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14 Nov 2009
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Me, alone... No lie, I am this hyper sometimes.. well maybe more than sometimes?? I'm an only child!! I have to entertain myself some how when there's nothing else to do??
13 Jun 2007
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hippity, hop...
13 Jun 2007
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Lifeguards are a non-requirement at a poolside party. But hire one if you’ll be using this unique pillar strength testing method!
10 Jul 2018
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This is what happens when you leave kids unsupervised. They get random dangerous ideas and almost choke to death.
25 Nov 2019
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This is what happens at the end of the night (8am!) when you let a bunch of my mates have an unsupervised party in a Barn. Some genius hay bail bashing moments in here and how cool is the the DJ for picking 'Hey Jude' out of the bag in time!
19 Jul 2007
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Drowning occurs more commonly when children get access to the pool during a short lapse in adult supervision. To reduce the risk of drowning, pool owners should adopt several layers of protection, including physical barriers, such as a fence completely surrounding the pool with self-closing, self-latching gates to prevent unsupervised access by young children. If the house forms a side of the barrier, use alarms on doors leading to the pool area and/or a power safety cover over the pool.
16 Aug 2008
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16 Oct 2008
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I have the opportunity to attend several colleges, but my parents won't let me continue my education unsupervised. I feel trapped. What can I do? I have visited churches where people fall on the floor after being touched by the preacher, is this real? .. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
17 May 2011
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(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) October 27, 2011 - A ceremony hosted by Tupperware Brands Southern Africa (NYSE: TUP) and Tupperware Brands Chairman & CEO Rick Goings, was held this summer just outside of Johannesburg celebrating the opening of the first-ever Boys & Girls Club of South Africa (BGCSA). Utilizing the Boys & Girls Clubs of America after school program as a model, the newly established Club was largely funded by Tupperware Brands Southern Africa with a pledge of one million rand ($141,237 USD). Two years ago, a collection of civic and business leaders were called upon to embark on a mission to determine the feasibility of establishing a youth organization that could provide supervised, after school programs dedicated to improving the lives of South African children. They responded with a pilot program that would open the first BGCSA. “Because of the negative impact on the local society from high unemployment rates, crime, school drop-outs, AIDS and limited youth services, Tupperware Brands believes that it is important to create a safe environment for children where they can be a part of programs that develop their talents, self-esteem, and confidence under the supervision of caring, dedicated and well-trained individuals,” said Rick Goings, Chairman and CEO of Tupperware Brands Corporation. “We are proud to support BGCSA in their commitment to inspire, nurture and enable young people to reach their full potential as responsible and productive citizens.” The City of Johannesburg’s Department of Community Development has partnered with BGCSA to focus on implementing programs designed to positively impact the out-of-school experience that occurs during the crucial, unsupervised hours when vulnerable, at-risk youth in disadvantaged communities are neither at school nor at home and are most prone to destructive influences. The new Club will be led by youth development professional Casey Bridges, son of actor Beau Bridges. “Having mentors and positive influences in a young child’s life is so essential to their overall development and success and BGCSA is committed to offering them programs that will reinforce their abilities while helping them to grow as individuals,” said Bridges. BGCSA provides a structured program that incorporates five core areas that include: Education/IT/Career: A Learning Center where Club members can participate in tutoring, computer skills, learning games and various education incentive programs. Sport/Fitness/Recreation: Programs that help develop fitness, a positive use of leisure time, reduction of stress, appreciation for the environment and social and interpersonal skills. Character/Leadership: Helping youth become responsible, caring members of society and acquire skills for participating in the democratic process is the main thrust of these programs. They also develop leadership skills and provide opportunities for planning, decision-making, contributing to the Club and their surrounding community, while celebrating their national heritage. Health/Life Skills: These programs develop young people’s capacity to engage in positive behavior that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals and live successfully as self-sufficient, confident adults. Arts/Culture: Enable youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts, crafts, performing arts and creative writing. “The Boys & Girls Clubs have such a positive impact on the lives of young people by helping them achieve academic success and healthy lifestyles, develop good character, and engage in citizenship and public service,” said Allan Dando, President and Area Vice President of Tupperware Brands Africa. “We are delighted to offer these much-needed programs through Boys & Girls Clubs of South Africa, and we look forward to exploring future opportunities of opening more clubs within the community.” About Tupperware Brands Tupperware Brands Corporation is a portfolio of global direct selling companies, selling premium innovative products across multiple brands and categories through an independent sales force of 2.6 million. Product brands and categories include design-centric preparation, storage, and serving solutions for the kitchen and home through the Tupperware brand and beauty and personal care products for consumers through the Armand Dupree, Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller Cosmetics, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, and Nuvo brands. For more information, log on to www.tupperwarebrands****. TUPP16596
6 Nov 2011
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Ashton Kutcher visits Demi Moore at her home, Vanessa Hudgens admits tattoo is fake, Gabriel Aubry keeps unsupervised visitation rights, Brad Pitt give his kids Coca Cola, Emma Roberts moves into $1.4 million dollar home, all in today's celebrity gossip.
