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Amazon and publisher Macmillan got into a disagreement over what eBooks should cost you. The argument resulted in all Macmillan books being taken off the Amazon store, then put back at a higher price. Will you pay $15 for a digital book? Leave a comment below! If you have enough gadgets to fill this 80 port USB hub, I have to know who you are and what those gadgets are! Apple is allowing VoIP calls over 3G. One of the apps allowed is Fring. JVC's DLA-SH7NL projector has a resolution of 4096x2400 and supports 2 or 4 displays at full HD resolution. Alexander Kendrick is 16 and set a record for the deepest digital communication in the US with his collapsible antenna that allows SMS from 946 feet underground. If you want to find out about things like the Macworld contest where Data Robotics is giving away two Drobos (I'm judging), or if you just want to see what crazy bacon recipes I've discovered, you can get all that and more tech goodness on my blog at Kristian Mathiesen used my discount code GEEK at SquareSpace**** to easily and quickly build kristianmathiesen**** for a 12% discount. When you use any of our sponsors' promo codes, be sure to let me know by email or tweet me a link calilewis.
2 Feb 2010
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It's very easy and useful to reset local administrator and user passwords on Windows system. Website: *******www.windowspasswordsrecovery**** Get started with the download - 3 simple steps: Step 1 - Download ( *******www.windowspasswordsrecovery****/downloads/Windows_Password_Recovery_Tool_Trial.iso ) Step 2 -Burn your Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 CD: To burn your CD, you'll need a blank CD-R and the .ISO file of Windows Password Recovery. Step 3 - Put in your newly created CD and remove your Windows password. It also supports usb. Hope it helps.
18 Oct 2010
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This Cables Unlimited USB-AV2010 Wireless Adapter with AUDIO enables users to display their notebook/PC content, such as pictures, movies, presentations, office documents, and web content on a larger remote display, share it with others or enjoy a larger size display without any cable limitations.
9 Feb 2010
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FAME Studio CU1 USB Kond.Mikrofon !!! STUDIOQUALITÄT ZUM DEALPREIS !!! Ein Großmembran-Kondensatormikrofon in Studioqualität. Das CU1 enthält eine integriertes USB Audiointerface, sowie die erforderliche Mikrofonvorverstärkung. Komplett "self-powered"; daher ist kein umständliches Hantieren mit Netzteilen etc. erforderlich. Auch im mobilen Betrieb ist dieses geniale Mikrofon sofort einsatzbereit. Ideal für Podcasting, Internetradio, Skype, iChat, mobiles Aufnehmen, Mitschnitte, Dokumentationszwecke, Demoproduktionen etc. Dank der Universal Driver Technologie ist keine Treiberinstallation notwendig! Features: * 1 x FAME Studio CU1 USB Kond.Mikrofon * geeignet für alle Audioapplikationen unter Mac OSX und Windows XP * incl. USB Kabel und elastischer Halterung im Koffer * Achtung: Windows Vista wird zur Zeit noch nicht unterstützt
11 Feb 2010
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Andrew takes a look at a new USB 3.0 Hard Drive from Seagate. A Internet video series by butterscotch****.
13 Feb 2010
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We finally have video and pictures of Windows Phone 7, and it's certainly interesting! Buffalo announced the first USB 3.0 4-port hub. A couple robots came out of the Toy Fair. The Quasi robot is wirelessly controlled from a Tablet PC and Interbot is looking to be able to offer it for sale this year. The Aikon 2 robot draws people's faces. Square Space gives you the tools you need to easily build a website without having to know how to code or load in plugins. It's drag and drop. Chris used my discount code GEEK at SquareSpace**** to build 4paws4ryan**** and save 12% doing it. You can too, and send me the address when you do!
