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Utube Ace Londen
5 May 2009
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hi been try for months get video on utube with no luck so that why i use metacafe because faster and less trouble to use, sorry put down utube but that life.
5 Jan 2010
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Why would ( a kay whitfield ) utubes get altered? A Government person tells you. Can we not trust utube now? I hope its repaired, was I hacked? Did the GOV alter them? Is UTUBE government now and POLICING the videos? listen/watch,God bless those whom do and may God curse those whom interfere with the TRUTH. For more go to ( a kay whitfield) and ( halo-7-angel ) utube and we will get more up here as time allows. The NEWS MEDIA is controlled, are theses sites? I hope not. God bless these sites for allowing the truth to be shared. Its now 2-7-2017, it hasnt been repaired. NOT COOL. Im not about VAIN GLORY, But ppl wont look if the sites dont have alot of views Im told, thus UTUBE or someone altered the views by INTENT. God dont like ugly, I told you. Maybe now utube will correct this issues? what else have they done? O:( oh God dont like ugly. They are high teck utube ppl, I hope they fix that.
20 Feb 2017
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bellydance sydney utube...We all have experienced the Utube entertainment videos, but from Sydney comes the bellydance videos that will have you intrigued from beginning to end. View for yourself and determine.... business or pleasure? Can you learn the techniques of bellydance from this amateur video? *******www.dvdfitness****
9 Apr 2009
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night this was supposed to be a video response to your game reveiw vid but it was giving me problems for some reason so i thats why i put it on this website
3 Oct 2009
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this is my own personal protest song to show how much i hate you tube if you agree that you tube sucks then like and share please!
20 Jul 2017
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This is an interview from Mommy Talk Live with author Susan Brock about her book, The Promised Land: How Doing Your Homework In Your Wilderness Leads To Healthy, Lasting Relationships. Listeners will be blessed and receive spiritual/emotional healing from past hurts and help with current relationships.
18 Jan 2018
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*******freeplaymusic****/index.php This site offers FREE MUSIC FILES that can be used on your videos. Avoid having to alter your videos after they've been uploaded to YOU TUBE. With these FREE AUDIO FILES, you won't need to use AUDIO SWAP anymore. *******freeplaymusic****/index.php AUDIO SWAP YOU TUBE AUDIO SWAP UTUBE AUDIO SWAP YOU TUBE UTUBE ROYALTY FREE MUSIC FREE MUSIC FILES FREE AUDIO FILES AUDIO SWAP COPYRIGHT LAWS
19 Mar 2009
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*******datatechnologyllc****/ In this training video on YouTube, Metacafe and Yahoo! video, we cover in each of these free video hosting sites. We start off with youtube, create an account, discuss the utube channel and show you how to upload a video file. Related to the video are title tag, description and tags. These are vital not only for end-users but also from a search engine optimization perspective. Next we move onto Meta café and repeat the process of uploading a Video file, assigning the properties and discussing account settings. We wrap up the video by showing you Yahoo! video which compared to the other two does not get that many hits, however still is a viable option for hosting videos. You can find more training on youTube and Camtasia on our website noted above.
4 Jul 2011
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Продвижение на Youtube 050 844 96 58 Быстро, качественно, надежно. Видеореклама в интернете и ее продвижение skype TEANA_L icq 307 978 675 продвижение youtube, купить просмотры youtube, раскрутка видео, раскрутка youtube, накрутка youtube, youtub, u tube, utube, you to be, youtub, u tube, utube, you to be
16 Mar 2012
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truth that in the usa you have to die for pay. FOR MORE ON THIS GO TO UTUBE (A KAY WHITFIELD.) The time of sitting on the fence is up. Time to choose who you will serve. On this I talk to 2 lady’s ,one is on SSI one cant get her SSD. They both are killing themselves with pills and know it. Listen and learn, don’t burn. I am real my info is real, the mark is real ,now knowing all of what you’ve seen on my utube channel and its true and real, isnt it LOGICAL that God is real thus evil beings are real also? Isnt it logical that the fight over your soul is just as real? If youve viewed all my God inspired videos from the bottom up on utube, you should understand what Im teaching you. If not you may already be doomed. Hell is real, get ready for it. If you get this then youve unpluged and undruged.and have a chance in HEAVEN, maybe your odds got better? I HOPE so. The kicker is, the other meds they took most likely gave them arthritis to start with, thats how they do it to get you broke down to DEPEND on meds that kill you. And shes right, ppl like kids that have never worked get paid to die. And other ppl that CAN WORK. If you can party all nite, fight, dance, drink, play bingo, YOU CAN WORK. but whats the point your still killing yourself for green money, you have to go to dammed doctors and take meds etc. America is SATAN. O;( Il add more soon. A kay is a bud of mine and Im helping her tell it all. love metcafe , thank God for it. The truth is out there and Il bring it to you. Slander/ liable is a crime in ky. thus this is truth and legal. A kay SSI was cut off, all on her notes on facebook. She stopped her meds, they stopped the check. She then EXPOSED THEM. plz do not remove these video's they may save your life/soul, thx
29 Sep 2016
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Watch Abstract Surrealist artist Jason Jenkins as he paints the T-Shirt/Poster design for "Google Buys YouTube" Abstract10****
8 Feb 2007
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