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*******www.mtv******/petedoherty?s_cid=217 Check out what happens when MTV gains access to one of the UK’s most fascinating modern day celebrities. "Pete Doherty in 24 Hours" is the compelling result of an MTV film crew turning up at his country home and asking if they could spend the next day with him. Much to their surprise he said yes and welcomed MTV into his home with an old fashioned cup of tea (made in a pot!). The result is a captivating, revealing and compulsive one hour special which marks the first time in over two years that the Babyshambles front man has participated in a television project. Pete happily takes MTV on an exclusive tour of his quaint country manor house where he can be seen hoovering the floors, and finding more and more cats who have taken over much of the house. He also exclusively reveals his notorious gallery of blood paintings that have been the subject of much media fascination. Pete also talks candidly about his personal life (including a certain famous model ex girlfriend) and responds to the endless tabloid headlines that have haunted him including the allegation of him injecting an unconscious fan with heroin. He also reveals that his son has moved into the area and how that’s affected his life. Pete Doherty In 24 Hours airs on Sunday 25th January at 10pm on MTV ONE Uploaded for MTV
26 Jan 2009
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Watch very carefully and you would see the existence of real spirits and ghost. This video was taken unconsciously when a cellphone video camera was accidentally left open by an eight year old girl inside their room.
18 Feb 2009
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Experiments in Terror is EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED by Microcinema DVD. To order this DVD, and/or other titles distributed by Microcinema, go to: www.microcinemadvd**** Striking for the third time, EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR 3 unleashes another hallucinogenic orgy of the uncanny, the dreadful, and the macabre. Employing a mesmerizing montage of terrifying tropes and fiendish footage, our kino-coven conjures more than a bewitching hour of visionary cinema. Pounding a stake through the heart of genre convention, this shocking program expands the cinematic language of fear, breaking the chains of narrative logic and leaving only the black void of the infinite unconscious.
4 Jun 2009
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While still unconscious, Nick dreams up a new scheme to take some completely unnecessary vacation time courtesy of his guardian angel Tom Cruise and makes a life or death decision about Commodity Staffing. Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Feb 2009
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True healing is the work of self-knowledge. It is an intensely intimate, personal and creative process. All healing is self-healing and strips defensive layers that protect you from pain. The more layers you strip, the more you feel, the more you express, the more passionate your life becomes. People who are not authentic play out childhood roles and are afraid to speak their truth. Unless we discover the sources of what makes us repeat self-defeating patterns we can never grow up. We start to create the lives we want only when we can understand the fixed, internalized and largely unconscious beliefs that keep us emotionally young. The more you touch the mysteries of yourself; the more you grow and emerge as an authentic adult. Emotional Body healing is called Shadow Work. This work is a process of the feminine nature; which connects, intuits, and makes whole. It is uncovering the patterning of the sub-personalities that we learned from our family of origin in order to protect ourselves and survive. It is our denial and defenses; the hidden part of our psyche. When we repress emotions we act out in behavior that is stuck in the past. We might become the angry child, the victim, the controller, the rejector, the martyr, the victimizer, the seducer, the scorned woman, collapse or attack, blame and ultimately sabotage our lives. If the shadow parts of ourselves are ignored they can turn into addiction, compulsion, illness and at its extreme violence. Underneath these defended behaviors are emotions that need to be felt, expressed and received without judgment or criticism.
12 Mar 2009
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For more info or to download in broadcast quality, visit www.newsinfusion**** Humane Society of the United States Calls for Boycott of Canadian Seafood Highlighted Links Get Involved Free Video Download In the 1970s, the United States banned seal products but tragically a cruel slaughter continues in Canada every year. Hundreds of thousands of baby seals are clubbed and shot to death annually for their fur. This practice is not without profound ramifications for the animals. In 2001, an independent veterinary panel studied Canada's commercial seal hunt. They concluded that the seal hunt results in considerable and unacceptable suffering. They noted that in 42 percent of the seals examined there was not enough evidence of cranial injury to even guarantee unconsciousness at the time of skinning. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) called for a boycott of Canadian seafood and it is working. The European Union looks set to ban seal products too. Now is the time to join the campaign and end this dreadful kill once and for all. "America's Next Top Model" judge and world-renowned photographer Nigel Barker received special recognition from the HSUS for his dedication to the cause. Barker chronicled his trip with the ProtectSeals team in Canada through photographs and a documentary film, providing an intimate look at the lives of baby harp seals targeted by the annual kill.
26 Mar 2009
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*******www.BeStillandKnowIAMGod**** For you who have searched for spiritual sustenance, having turned away time and time again from some religion, guru or Master, and are as yet still unfulfilled, the reason being that most paths to awakening have been corrupted through the mistranslation of scriptures that neglect to address contemporary concerns in such away that neutralizes the unconsciousness of the world today Be not dismayed, for before you now rests the secret, the most direct path to Knowing God within, that which all religions and philosophies attempt to convey, yet have failed to articulate as a complete work. In response, Be Still and Know I AM God embodies all elements necessary for you to awaken to the Truth. "... the little saying, 'Be still and know that I Am God' ... contains the entire wisdom of religion in those few words." —Eckhart Tolle in dialogue with Oprah Winfrey, "A New Earth Online Class," March 2008
28 Mar 2009
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New Moon 2009 seem to make these unconsciously.. hmm.. Well here is a second one! RaggDollish was so thrilled with the feedback on the first one! all credits to RaggDollish THIS IS A FANMADE TRAILER!
