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Abandoned Fish Processing Plant was film on a very hot day (32c). It closed in 1989 due to lose of orders. The owner who was very ill and was in and out of hospital showed me around telling me the history what it was like working there back in the 1980's. It was built in 1952 and added on as the years went on. He said that he would like to knock it down but the cost of doing that would cost a lot of money, so there it stands slowly falling down. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed my day out with the owner.
20 Aug 2018
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A Visit to a Abandoned Locomotive Works, was in Germany. This site was given to us from a friend and so off we went to check it out. There is next to nothing on the net about it, maybe because it was in the old East Germany (DDR). The main sheds that held the trains was in a very bad way and the roof had fallen in, so we gave it a pass and turned to the works and water tower. The top floor of the water tower was again in a very bad way and that also we gave a pass, that left the old works, and it was wonderful. They had started to fix the roof and seem to plan to turn it into something, but luck was with us as they hadn't started on the in side. The music just doesn't go with the video, it has nothing to do with exploring abandoned place's, but I love it and feel like sharing it with you.
27 Aug 2018
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A Short Visit to a Soviet War Graveyard
29 Aug 2018
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Exploring Ex Soviets Wittstock Air base was a blast. First I must say sorry about the filming as the sd card got currupt some how. It's not my best work
4 Sep 2018
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Return to Vogelsang Russian Camp - What We Missed the First Time, was a must because we knew that we had missed a lot. There was a gym there that we had seen on the net, the camp is so big that the second time around we still had not found it. What we did find was just magic. Even though it's been empity since 1994, the paintings on the wall have been left untouched. enjoy.
20 Sep 2018
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We found 3 huts of the same design next to each other at a old Russian camp just north of Berlin. The first two cabins were ok but the last was falling down and the place was just too far gone to explore it too much. The first one had photo's of what we think are old Russian singers and film stars on the wall. I couldn't name one. Hope you enjoy
22 Sep 2018
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Abandoned Russian Cookhouse - Built on Evil Ground, was a good find and a nightmare at the same time. At first we thought it was the officers building as it was a little way off from the other living blocks. But as it turned out it was the cookhouse. I popped in by myself while the others went into anther buildings, even before I went though the cellar window I felt nervous and fearfully by something. I heard and saw nothing while I was in there, but all the same I felt intimidated, and was glad when the others found me 20 minutes later. When i get a feeling I always just turn around and not enter, but seeing my friends were not so far from me I continue in. When we later looked the place up on the net, the name Carl Grossmann came up and we were horror-struck. Hope you enjoy the video.
25 Sep 2018
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Checkin out a old barn was done but in April 2017. It was kind of creepy and very smelly, but all in all it was a good find. You can see that this barn was for cattle and was closed down back in the mid 70's. i don't know why. I estermate that the barn was built around 1800-1850, but have really no clue. Hope you enjoy the video and I just love feed-back. Peace.
3 Oct 2018
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Abandoned Home of the Jakøbsen Family was filmed awhile ago, March 2017 and needed a little update. The house was still sound at the time, but the land owner was still going to pull it down due to the fact that he could, and he did. Hope you enjoy the video.
4 Oct 2018
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Abandoned Goat Herders Home is filmed in Spain. I was taking picture's of a goat herder with his 60 goats (they were so cute and friendly) and he pointed me to a abandoned house that was once owned by a old man that died, whom himself was a goat herder. What a place, it had a wonderful view, old and with charm. Home you enjoy exploring it with me.
14 Oct 2018
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Abandoned Sugar Cane Alcohol Factory was see from the main road as I was driving to the small town I was to stay. The moment I saw it I took the first exit and was parked next to it with my camera in hand not knowing what it was until later. The best part of the factory that still had it's roof still on, I could not film as there was two guy's from Serbia living inside. We could not understand each other, but we shared a cigarette and tried LOL. Sorry about the camera shake as I was all hyped up with the flight and finding this place. I've just got myself a gimble so hopefully this is the end of my shakes :-)
16 Oct 2018
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Exploring With Certainty Hansel & Gretel's House is In Horstved forest, near the airport and near the town of Tirstrup, one can find the house Flintholm which the locals call it the Hansel and Gretel house as it looks like the brothers Grimm's fairy tale of 1812. but the story goes way back to 1315. It has been deserted and dilapidated in the middle of the forest. The house was built by a local man, Peder Madsen Pedersen, in the last century. Peder Madsen Pedersen was an enterprising man, and he was also the builder of the moat that went around the house and planted the forest around it as well. There is not much info I found about the house on the net, only that Peder Madsen Pedersen lived there and don't know when it was abandoned. The real name Flintholm means flint house as it is built with flint stone. Hope you enjoy the video :-)
22 Oct 2018
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