3 Feb 2012
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There is a need for extracuricula supervision.When children are literally up to their gills with the learning and sport activities in school, it may seem superfluous to enroll them for after school activities. In spite of this, after school programs are sprouting up in large numbers and most of these are booked full. This shows that there is a real need for after school activitiesThe unavailability of parental supervision is the leading cause for the surge in after school programs. It is seen that many children spend about 20-25 hours a week unsupervised and alone at home. And as the saying goes, An idle mind is a devil's workshop. Children who are left alone to contend with too much free time can easily fall into the wrong company. Drug abuse, alcohol, tobacco and crime come knocking at their doors sooner rather than later. Parents enroll children to various after school programs to keep them occupied in a productive manner. This way, the kids are free to enjoy themselves in a supervised activityCrime is considered to be at its peak during the after school hours, between 3- 4 p.m. During such a time, children need protection. Getting the children together under one roof and encouraging them to participate in a group activity is protection enough. It diverts the children from apathy tooObesity is a matter of growing concern in this country. It is noticed that more and more children are becoming couch potatoes.After school, many of them relax on the sofa with packets of chips, cool drinks or chocolates while they watch T.V. 30 % of the kids below the age of 19 are considered overweight, and about 15% of these are obese. An after school program ensures that the child shakes off his lethargy and keeps himself busy. This also helps to reduce the child's fascination for T.V and computer games. After school activities that promote social awareness develop the individual's sense of social responsibility. It is seen that these sorts of programs not only keep kids out of trouble, but also help to produce responsible citizens. To that extent, they are valuable building blocks in a child's personality.Times are changing and parents want their children to excel in academics as well as in other activities. This may be a reflection of the parent's unfulfilled desire to excel - a remnant from his own childhood. Whatever the reason, parents today encourage their children to enroll themselves in various programs and develop the various facets of their individuality. Children too seem to be comfortable learning many things at the same time, and gain satisfaction from this
9 Jan 2013
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We are all very familiar with general pool rules and swimming safety tips, rules like never leave kids unsupervised, walking instead of running and many other safety rules. Pool rules are made to make the aquatic experience safe and enjoyable. Water safety for kids and adults should is also a part of aquatic safety. Know more about general pool rules in this video.
4 Jul 2017
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Best machine learning training institute in noida offers the best Machine Learning course in Noida. Amid the preparation, hopefuls will be acquainted with ML center ideas and procedures, for example, directed and unsupervised learning and its heuristic and scientific viewpoints
10 Feb 2019
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APTRON is the Best Deep Learning Training Institute in Noida that strives hard to make the participants achieve their career objectives. With this thorough Deep Learning program, participants can be proficient in concepts including neural networks, regression models, neural network models, unsupervised learning and more advanced concepts. This Deep Learning course in Noida will definitely help you to master the knowledge of Deep Learning.
1 Nov 2019
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