082-downgrader-released Credits to: DarkAleX for saving us all with the downgrader Touran 22 for his first part of the guide Euro_Stylz for the second par tof the guide Eternalis for his 3.02 OE-A to OE-B guide Me for putting this together
6 Mar 2007
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Everyone knows by now that the playstaion 3 is the best. If you don't I'm going to tell you why. 1) price: The ps3 may be $600 dollars but the best things aren't cheap. If you can't afford a ps3 it's because you are cheap. The price of the Wii is a ripoff. They charge you 250 bucks and everyone thinks they are getting a game with the system when all it is a demo. How dumb is that? The Wii is 250 because it's made of cheap plastic and hardware. 2) Hardware: Everyone know that the ps3 can play Blue ray. Blue Ray was made for the ps3 so we could have more content in games. Everyone knows blue ray is the future just like UMD was. The ps3 can produce way better graphics than the 360 or the Wii. We all know that it's how gorgeous a game looks over how it plays. How a game looks is way more real then throwing your arms all about. 3) Control: The ps3 has a much better controller also. They removed the rumble feature so they could fit more motion technology. The sixaxis is a much better designed controller than the Wii remote. The ps3 controller has been in production for several years now. 4) Last of all but not least Games: I'd much rather play Ridge racer, or lair over Mario, or Zelda for that matter. Those games are for babies. The Wii is a souped up gamecube, with a new control scheme. The ps3 is more than souped up ps2 it is a super computer. The life span of the ps3 will be much longger for Sony once they get out of debit. That won't be long ether. (more)
24 Mar 2007
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6 Jun 2007
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