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*******www.datingskillsreview**** - How to Understand Women explains the big gap in understanding men have about women and what you can learn to cross the gap and use it to empower your dating and relationships.
30 Mar 2010
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Understanding Women’s Clothing Sizes - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Erica Lurie, designer here at Garnish in Portland, Oregon. We are going to talk a little bit about women sizing. This has become a really confusing issue over a last few years for a couple of reasons. One, some brands are making their sizing what is called vanity sizing. So if you used to be an 8 now you may even be a zero. The other confusing thing is part of the reason which is actually happening is that women and the general population are getting bigger and so the sizing is having to accommodate for that. So when you are shopping for clothing my suggestion is to go into a shop and just pull pieces that you think might work and start trying things on. Stop looking at the tags, stop looking at what size you think you are, and just really try things on and be critical of the fit.
26 May 2011
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To understand womens pain he waxed his chest VIA Helpful Laughte
4 Jun 2018
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A guide to understanding what women REALLY mean.
30 Apr 2008
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*******www.AlphaWithin**** 1- Understanding Bodily cues 2- What gestures mean 3- Successful social interaction 4- Art of understanding bodily cues *******www.AlphaWithin****
8 Sep 2008
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Go and win the heart of the girl you want. Attract her with your looks, confidence, and unique strategies that will surely impress her. Master the way you can seduce your woman. You'll never be alone anymore.Understand women from now on click here ***********/watch?v=LccDvDHOOIo
3 Jan 2011
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Tried everything to make the woman of your dreams like you? Don't give up...Your humor can be the key to her heart. Practice being funny and try to be charming and you'll have a bigger chance in getting her heart.To understand women better, click here ***********/watch?v=LccDvDHOOIo
4 Jan 2011
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*******www.hotalphafemale**** At times women seem like the most confusing people in the world to understand. They don't like mind games. They do like mind games. They don't want a challenge. They do want a challenge. They do want you to show interest. They don't want you to show interest. I answer all these questions and relive all sense of confusion, by getting to the root cause of problem and show you how you can truly attract women, by cultivating your own sense of identity. No pick up lines. No mention about cocky funny humour. No pull and push techniques. I'm here to get you guys back to the basics. Because when you follow and master the basics, the rest will come naturally. Here are the my 3 tips which you can use to help attract women, naturally, without all the mind games! 1) Don't second guess yourself - there is perfection in every action and word you speak. 2) Pursue women that are equally interested in you - Divert your attention away from the women who are "not" interested in you and refocus on the ones that are receptive to your efforts. 3) Cultivate your assertiveness - you ability to make decisions quickly, to move and speak with intention all help in attracting women, effortlessly and without any mind games at all. Allow assertiveness to arise within you and spread to all other areas of your life. For more dating tip videos visit my highly updated youtube channel Hot Alpha Female ***********/user/jennelli17 Hot Alpha Female
10 Dec 2010
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You have been a serial dater for a long time yet until now you haven't found the right one for you. Get some dating tips and realize what women really want this time. Stop getting rejections and achieve success now with women by watching this ***********/watch?v=LccDvDHOOIo
4 Jan 2011
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*******www.thedatingclub**** So you think that the woman of your dreams will never be a reality huh? You believe that you are not good looking enough, or rich enough or you don't own enough things to attract her? Well that where your wrong. It's not about all those things. Attracting women is a science and all you have to do is learn the formula. Find out how, watch ***********/watch?v=LccDvDHOOIo
3 Jan 2011
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Know how to pick up the woman you like in the right way... catch her attention and seduce her with your personality and unique styles.Learn what women find atrractive and understand them better. Find out more attracting techniques when you see this ***********/watch?v=LccDvDHOOIo
4 Jan 2011
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*******www.hotalphafemale**** Hey guys, I was dealing with a pretty bad toothache while filming this video, so thankyou for bearing with me. Despite that, I really wanted to get this video out to you =) While checking over my 800 survey responses to the question "what is your biggest problem when it comes to attracting/approaching/interacting with women", I found that a lot of you guys were concerned about your looks and were wondering how important they truly were in attracting women. So I want to give you the truth! And I hate to sound cliché, but its not all about your looks. In fact they have very little to do with how attractive a woman will find you. The truth is that women, gauge your desirability and your attractiveness by the OVERALL experience of HOW THEY FEEL, when they are interacting with you. The more she likes this experience, the more she craves this experience, then the more time she will be willing to spend with you. And how you cultivate these feelings in her, is not dependant on what you look like. That’s the exciting part! Enjoy guys and let me know your thoughts Hot Alpha Female P.S Here are the links which I mention in the video for further "research". Alex - Succeed At Dating - Are looks important when attracting women? ***********/watch?v=wfYqq5eeONk Shimmycocopuffsss - Looks ARE important (too) ***********/watch?v=TsRu6OaUA9E P.P.S Music is by Tomahawk called " When the stars begin to fall" Check out my highly updated youtube channel for more videos ***********/jennelli17
7 Jan 2011
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