23 Apr 2009
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*******www.hypnosisdownloads**** Full download available via instant download! Eliminate insomnia by listening to our deeply relaxing recording "no more insomnia". Not only will you completely relax and fall asleep, your unconscious mind will learn new ways to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.
12 May 2009
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You can conceptualize how the conscious energies work in cooperation with you subconscious, unconscious and supericonscious energies. When you do this actively and with feeling, you find you are in the land and stuff of creation! And just like a movie, you are on screen, creating your own law of abundance. You not only star in your film, you write the script, direct, produce and enjoy the next box-office hit. A longer version of this short preview available from *******instantmanifest****
7 Apr 2009
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Watch My Name Is Earl Episodes at *******gowatchnow**** Earl Hickey's life has been full of poor choices and mistakes, but after winning a small lottery jackpot he has an epiphany and vows to change his ways. Upon discovering that he is the holder of a winning ticket, Earl is hit by a car and the ticket blows out of his limp hand as he lies unconscious in the street. While recovering in the hospital and watching television, Earl has a karmic epiphany, thanks to Carson Daly, who attributes his success to doing good for others. A light bulb goes off in Earl's dim head and he sets out to right every wrong he has done starting with a grade school geek.
7 Aug 2009
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Already you are will in love with her unconsciously .!! Wonder girls see still be ashamed 5555 .
13 May 2009
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*******www.seminarinsiders****/release_the_entrepreneur_within.html Who is Barry Braun? Unique – Barry is like no one else you will meet. He teaches and helps you produce like no one else does. Experience at Growth - Barry helped Montreal Trust increase market 300% in 5years Disciplined – Barry started his career as an engineer in the Navy Business Experience – Barry been CEO of several international businesses over his 20 years of experience Barry Clientele – Barry works with CEO and senior managers. Clients include CEO, Presidents, Serious Inspiring Business Students, Higher Level Manager and Associates of companies including HSBC, Telus, Maratime Life, Assante, Michelin, Royal LePage and Berkshire. What is Barry Secret – Braun’s processes, methods and understanding in business come from a long career as a successful entrepreneur as well as his study of multiple disciplines. His diversity of knowledge in psychology, mythology and neuroscience gives you access to both your conscious and unconscious mind, allowing you to create and make a vision of your business that you are truly connected to. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – He is a certified practitioner and believes strongly is using these techniques coming from a background of a area and science
15 May 2009
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www.TantrumStomper**** Stop Bad Behavior, Tantrums and Outbursts fast using the Power of your child's unconscious mind. If Your child needs Discipline, or you are just looking for parenting tips and Skills, Watch This Video. www.TantrumStomper****
29 May 2009
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Spinal fusion surgery in India is being made available to international as well as Indian patients with advanced healthcare facilities at a very less cost offered. Patients are in constant supervision of top most senior Spine surgeons of India having plenty of experience of performing numerous numbers of successful spine surgeries. These facilities are being provided in all major metropolitan cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore in the biggest ISO QMS certified corporate hospital of India having fully equipped and well trained staff looking after the patients to provide a good clinical care. Spinal fusion surgery in India uses bone grafts, with or without screws, plates, cages, or other devices. The bone grafts are placed around the problem area of the spine during surgery. As the body heals itself, the graft helps join the bones together. The most common spinal area treated is the lower (lumbar) spine. However, it can also be done on the upper (cervical) spine. The procedure is performed while you are under general anesthesia (unconscious and pain-free). The surgeon makes a cut over the area of the spine that will be treated. If you are having a problem in the lower spine corrected, the repair is done through a surgical cut made directly over the spine. This is called the posterior lumbar approach. If you are having a problem in the upper spine corrected, the repair is usually done through a surgical cut in the front or side of the neck (anterior cervical spine).If you are having a problem in the middle spine corrected, the repair is sometimes done through a surgical cut in the chest and abdomen (anterior thoracic spine).Depending on the reason for surgery, the procedure may involve a combination of surgical cuts. Patients are being provided with a holiday vocational tour at various amazing and awesome tourist destinations of India at a very affordable price offered along with Spinal fusion surgery in India. For more information on Spinal fusion surgery in India visit us at *******www.dheerajbojwani**** and you can mail us at contactdheerajbojwani**** .
4 Jun 2009
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Theta Healing is an exciting, innovative, spiritual based technique that allows you to identify limited belief systems, dissolve deeply held blocks and instantly reprogram the unconscious mind. Theta Healing has had amazing results in changing many people lives from healing serious illnesses to manifesting abundance in all areas of their lives. It teaches people to connect to the divine by accessing the theta state, deep emotional blocks are met and resolved, resulting in immediate, life changing transformations. Video created by www.healingways****.au
25 Jun 2009
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