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This tools will help you provide SEO Services by determining the appropriate amount you should be paying (or charging) per month for a text link (ad) on the.
There are a lot of seo tools available online ranging from free to paid. Some of the top free seo tools are discussed in this tutorial. They are- Woorank It gives the complete on-page review of your website. It gives both free and paid facilities. When you enter your URL and hit ‘try it for free’, it gives complete report according to the search engine guidelines- errors, warnings and corrections that need to be done. Siteliner Siteliner is a tool to check the amount of duplicate content present in the website. The website must not contain any duplicate content as the search engines do not give priority to such websites and may even block them. #seo #digitalmarketing #seotool Seo sitechecker It is a tool similar to Woorank. It gives complete on-page analysis report and provides both free and paid membership facilities. But between Woorank and seo sitechecker, seo sitechecker provides better result and may be preferred more. Seo quake It is a tool when can be installed in your browser as add-on or extension. It gives report of the website page displaying on the screen. It gives information of indexed pages, its rank, status of the page and on-page report. Google webmaster It provides complete analysis report about a website related to google- the no. of pages indexed, crawl errors, sitemap and robots txt errors. Google analytics It provides complete traffic related information about a website. Google Adwords Adwords helps in keyword analysis and to advertise on google on a particular keyword. Similar web This tools shows the traffic coming to the website. It is similar to Google analytics but only provides an overview.
28 Dec 2018
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