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Exploring Captain Per Larsen's Trawler Bar was filmed by chance as I was driving by a small village. There is no Captain Larsen, the trawler is not in a hole, it is just the trawler housing. I made it up as on the day that I edit this video, I was in a silly mood, still am. I think it was a great idea using a trawlers housing deck as a bar, but it is about location, wrong place to set it up and it will never had worked. But this is the first time on a trawler for me, even if it is not connected to the boat anymore. I found it fascinating. Hope you enjoy the video :-)
30 Oct 2018
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Discarded Home with Belongings was found by just passing in my little car. I had a strong feeling in the house that it was a happy house, and all the reading materials that was left was about yoga and meditation as well for the two little girls, and it seemed like the family of both parents and their children seemed to have had a good life there. I super imposed a happy family in the video to show that there was love there. There is nothing to say why they abandoned the home and left everything. I hope the family is well. Enjoy :-)
4 Nov 2018
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Let's Touch and Explore The Abandoned Farm was filmed not far from where I live. I had known about it been abandoned for awhile and decided I had better check it out. Built in 1855 and has been abandoned for 8 years. Why? I don't know, but I do know plans were drawn up for new house's to be built on the land in 2010. But it seemed to never have happened. The wallpaper in this place was very retro, I loved it. Hope you enjoy the video :-)
13 Nov 2018
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Home of Mr Fox - Remasted, is from one of my early video's. it had to be re-masted because the music was really bad. I put some filters on the video, changed the start and finish to bring it up to date. Home of Mr Fox looks like a hoarders house, but as it turns out that someone has put another house hold goods into this house as well There was a few abandoned car around the place, but could only film so much. Will have to revisit again. Did you see the chainsaw in the bathroom? This place smelled so bad of mold and rat wee. I saw two very big rats in the living room, just eyeing me. I hope you enjoy this video. Peace
18 Nov 2018
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Abandoned Perfect Farm - Remastered is the perfect farm for me. It is so well made, how anyone can just leave it is beyond me. The best room inside is the pantry. I saw this old upload when watching my playlist and thought this needed a update. Hope you enjoy the video Peace
19 Nov 2018
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Abandoned House That Loved Gee Gees, (That's the technical name for horse's), was filmed about 5 km from my place, never knew it was there, until we took a back road from a friend's place and there it was. STOP! I said and jumping out of the car before it stopped. Seems like a family who liked horse's once lived there. Why they left I've no idea, but I do hope that they didn't regret doing it as it was a lovely place. The house was built in 1899 on a edge of a lake, (forgot to film the lake) and is now for sale. It is in bad condition and I can see that it will been torn down soon for the land. I spoke at the start of the video in Danish, for those who didn't understand, don't worry about it. Hope you enjoy the video. :-)
20 Nov 2018
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Abandoned Cannabis Operation Found in Denmark. I could smell the cannabis as soon as I got into the house, and knew what it was, so I wondered if I should just turn around and leave. But being me, in I went. Nothing much was left, just two rooms with the ventilation still intact and padding still on the walls. Seems like the operation stopped awhile ago, but there was still the strong smell.
27 Nov 2018
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House of No Soul - Remastered is filmed in poor quality and do need to say sorry about it been not clear, crisp, or in focus. This was film awhile ago and time for it to be remastered as the camera work was quite bad. Added some filters here and there but kept the music as it seemed to fit the video. House of No Soul was a nasty place. I've been in many abandoned place's but never did I feel nothing about a place like this before. Even a ruin with not much left has something, this house was dead. I should have not entered it. Hope you enjoy the video Peace
30 Nov 2018
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Here we have a Abandoned Pair of german WW2 Bunkers, just 100 meters from each other. Both bunkers were in very good condition with no graffiti or vandalism. I beleave they are called Regelbau model 621. They a shelter for 10 men, and a number of 122 of them were built in Denmark. That's not many seeing that the Germans built 7,500 bunkers in Denmark. This is where I met Kim. I knocked on the door nearest to one of the bunkers to ask permission to film. We got on so well. He remembered the German soldiers as he was 10 years old at the end of the war and most of the soldiers seemed just a little bit older than him, he was told never to talk to them. A lot of the young soldiers at the end of the war were kept by Denmark and used like slaves in undoing what Germany had built, clearing land mines was the worst, some never made it home. I had my GoPro on at the time and got the audio that went on between Kim and me. I placed some of what we said in-between the exploring of the two bunkers. I hope you don't find this too boring.
16 Jan 2019
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