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“Everything You Always Wanted To Know About First Aid” will help you learn the basics of first aid, and help you become prepared for the unexpected – no matter where it happens or who it happens to. Download now at *******FirstAidExposed****/ebook.html
23 Aug 2012
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This is exactly how we should practice martial arts ,to face unexpected situations.
9 Jul 2006
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Mr Neant Changes the World Remix . On his various discoveries he runs into an endless number of unexpected situations, digesting everything negative he finds and transforming it all into something beautiful and magical . "I Won't Stop" Written by Maxi Jazz and Rollo. *******faithless***ke**** . *******eclecticmethod**** .
3 Jun 2007
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Jake and April have an important decision to make, while Ace and Cat find themselves in a unexpected situation.
2 Oct 2008
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Just remember this song during my college days... my barkadas (friends) usually go to a place we called "Men's Love Town"... actually that was a Dormitory and we usually go there to meet our apple of our eyes..hehehe...I remember one of my friend's girlfriend told me that her friend (who I've been courting) really liked "Plus One".. she always playing this song every morning before they were goin' to university. And more, she bought magazines having Plus One pictures and put it in her notebooks for decorations. during that time, this song was played over FM radio and a big hit in my country. To get the "answer" of that girl I search some informations about that band and beginning to memorize and rehearse this song hahaha! including the "Last Flight Out"... And to give my best shot, in time I'm goin' to tell her my feeling I want to do it in some kinda unexpected situation...hehehe! with the helps of my crazy friends (whew!) we created a plan. I thought that was my crazy thing I've ever made in my whole life 'coz it was really an unexpected thing...It was Management & Marketing Day... our dept. was too busy preparing some props and working some activities. One of my fave Marketing Adviser(that very close to me...hehehe), and the MC of the program called me for a special number (hahahaha!) of course they have no idea about it 'coz we didnt include in the program list... then I said "I'm not a singer and I dont have a great voice to boast of.. but I'm hoping through this song I can express my feeling to her"... I didnt make the song so cool but through my enough effort and courage, my song touches her heart hehehe....(kilig ba kayo?) (ako rin) hahaha.... Plus One was an American Christian pop band from the 2000s. It was an Atlantic Records effort to form a Christian boy band modeled on the success of such secular bands as 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Plus One enjoyed their greatest success with the release of their debut album The Promise which featured the number one hits "Written on My Heart" and "God Is in This Place"...pls enjoy!!!
19 Apr 2009
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Citibank Ready Credit, helps in the unexpected situation by having a quick access to Ready Cash at anywhere and anytime. Citibank Ready Credit will give you the maximum revolving credit line available with no need for collateral or guarantors. You can choose to withdraw cash at any ATMs under ATM Pool and PLUS logo from ATM machines worldwide. For more details: *******www.citibank***.th/THGCB/APPS/portal/
23 May 2009
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Data from the United States arrived even worse than estimated through the Empire State Manufacturing Index and the Consumer Sentiment reading, however the broad markets remained quiet. The European Bank Stress Tests final results furnished only a few unexpected situations. Investors dealt with the results with doubt, as the Stress Test tend not to be the cause of Counterparty Risk regarding Sovereign Debt defaults. Wall Street carried out with gains on Friday, but all round for the week lost ground. The EUR/USD pair proceeded to go into the weekend with little in the form of fireworks, which sets up traders for the probability of unpredictability to get in the Forex markets Monday. There will be no critical economic data today. Tomorrow the U.S. begins to release housing sector quantities. Gold is close to record highs, which reveals how much anxiousness that lurks as investors try to find safe havens. Traders are likely to discover a wide scope of ranges to take into account today after having the weekend to contemplate economic outlooks.
18 Jul 2011
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Here we present to you the most awaited OFFICIAL Theatrical Trailer of the movie "Kuni Ghar Deta Ka Ghar". This film revolves around a love story of Kunal & Natasha with the backdrop of their parents' animosity. Kunal's mother Saraswati Desai is a fiery journalist-advocate & Natasha's father Narsimh Korde Patil is a politician-builder. Saraswati had exposed Narsimh's illegal land encroachment activity while he was the Home Minister. Narsimh had to resign from his post. Kunal-Natasha's families get to know about their affair and Saraswati and Narsimh start finding a bride and a groom for their respective son and daughter. Kunal-Natasha decide to run away to avoid the situation. Initially they find shelter at Kunal's friend's place. Coincidentally, Saraswati & Narsimh lodge a complaint regarding their children at Inspector Thokre's police station who is also Kunal's friend's brother. He catches them red-handed but they manage to slip away. And after this they face several unexpected situations. Will Kunal and Natasha come together? Will their parents accept them? Watch video for more... For more Kuni Ghar Deta Ka Ghar videos, visit: *******www.YouTube****/kgdkg *******kgdkg**** Release Date : June 28th 2013 Follow Us On: Facebook : ********www.facebook****/KGDKGOfficial
20 Jun 2013
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Accident happened at unexpected situation. This is one of the sample. Live your life happily. Thanks for Watching GobMedia
3 Mar 2017
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Diving brings a new experience to the divers on each time. Not only the fun and enjoyment but also diving gives you some kind of mental and physical relaxation from stress. Since diving involves many unexpected situations under water, people should ensure their safety with diving equipment like dive mask, scuba, fins, snorkel, gloves, diving computers and so on. Diving suits are the essential one to face the exposure to various elements such as the pressure of water and wind, animals, etc.
13 Apr 2018
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These numbers look completely normal, but something is very wrong: Can you spot it on the first try? Our brains have an amazing ability of playing tricks on us when we’re faced with unusual and unexpected situations. We humans are great at making predictions and seeing patterns – but that also means that when something doesn’t match our expectations, we often miss it completely. Lately, brain teasers and interesting puzzles have gotten more and more popular online. It’s great fun to challenge yourself, and then share them with your friends to find out who’s the sharpest tool in the shed! Not everyone can solve this tricky test on their first try. If you take your time, then you’ll probably make it, but if you make it a timed challenge, then things get considerably harder. Try and see if you can solve this one in under 20 seconds! Below is a number sequence from 1 to 53, but two numbers are missing. Your mission is to find out which ones! Prove your skill I have to admit that I didn’t make it on the first try – and neither did my coworkers! Now it’s up to you to prove that you’re more skilled than me. Ready, set, go! Like I said, I didn’t make it on the first try. But then I had a long second look, and I eventually managed to find the missing numbers! Below is the answer in two separate images. The first missing number is 11. The second missing number is 32. So if you noticed the numbers 11 and 32 missing, then congratulations – you passed the test! If you passed the test, press the share button below to challenge your friends! A little brain exercise never hurt anyone!
4 Sep 2018
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