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Video clip shows the view from a low-definition camera mounted on the external R-Dex aerial on my personal time machine. Each individual line is an evolving universe, created by a choice in its parent parallel dimension. Any time-sensitive journey must be plotted to avoid contact with ALL of these; because even the slightest interaction will result in the traveller being 'sucked' into (and becoming a part of) that specific universe. Okay, it's easy enough to get back out, and into the grid again. But this is a real pain and a bit like stopping at every village en route to your destination. Anyway... This clip shows the approach, and partial descent into the universe that you lot are stuck in... Hey, it's not a bad world. In fact, it's pretty darned good compared to a lot.
5 Sep 2006
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A korean hymn from Choson University in North Korea. It's amazing how they North Korea try to influence the people's perception.
12 Nov 2006
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University of Nebraska Omaha Tour
17 Dec 2006
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Creighton University
4 Dec 2006
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The last scene from the breathtaking , brilliant live show - Waterworld at Universal Studios Hollywood. Please, watch it till the end!!!! It's quite incredible!!!! (I highly recommend to go there and see it live - worth any money!!!!) but still worth seeing. For sure you will be suprised! Enjoy.
7 Dec 2006
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Google Answer to Life the Universe and Everything
7 Dec 2006
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Bangkok University
19 Jan 2007
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Song: "Roots" by 6 to the Universe The video is from several years of the Burning Man festival, found around the web, which, I thought, went well with the "light my fire" line in the song. It’s sorta loosely organized into story format: From traveling to the sight; into daytime crazyness; into night time insanity; into building up to the actual Burning of the Man. Really, I'm just messin' around with my new Avid Free DV (*******www.avid****/freedv). Here's how I got all of the video: I Started by downloading video from several Burners who had stuff in downloadable format. Then I used the Firefox Video Downloader (********addons.mozilla****/firefox/2390/) & the YouTube Grabber (*******dlthis****/) to get the .flv video files from the many video sharing sites out there. Then, I mostly used the "Total Video Converter" (*******www.effectmatrix**** /total-video-converter/) to convert the files I grabbed off of the net hence, the watermark on most of the video. Then, I found the "Super Video Converter" (*******www.erightsoft****/SUPER.html) which is free, does a better job, converts more file types into more file types and is way easier to use. 'Last I heard the band broke up but one of the band members (Jerm, I think) opened a tattoo parlor named Sick Creations (*******www.myspace****/sickcreations I think) and several of the other band members work there. Anyway, 'hope you like it. Enjoy! ~ART~
3 Feb 2007
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Everything you wanted to know about the expansion of the universe, but were afraid to ask. Part one of two includes an experiment and points to a calculator that tells you by how much the U. expanded since your birthday.
1 Apr 2007
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Myspace University has just launched. Register now for the next semester. Choose from wonderful majors like Myspace Stalking and Professional Friend Maker! Why spend hundreds of thousands on some fancy-shmancy big-name school when for only $5 per credit you can register at Myspace University. MYU - It's OUR world but it's YOUR Space!
24 Feb 2007
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Tour of Sunderland University
3 Mar 2007
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The expansion of the Universe Part 2: ... expanding into what, how fast, and why care?
1 Apr 2007
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