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Thierry SAUVLET alias blit Underground born June 27, 1973, in Thionville (France), son of metallurgist worker father and a mother of Doberman breeder. He discovered early on his attraction to electronic sounds he discovered was listening to artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Cerrone and Giorgio Moroder. Very early he goes in search to find out how these sounds are born so dear to these ears, for him the synthesizer is a revelation, it'll be his favorite instrument that begin to tame at the age of 14 years with the acquisition his first keyboard, a Yamaha PSS 680 to FM synthesis. Which participated bring her in his student period at the creation of a high group consisting of his high school, where he will do these beginnings, a time of learning and discovery. And little by little, are the way Amenas naturally to electronic music, are more suited to taste and its sphere of creativity. Which allowed him by various meetings such as, for example, Michel LAPORTE, or of Jean Philippe ALZIEUX (Zein Angelus) to learn
m d emm - move your feet remix ( strictly underground records 1991 ) *******rollin****
16 Feb 2008
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Russian students joke of the girl in the Moscow underground
25 Feb 2008
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Dog in Moscow underground
28 Feb 2008
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hip hop singer underground
26 May 2009
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Learn Secret Underground hypnosis, you take control, Influence Anyone With Indirect Suggestion Techniques, Priceless mindpower secrets. Learn the dark power of ancient hypnosis techniques. ... me in the most advanced Black Ops Underground Hypnosis tactics known to man
29 Jun 2008
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Fr. Chris Decker of Catholic Underground drops by and talks with Fr. Carr at the Media Room in Washington, DC.
17 Apr 2008
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Brass house connections and pvc house connections are two options available for your underground sprinkler system. For your free underground sprinkler system quote visit *******
1 May 2008
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Sprinkler Daddy offers rain and freeze sensors as an upgrade to all automatic sprinkler systems. Rain and freeze sensors help keep your sprinklers from turning on after it has rained automatically. For your free underground sprinkler system quote anywhere in Canada visit *******
1 May 2008
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Videoclip de la banda Celtic Underground. Imágenes del concierto en el British Arts Centre de Buenos Aires. Grabado en vivo y editado por Zona 4 Producciones. Manager: Martín Matilla.
13 Jun 2008
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The puppets have built a space ship and are ready to depart! Where are they off to now? Find out in this oldy but goody Puppet Underground webisode.
17 Jun 2008
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The Puppets have sold there space ship and built a submarine, now there off to the unknown in this oldy but goody Puppet Underground show.
17 Jun 2008
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Song project for the London olympics 2012. „Power of the word“ Version : Rap-Urban-Underground „Read and Listen“ Video with Images and lyrics
7 Jul 2008
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