19 Feb 2010
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http:/www.agiprodj****/ *******www.agiprodj****/pioneer-cdj-900/ 877-776-6499 DJ Ty from agiprodj**** walks us through the Pioneer DJ CDJ-900 Multi-Player. We cover everything from the file formats, ability to play from CD, USB, or linked USB Drive. Platter feel, display screen and slip mode are all covered as well. The CDJ-900 is a MIDI controller and has a built in sound card as well. We're Authorized dealers for Pioneer DJ as well as everything we carry. You must be careful not to buy from an unauthorized will NOT get a warranty! Email us, call us, Instant message us. We're available to take great care of you! salesagiprodj**** 866-PRO-MIXX (776-6499)
22 Feb 2010
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With the NComputing U170 USB-connected Virtual Desktop Kit, NComputing has once again set the standard for simple and affordable desktop computing. NComputing's innovations include tightly integrated solutions that include the award-winning NComputing vSpace™ virtualization software and industry-leading, low-cost, rugged and reliable access devices. These solutions have made NComputing the global leader, with millions of daily users. To this highly successful product line, NComputing brings an unprecedented feature: plug-and-play simplicity.
20 Mar 2010
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Buy Now: *******swburl****/b2034 USB Pen Spy Camcorder Superior resolution spy cam quality Great customer reviews! *******www.ShopWatchBuy****
14 May 2010
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You want to be able to record HD video from your cable box, satellite. Those usually incur higher monthly fees. However the AVerMedia AVerTV USB HD DVR might be the solution you're looking for butterscotch****: *******
24 May 2010
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Making Popcorn With A USB Cable
24 May 2010
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Imagine transfering the entire dvd to your computer in less than 10 seconds.Thanks to this SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCI card and usb 3.0 hdd docking station! Click on *******www.chinavasion****/p7pe *******www.chinavasion****/4vft now to see the specs for this super speed usb 3.0 device or see what other wholesale computer accessories Chinavasion has at *******www.chinavasion****/index.php/cName/computer-accessories/ Musician: Lazztunes Song: BeeKoo mix Source: ccmixter****/people/Lazztunes07
3 Dec 2010
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Just download this file: *******www.dengee****/b6u0h then put on usb and have fun with mods this will work when reach comes out dont wait because bungie might find and delete this
27 Aug 2010
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Download Link File: *******urlstart****/Susanrgosnell78858/USB-hack It really works, that everything worked as it should be followed here.In addition, the package contains a file which should be recorded on the pendrive and instruction. Below is a link to download the firmware which can run games on the ps3 without a disc.The file must be recorded on a pendrive. To learn how to do it download the file below.There are all carefully explained.This is the way to save $ 152.
27 Oct 2010
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Download Link File: *******hotlinkclub****/CherylJackson204419/SamSung Technically my first vid on utube but i'm not counting it. USB Service Slot in the rear of my LCD T.V. What is it for?
1 Mar 2011
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1.Download link: *******maxmyupload****/CamposHamlin9712/USB 2) Extract "PS3" with whatever you want, but leave it in the folder setup it is in! 3) Copy 10th prestige folder "PS3" to a hard drive or flash drive 4) Plug it into your ps3 and copy the two files (Hack and GSY) on your ps3 Hackage: 1) Start up the patch blocker that you just downloaded, sometime the IP already there is the same (maybe always?) but just to make sure open up your handy dandy cmd prompt (StartRuncmd) 2) Type in "ipconfig" and find your ip address (192.168.x.x should look like this) 3) Copy that Ip into the patch blocker 4) Go to your PS3 and change the network by using custom and leave everything the same except when you get to proxy, "use proxy" and make the IP the one in your patch blocker, and the port "8080". DON'T CLICK TEST! *very important* 5) Exit out of this and go to the game data utility and find the Modern warfare 2 file and delete it 6) At this point start up "patch blocker" and start up MW2, *you should have not signed in yet* 7) Go to Online and sign in/load up your stats (make sure they're loaded) 8) Go to split screen load up "Hack", then exit out *you will get an error* 9) Go to Lan Game, then Barracks and Prestige *you will get another error* 10) Go back to Split screen, load up "GSY", exit out of Split screen 11) Go to "Online" and then Prestige again 12) You should now be 10th Prestige level 1!!! Congrats if you are! Testing Your New Prestige 1) Exit of of MW2 and change your Network Setting to "no proxy", download the update and go back online. 2) You should now be 10th prestige (with update!) and can play on! If you have trouble ill do the hack for you for free if you get 5 of your freinds to subscribe to our channel including yourself.
24 Sep 2010
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