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Look at this unbothered and adorable kitten suddenly perk up widening its big round eyes. This is definitely a meme material my dudes!
22 Apr 2019
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This kid is swinging gleefully in front of the house which is burning down and seems to be unbothered by the fire and the crowd surrounding the house.
29 May 2019
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These guys are totally unfazed and unbothered by the missiles that flying from right above their heads, seems like missiles are Middle East’s shooting stars.
3 Jun 2019
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This is one precious video ... we follow a wild elephant that trumpets and bolts away. Had she decided to come our way, we would become pulp. Anyways, a moment to treasure from the Bandipur national park. The Bandipur forests in Gundlupet taluk, south India, provide glimpses of all animal emotions - coy, curious, eager to please, unbothered, annoyed, fearful, vigilant, aggressive and violent. The animals are your hosts where you witness a lifestyle that has nothing to do with gadgets and brick walls. It's the largest forest reserve of Karnataka state spanning a total 800 sq km and you get to visit 90 sq km on a safari. *******bandipur-animal-festival.blogspot****/
16 Jul 2010
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This video is a classic example of lazy authorities and workers, who are too unbothered to remove the electricity poles from the middle of the road. Next time you feel like playing ‘road-rash’, hit this road.
8 Jan 2019
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