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جهاز كاشف العملات المتعدد للمصري و الدولار و كل انواع النقود البنكنوت Money Checker و يعمل بالاشعة فوق البنفسجية Ultraviolet و الحبر المغناطيسي Magnetic ink اله مدقق المال لكشف العملة المزيفة ، المغناطيسي ، الاشعه تحت الحمراء ، والعلامة المائية والكشف عن الطباعة الدقيقة في اقل من 1 ثانيه مع تنبيه مسموعة ومرئية للورقة مشبوهة يقوم بمرور الورقة النقدية السليمة للجانب الأخر و رجوع المزيفة لك مرة أخري يستخدم للمحلات التجارية و في التعاملات النقدية من البسيطة الي المتوسطة حجمه صغير و كشف التزوير به فعال و سهل و سريع #كشف_العملة #مزور #تزوير Money_checker #Money_detector# للتواصل: 01111106868 - 01122200021 - 01155511116 the automatic banknote detector Soldi Smart Pro with counting function. The LED signal frame and the acoustic warning signal deliver a clear result at the POS. Both signals can be disabled for a discrete check. The ideal solution if you: - are looking for a compact solution for the POS - want very reliable, fast counterfeit detection - attach particular importance to a noticeable and clear visual warning signal - want to use additional functions in addition to the test, e.g. counting function, language setting, eco mode, etc. Detecting Currency 1. USD(United States Dollar) 2. CAD(Canadian Dollar) 3. DEM(Deutsche Mark) 4. BEF(Belgischer Franc) 5. AFA Afghanistan afghani 6. DOP Dominican Republic 7. FRF French franc for France 8. GBP British pound 9. ESP Spanish peseta for Spain 10. GHC Ghana cedi 11. AUD Australian dollar 12. BRZ Brazil cruziero 13. BDT Bangladesh taka 14. BEF Belgian franc for Belgium 15. BGL Bulgarian lev 16. DKK Danish krone for Denmark 17. ETB Ethiopia birr 18. CRC Costa Rica colon 19. EGP Egyptian pound for Egypt 20. FIM Finnish markka for Finland 21. GBP(GreatBritain Pound) 22. CAD Canadian dollar for Canada 23. CHF Swiss franc for Switzerland 24. CLP Chile peso for Chile 25. DEM Deutsche mark for Germany 26. COP Colombia peso
10 Apr 2021
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The inflation news from the Eurozone was higher than expected, which will continue to put pressure on the ECB to raise interest rates, already expected to hit 4.5% in the short term. That should make the EUR/USD take off to the upside. What we are getting instead is a softer reaction with some mild movement. Part of that weak reaction may be due to the fact that US TIC data was released today, showing higher than expected demand for US securities and bonds from foreign buyers. That should increase the value of the USD and taken alone, should send the EUR/USD to the downside.
17 Jun 2008
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The market is moving quickly following this week's collapse in equity prices and a subsequent move down from resistance on the USD/JPY. However, with stocks at support and the VIX (fear index) at resistance a turnaround could happen. This is not a reason to stay out of short USD/JPY trades but it is reason to be more careful about risk control. Because risk control is one of the few things a trader or investor can control it makes sense to make the most use of it as possible.
28 Jun 2008
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The USD's depreciation is being felt in trade and GDP as the US is exporting cheaper goods. In the long term (2-6 months) that could lead to more USD appreciation. 100% free forex education available from *******www.pfxglobal****.
13 Aug 2008
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*******www.tradingpostfinancial****/edge Mick Lewis, Trading Coach and EDGE Trading Advisor, looks at the AUD / USD pair for September 10, 2008. In this video, Mick uses a combination of Elliott Wave, Moving Averages and Fibonacci retracements to finalize his trade setup. For more information on Elliott Wave, visit *******www.tradingpostfinancial****/elliottwave
17 Sep 2008
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USD dollar inside to your paypal account
9 Jan 2009
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US Non-Farm Payrolls Sent the USD Down
7 Sep 2009
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USD may Anticipate Mild Bullishness as Outlook has Worsened
8 Sep 2009
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09/24-09 USD pares losses after positive statements from the US Federal Reserve.
24 Sep 2009
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11/02/2009 Is a USD Reversal in the Making?
2 Nov 2009
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11/04/2009 USD Building Towards Volatility
5 Nov 2009
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11/10/2009 Oil Prices Climbing on Weak USD
10 Nov 2009
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12/21/2009 Oil Prices Not Reacting to USD Strength
21 Dec 2009
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12/29/2009 USD Decline Muted
29 Dec 2009
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