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Useless Celebrity Facts, all facts that are totally useless... BUT VERY INTERESTING AT THE SAME TIME!!!
18 Mar 2007
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Useless Business Meeting *******norshah.blogspot****
30 Mar 2008
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20 useful useless facts about the world around you.
17 Jul 2008
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Useless concept. Grimm reaper, extrait du prochain album de Useless concept "Mysterious impact"
8 Aug 2010
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Direct download for free here: ******* Browse and download other ebooks for free here: *******freeebookworm.blogspot**** "Discover what all the other encyclopedias leave out This is the superbly satisfying compendium of weird factoids too interesting to be contained in your average encyclopedia. Daring to cross-reference the un-cross-reference-able, to alphabetize what cannot be alphabetized, and to deliver the highest concentration of fun that can fit in one book's spine, this information is too useless to waste: In Denmark, pigs go 'knor'; in Germany, horses go 'prrrh'; in ancient Greece, dogs went 'au au.' Italians sneeze 'ecci ecci.' A teacher in Italy was disciplined in 1996 for passing students exam answers hidden in salami sandwiches. In 1957 the U.S. air force completed a survey of the Atlantic Ocean but refused to divulge its width on the grounds that the information might be of military use to the Russians. In Paris in 1740 a cow was hanged in public following its conviction for sorcery. About the Author William Roland Hartston won the British Chess Championship in 1973 and 1975. He has written numerous books on chess and interesting facts and figures. His books include The Book of Numbers: The Ultimate Compendium of Facts About Figures and What Are the Chances of That?" The Encyclopedia of Useless Information by Willam Hartston free eBook download
8 Sep 2010
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If you consider yourself a loser then you should watch this video here. There are more useless things on earth that actually exists, so don’t lose hope.
20 Aug 2018
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From time to time we feel useless as sh*t, our moral goes way down. Thus, here is an example to compare yourself with and cheer up cause you are not the only one.
23 Oct 2018
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This third guy is the help which if not done no problem will occur. It the help that's totally useless, the person might be too.
3 Nov 2018
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I don’t know the person, who locked the gate, what was he thinking. This lock is as useless as the transparent umbrella under the sun.
27 Nov 2018
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Useless modifications people do on Royal Enfields
25 Dec 2018
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With most ATMs designed to ink all of the notes in the case of a theft, this theft involving an excavator will be rendered useless.
25 Jul 2019
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22 Jun 2007
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