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While both the biker and the car was speeding facing each other from the opposite direction tackled the rider a little. He and the bike were unhurt luckily.
15 Jul 2018
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Due to the insanely high speed, this race car's engine caught fire and exploded as a result. Luckily, the driver escaped from the scene without any injuries.
7 Jun 2017
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Walking in this busy street of Mexico can be severely fatal but this dog simply runs around the street escaping collision numerous times.
21 Jun 2017
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wheelie crash while trying out 12 o clok weelie! not a single injury !! but bike tottaly fukd up!!! video by bedi www.clubracingrebels****
13 May 2008
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Boy Hit by Car, Walks Away Surveillance video captured the scene as an out-of-control car knocked down a four-year-old boy. He walked away unscathed. (June 23)boy turkey car close call stairs dog puppy unhurt survives crash lucky sanliurfa south east news mal walden channel 10 june 24 2009 escape falls crazy swerve turkey crash boy by car walks Boy in Turkey survives close call with out of control car. This footage is from network 10 Australia.
9 Aug 2009
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This Porsche driver was about to get shot by a hijacker but the driver's quick thought led him to miraculously escape from the scene unhurt.
23 May 2017
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A deer invades and crosses a public transport road but narrowly catches a biker while making a jump across. The biker falls down but gets up unhurt.
24 May 2017
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This is how crazy roads are nowadays. Watch this horse crash onto an incoming speedy car and walks off the scene as if unhurt. The car looks completely wrecked.
26 Jun 2017
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It’s a wonder the car driver was unhurt. After the crash, he turned his car around and started again racing reminding us the quote ‘Never give up’.
8 Mar 2018
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Trying to cross the busy road, a motorcyclist slipped in the middle of the road but fortunately, he was unhurt. A car dash cam recorded the whole incident.
21 Mar 2018
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Things always don’t go accordingly, thus a little mistake may occur in big things like a Disney parade may be? P.S.- the guy was unhurt.
22 Mar 2018
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Pastor Dowell is a great person to watch on youtube........... hello Angel...........
14 Jan 2011
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******* for more like this. Nissan 350Z hitting over 180MPH befor elosing control and crashine, the driver walks away unhurt..
15 Jul 2007
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*******www.laptop-computers-tips**** - *********** A hot air balloon in japan was caught on fire in a hotair balloon festival somewhere in japan. Luckily the two person on board were unhurt! What a relief!
27 Feb 2008
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Sania needs grace but did Sania encounter Jesus? I dont know. That doesn't mean that you cant find out about Jesus and grace. Jesus is a real person of history and He has a message of grace for you. India Iran Afghanistan Iraq peace war Hindu Orissa India USA England Muslim Jehovah Yahweh Allah Sarah Palin John McCain Barak Obama Sania Mirza George Bush Kidnapped tourists taken to Libya Lebanon to remove political banners Israel denounces Iran 'fanaticism' Iraq passes provincial election law Iran warns West on al-Quds day Day solidarity Palestinians marked Muslim world Bomber hits Iraqi minister's convoy Labour minister unhurt but suicide car bombing in central Baghdad claims at least 10 lives. US forces hand over Iraqi province US warns Iraq over troop pact The American crescent Violence at West Bank olive harvest China decries US 'moral authority' Child sex trade soars in Cambodia Colin Powell backs Obama Israel 'open' to Arab peace plan Palestinian fatally stabs Israeli Iran 'prefers' Obama US presidency US denies sending message to Hamas Egypt arrests Brotherhood members Abbas replaces intelligence chief Israel closes Gaza crossings Gas-rich nations agree 'forum' Saudis prepare 'al-Qaeda' trials Israel 'weighing Saudi peace deal' Violence at West Bank olive harvest Greenspan admits 'flaw' in ideology US candidates battle over economy UN: Major inequality in US cities Journalists killed in Croatia blast Men jailed over Ivorian toxic waste Financial crisis 'like a tsunami' Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan says the turmoil in the markets is a "once in a century credit tsunami". Peston: Runs on countries Russia moves 'to boost market' Credit crisis: World in turmoil France 'captures Somali pirates' Nine suspected Somali pirates have been captured by the French navy and handed over to Somali authorities, officials say. EU formally renews ties with Cuba The EU and Cuba restore ties, five years after the EU imposed diplomatic sanctions following the arrests of dissidents. Delhi's anti-tobacco crackdown Sarkozy needled by 'voodoo doll' How economic crisis could hit Kenya's Christmas dinner Liberty v security Are the costs of protecting civil liberties too high? Rattled by rumour Jihadists alarmed at the thought of a Taleban peace deal AFRICA Toxic waste verdict disappoints News blogger detained in Nigeria AMERICAS Early voting 'boosts Democrats' Chertoff details US 'no-fly list' ASIA-PACIFIC Hu Jia wins European rights prize South Korea tops Asian share fall EUROPE EU in new push to inspire voters Eight die in Italian helicopter Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 Aug 2009
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This dude crashes on takeoff and is sent flying through the air in front of thousands of spectators. He bounces along the ground a few times then stands up and waves to the crowd completely unhurt.
25 Oct 2008
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