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Hit the notes of Van halen/Linda Ronstadt song You´re no good!
27 Mar 2007
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History of myself or history of selfportraits, by Yves Calmejane A fortieth self portrait ? There are many things left to discover about one of the most famous painters in the world. A young art lover, Jules Petroz, has recently discovered in a flea market a portrait which could be dated from the Parisian period of Van Gogh. If it was a self-portrait, it would be the fortieth. The small painting has character; dark coloured and the gaunt face could correspond to the artist’s look when arrived in Paris, he was sheltered by his brother Theo. He arrived broke from Anvers and physically diminished. Very little is known from this period, most of what we know being based on the brothers’s reciprocal letters. Although it is not technically early Parisian period but Vincent Van Gogh changed so often style during this epoch. After quarrelling with girlfriend Agostina Segatori, (the ‘Tambourine’ holder, a cabaret in Montmartre where Vincent had hanged most of his latest works), he came back to collect his works; alas! The cabaret had shut down, the lady gone and the paintings sold for a few francs to a junk dealer… Did some of these paintings survive? The painting is here reproduced so the reader can make himself an opinion. And for art sake.
9 Apr 2007
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Una parodia con poca gracia para probar una especie de croma. Escarchita y Galleguito se van a la playa, de camino cuentan chistes y charlan entre ellos.
12 Apr 2007
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A photo animation of Dutch artist Frans van Veen creating a oil painted landscape.
17 Apr 2007
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Real madrid won againest valencia 2-1 , van nesterloy scored an amazing goal after 11 Passes
26 Apr 2007
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Recently on a Party political broadcast by the Conservative, David Cameron asked people questions. He came across this man who said he was voting BNP (British Nation Party) So stuck for words Cameron said "Vote Labour, Vote liberal..Don't vote for BNP..I hope you'll vote for us" then pats him on the back. This we're led to believe but here "The white van man" as he's now been called tells us the questions he asked and the group with Cameron after he'd moved on.
1 May 2007
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We rendezvous with "The Dancing Machine" before landing at White Bay on Jost Van Dyke. From "painkillers" at the Soggy Dollar Bar to lobster at Sidney's Peace and Love, it just doesn't get any better.
2 May 2007
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a great freekick from robin van persie
21 May 2007
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Like a punch in the face Van Andersen hit you with "You Really Got Me" By Van Halen/Kinks...
28 May 2007
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a very funny and unique commercial for vans shoes
2 Jun 2007
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a great goals of van this year plzplz comment and rate thanx for watching:)
4 Jul 2007
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Van's Personal RV 10 on display at Arlington 2007 "NW EAA Fly-in"
15 Jul 2007
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