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Urban Exploration photos, advice and stories – all high quality. The original Urban Exploration episode: ***********/watch?v=rCdfPhTnlp0 *******handfulofminutes****/
1 Mar 2010
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Join Jack Longitude and John Latitude as they explore a train station in Fort Worth, Texas
8 Sep 2007
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Great Impressions of a Lost Place area! Large Halls and empty buildings look like the ruins of the apocalypse! The whole area is almost destroyed and really spooky. In this video I give you an impression of what it feels like walking through an forgotten place! Music by Rickmann Productions all rights reserved Enjoy!
11 Dec 2008
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...for when sneaking into the kitchen at Denny's just isn't enough.
29 Mar 2009
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This is pretty cool going down into these sorts of places, but it could be very dangerous too !!!
22 Jun 2006
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This HDR Time-lapse footage is going to be used in a documentary on urban exploration. I thought I'd upload it because it came out really well. www.livingprooffilms***.nr
19 Apr 2009
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Join Phill and Dan as they explore the innards of a manhole. I apologize for how dark it is, this was filmed on location.
10 Sep 2008
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Exploring the Woodward Presbyterian Church in Detroit
2 Feb 2009
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Cottage in Decay: Abandoned Home left Untouched, was filmed on a warm summer morning here in Denmark. As you can see it's has been abandoned for many many years, I'm just guessing here, from the early 70's by the old news papers I found. It is so nice to find a place that has been abandoned for so long and untouched from thieves and vandals. Half the house has fallen in on it's self so I did not find the bedroom or toilet, plus I could only walk so far as there was so much stuff piled up that it was really hard to get around. I Hope you enjoy the video.
20 Jun 2018
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Abandoned Old DDR Textile Mill is in a small town of Wittstock in northern Germany. Built around 1920 by Friedrich Wilhelm Wegener in the centre of Wittstock has for years been in decay since it's closer in 1990. The town planners seem to don't know what to do with it. Hope you enjoy the explore as much as I enjoyed filming it.
20 Jun 2018
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Exploring a Garden Center - Specializing in Weeds was a place I spotted on my way to visit my brother. The shop itself was all locked up but everywhere else was easy to enter. I did like the way how the weeds they were growing there seem very natural. Could not see any price tags for them!!!! Hope you like the video
26 Jun 2018
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This explore Office of Decay was filmed in January 2017. I can't seem to find the raw video's of this, only still photo's. I sure they will show up one day. Here they use to make and sell water heaters but the office closed in 2006 by the bank, they just locked the doors and forgot about it. Why the bank never sold anything is something we never know, but it was 2006 and there was a fall in the world markets.. I found a old photo in the office of a watchman's/town choir uinform that is standing outside the door that you can see on the next photo. I've been back just 3 weeks ago and nothing has been touched. I would have filmed again but the mold made the place very harmful and I did not have my mask with me, plus nothing had changed. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.
4 Jul 2018
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