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Unexpected things
13 Jun 2018
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Cakes have always been a pleasure for all of us. There is a no any fix time for eating cakes. We eat cakes without any reasons. Here are the list of some amazing and cool techniques we can apply on cake.
25 Aug 2017
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Cute little girls are always adorable and sometime or the other they act something too funny. Here’s one such comedic scene that’s going to make you laugh.
14 Dec 2017
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may be said to be Intelligent, This Worker Performs Unexpected Things
2 May 2019
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The future has a lot in store, and you might be suprised to see what's to come in the next 50+ years.
18 Mar 2019
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This Channel is all about the things which are not very general,you will always find something new which you are not expecting.
Unpredictable Animals, We all know animals do unexpected things, especially on camera. In my book, the horny monkey is the winner, with the electricuting monkey at a close second.
15 May 2006
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fingers can do unexpectable things
14 Jan 2007
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some unexpected things can occur doing a game of fetch poor granny
10 Sep 2007
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These Cats are too Dramebaaz. She is doing unexpected thing of Cats.
20 Aug 2008
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Gail goes on an adventure is part of the Great Thinkers' Club (GTC) Environmental Series for Children. GTC hopes to inspire caring for the Environment through creative literature and lively cartoon characters that spark the interest and awareness of children, their parents and teachers. The story tells of Gail the Goldfish who went on an adventure after being lonely and bored in her tiny fishbowl home. However, there were many unexpected things in the wild as compared to her fishbowl home. In the end, she would have to face the dilemma of choosing a dangerous freedom or living in a safe but boring enclosure. The book also ends with some useful facts on ancient civilizations' monuments which will help to interest and inform the reader.
20 Sep 2008
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Just remember this song during my college days... my barkadas (friends) usually go to a place we called "Men's Love Town"... actually that was a Dormitory and we usually go there to meet our apple of our eyes..hehehe...I remember one of my friend's girlfriend told me that her friend (who I've been courting) really liked "Plus One".. she always playing this song every morning before they were goin' to university. And more, she bought magazines having Plus One pictures and put it in her notebooks for decorations. during that time, this song was played over FM radio and a big hit in my country. To get the "answer" of that girl I search some informations about that band and beginning to memorize and rehearse this song hahaha! including the "Last Flight Out"... And to give my best shot, in time I'm goin' to tell her my feeling I want to do it in some kinda unexpected situation...hehehe! with the helps of my crazy friends (whew!) we created a plan. I thought that was my crazy thing I've ever made in my whole life 'coz it was really an unexpected thing...It was Management & Marketing Day... our dept. was too busy preparing some props and working some activities. One of my fave Marketing Adviser(that very close to me...hehehe), and the MC of the program called me for a special number (hahahaha!) of course they have no idea about it 'coz we didnt include in the program list... then I said "I'm not a singer and I dont have a great voice to boast of.. but I'm hoping through this song I can express my feeling to her"... I didnt make the song so cool but through my enough effort and courage, my song touches her heart hehehe....(kilig ba kayo?) (ako rin) hahaha.... Plus One was an American Christian pop band from the 2000s. It was an Atlantic Records effort to form a Christian boy band modeled on the success of such secular bands as 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Plus One enjoyed their greatest success with the release of their debut album The Promise which featured the number one hits "Written on My Heart" and "God Is in This Place"...pls enjoy!!!
19 Apr 2009
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Michael Jordan Inducted into NBA Hall of Fame, cried before speech Jordan cried before beginning his acceptance speech, then entertained the crowd with memories of any slights that inspired him to get to basketball's birthplace: The coach who cut him from the varsity as a North Carolina schoolboy. "I wanted to make sure you understood: You made a mistake, dude." Isiah Thomas, who allegedly orchestrated a "freezeout" of Jordan in his first All-Star game. "I wanted to prove to you, Magic (Johnson), Larry (Bird), George (Gervin), everybody that I deserved (to be there) just as much as anybody else, and I hope over the period of my career I've done that without a doubt." Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy - Jordan called him Pat Riley's "little guy" - who accused Jordan of "conning" players by acting friendly toward them, then attacking them in games. "I just so happen to be a friendly guy. I get along with everybody, but at the same time, when the light comes on, I'm as competitive as anybody you know." The media who said Jordan, though a great player, would never win like Bird or Johnson. "I had to listen to all that, and that put so much wood on that fire that it kept me each and every day trying to get better as a basketball player." Lastly, Utah's Bryon Russell. Jordan recalled meeting Russell while he was retired and playing minor league baseball in 1994 - and with Sloan looking on in horror - told of how Russell insisted he could have covered him if Jordan was still playing. Russell later got two cracks at Jordan in the NBA finals, and he was the defender when Jordan hit the clinching shot to win the 1998 title. "From this day forward, if I ever see him in shorts, I'm coming at him." The enshrinement ceremony took place at Springfield's Symphony Hall, because Jordan was too big for the Hall of Fame. The move to the other building allowed for a crowd of about 2,600, more than double what the Hall can accommodate. Robinson was enshrined first on Friday before a large San Antonio contingent that included teammates Tim Duncan and Avery Johnson, and coaches Larry Brown and Gregg Popovich. Stockton told the Spurs that his running mate, Karl Malone, was the best power forward, not Duncan. Stringer, the first coach to lead three different teams to the Final Four, still couldn't believe a coal miner's daughter had made it, calling it the "most unusual, unexpected thing in the world." She thanked her players "basketball daughters" - and praised her 2007 Rutgers team for the class and dignity it showed after the racially insensitive comments made by Don Imus. "I know that I stand here on the shoulders of so many," Stringer said. Sloan also thanked his players, his former coaches from high school to the NBA, and late Utah owner Larry Miller for sticking with him even during the team's bad years. "Loyalty is the No. 1 reason I'm still coaching the Jazz," Sloan said. Most of the attention was on Jordan, the five-time NBA MVP, but the others in the class are some of the most accomplished in the sport. Stockton is the career leader in assists and steals, Robinson won an MVP trophy and two titles in San Antonio, and Sloan is the only coach to win 1,000 games with one team. "Unique, unique competitors," Stockton said during the morning press conference. Fiery ones, too. Sloan, Stockton's longtime coach, told two different tales of fights he was in as a hard-nosed player for Chicago. Jordan remembered scoring around 20 points in a row late in a game to pull out a win, which was followed by a conversation with Bulls assistant Tex Winter. "Tex reminded me that there's no 'I' in team," Jordan said. "And I looked back at Tex, I said, 'There's 'I' in win.' So whichever way you want it." Jordan and Robinson were All-American college players who entered the NBA with high expectations. Sloan acknowledged he wasn't so sure about Stockton at first - and turns out, neither was Stockton. "I thought they'd figure me out pretty quickly. I thought the Jazz would figure out that they'd made a mistake, so first paycheck I saved every cent," Stockton said. "I was pretty sure I was a one-year-and-out guy." Not Jordan - who still might not be done. "One day you might look up and see me playing a game at 50," he said. "Don't laugh. Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."
13 Sep 2009
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