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The unemployment rate shot up to its highest level in 26 years and yet the market is pressing to new highs. Our panel of experts discuss this phenomenon.
10 Nov 2009
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The unemployment rate hit 10 percent. This many people haven’t been jobless since 1982. Compared to 1982, our unemployed will be unemployed longer, and have fewer opportunities for jobs. Gold continues its hot streak as it rises to about $1,100 an ounce last week. The Hyatt Hotels Corp sold 5.7 million of its shares to underwriters at $25 each. This week’s Women on Wall Street. Angela F. Braly, president and CEO of WellPoint Incorporated. To view more from the ladies please visit: www.greenstocksrock**** www.hotchicksstockpicks****
20 Nov 2009
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Ferguson Pt.4: Profits go up as jobs are cut; people will not accept 20% unemployment
10 Dec 2009
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I spoke with a unemployed and also homeless man for a few minutes during the holiday to hear his story. This video was too long so, I had to edit it but wanted everyone to know that I did give him money along with advice and hope that he will find a job.
2 Dec 2009
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A funny video about unemployment. *******veritasmovie****/
3 Dec 2009
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*******recyclecommunitydollars****/join 34.5% Unemployed Black Men Call 316.665.6918 Joblessness for 16-to-24-year-old black men has reached Great Depression proportions -- 34.5 percent in October, more than three times the rate for the general U.S. population. And last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment in the District, home to many young black men, rose to 11.9 percent from 11.4 percent, even as it stayed relatively stable in Virginia and Maryland. More information this article go to *******www.washingtonpost****/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/11/23/AR2009112304092.html For more information on finding employment
13 Dec 2009
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*******SilverBullionWealth**** - Pure Comedy! Patriot Radio on continual rise of long term unemployment collecting. 20 million collected unemployment in uSA 2009.Obamas "jobs for Mainstream" bill.Inflation is on the rise as the dollar continues to lose value. Invest in silver bullion to protect what you have.
6 Jan 2010
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Dollar Falls on Unemployment Numbers
7 Jan 2010
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*******SilverBullionWealth**** - Pure Comedy! Patriot Radio on continual rise of long term unemployment collecting. How BLS lies about Unemployment rate of US. It really is much harder times ahead for unemployment current rate.Start Investing in Silver and Gold to preserve your Wealth
11 Jan 2010
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Just a brief introduction on what The Unemployment Dojo's Philanthropic mission is all about...
2 Feb 2010
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Part 2 ZACHRY keeping Connie Beseda Unemployed will Reveal Zachry Industrial's Refusal to Rehire Ms. Beseda REGARDLESS of its ReInstatement of Suspended Employee's for Violating Drug Screening Procedures' and Evasive Safety Protocal. Part 2 will also Display a Current Publication Released Monthly by the Corporate Entity Contributing and Promoting "IN YOUR FACE'" FIELD WORKERS Violating the Enjoining Safety Protocal in which Ms. Beseda was Terminated/NOT SUSPENDED and NOT FOR REHIRE.
9 Feb 2010
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In this episode of The Unemployed Millionaire Show, Matt Morris shares a surprisingly simple secret to becoming wealthy. Learning this secret to building wealth is imperative to creating an Unemployed Millionaire Lifestyle! For more success education, visit *******www.MattMorris****. Subscribe to Matt's updates to receive a FREE downloadable copy of Matt's Best Selling Audio Program, 7 Secrets to 7 Figures!
10 Feb 2010
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Matt spent the last week of January 2010 on an all expenses paid trip to Cancun where he got to visit one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza. In this episode of The Unemployed Millionaire Show: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Lifestyle Freedom, Matt Morris shares one of the benefits of achieving lifestyle freedom. To learn more about how you can create true lifestyle freedom, visit *******www.MattMorris****. Subscribe to Matt's updates to receive a FREE downloadable copy of Matt's bestselling audio program, 7 Secrets to 7 Figures!
10 Feb 2010
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In Episode Five of The Unemployed Millionaire Show, Matt shares the view from the longest bungee jump in the world and explains the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zone. "Fear is temporary, regret is forever." Check out the 4th episode of The Unemployed Millionaire Show here: *******www.mattmorris****/blog/2009/12/episodefour/.
10 Feb 2010
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*******InterviewSkillsUniversity**** - If you are unemployed and need training,learn how to get hired using secret job interview skills and tactics. Get free secret tips to jumps start your dream career in the e-book and stop being desperate for a job!
9 Mar 2010
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Episode #18 of Kevin Sitek's "2 Minutes With Kevin" video blog via www.kevinsitek****. Folks, in this episode I discuss the best thing that you can do if you are unemployed. Trust me, I speak from experience. Watch to learn what it is. For more FREE episodes visit www.kevinsitek****.
12 Mar 2010
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