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Pt. Deepak Singhania is amongst the top Astrologers in India, who has been providing effective Astrology remedies and Gemstone consultation for 20+ years. As one of the best Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR, his services include matchmaking, energy balance, horoscope and effective remedies for everyday problems such as career setbacks, marriage-related problems, conflicts etc
New year vastu tips contain calendar vastu by Dr. Puneet chawla ( vastu expert ). Vastu dosha or vastu defects is not the only thing to see, the ongoing live vaastu is also a major thing to see and analyze. Vastu for home and vastu for office requires lively vastu tips. Vastu remedies or vastu upay is a must for new flat vastu. Vastu shastra is an important subject. Normally people are confused where to put calendar. North south east west which is a good direction. Dr. Chawla focuses on vanishing negative energies so he suggests removing of old calendars. Not to put god pictures and images on calendars! He says putting intimacy pictures on calendars is also not advisable. These can be in the bedroom and the bedroom vastu ca be corrected! Calendars to be put north or east direction only Dr. Puneet Chawla is a world #1 Vastu Consultants with 22 years of experience in Vastu Shastra. ============================== Call Us 9555666667 | 9873333108 | 9899777806
2 Jan 2018
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Vastu tips for health is very important. Dr. Puneet chawla vastu expert says early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. In this vaastu shastra video Dr. Chawla is telling the importance of health in vaastu. He stresses on the kitchen vastu first. Which direction the gas stove should face. Vastu upay, vastu remedies is not a concern here. Vastu shastra for home puts lot of importance on direction of gas stove. East is a good direction for fire cooking. It satvik gunas. East is sun rise direction .food cooked towards the south is not favorable and healthy. For people on travel and politics or any body who can not manage the cooking direction should take care to have food towards the north direction. It is good for health and prosperity. It gives energy in the food. Then the integral part of vaasthu is where to keep the medicine. The medicine should not be displayed. It should be kept in North East. Dr. Puneet Chawla is a world #1 Vastu Consultants with 22 years of experience in Vastu Shastra. ============================== Like, Share,and Subscribe!!! Call Us 9555666667 | 9873333108 | 9899777806
12 Jan 2018
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दर्पण केवल चेहरा देखने, सजावट के रूप में भवन में लगाने अथवा श्रृंगार करने की वास्तु मात्र नहीं है बल्कि इसके वास्तु के सिद्धांतों के अनुसार उपयोग करने से जीवन में बहुत से बदलाव देखने को मिलते हैं
20 Sep 2017
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Vastu is the science of architecture it combines and balances all five elements of nature and balances man and material To know more about the key vastu tips for home including the kitchen bedroom and washrooms Watch the video below and get the best advice from specialized astrologers and practitioners only
15 Dec 2016
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Ganesha brings prosperity, good luck and success in one's life. Ganesha occupies the most important position of the Vastu Shastra. It is very important to have at least one Ganesha idol in your home. These vastu tips can help with placement of Ganesha idols.
23 Nov 2018
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Are you looking for a new home? We guarantee a healthy and happy home for your loved ones. Just follow the best Vastu tips from our experts and build a home you always wanted. Here are some of the essential vastu related things to check before choosing a new Appartment.
20 Aug 2019
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vastu shastra which subject particular too like for instance controls are relating to accomplishment in work, rules for more riches, standards for good wellbeing et cetera. You ought to have the capacity to stick to the guidelines of vastu consultants to profit by the vitality course and make a sentiment prosperity and satisfaction in your home.
24 Apr 2017
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It is advisable to consult a Vastu Consultants, be that as it may, some valuable tips and commonsense representation of standards of Vaastu are offered here to add to your Health, Wealth, Happiness and Prosperity. By utilizing these Tips, You can Change Your Destiny to improve things.
11 May 2017
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FortuneSpeaks is an Organization of Vedic Astrology has been built up with the target to give methodical training on different orders of Futurology and saddling positive Energy. Seven courses through separation instruction programs are outlined by specialists who know about the getting a handle on energy of a normal understudy.
31 Jan 2018
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There must be the correct sort of vitality in your home for it to turn into a HOME. It is accepted that each home accompanies its very own energies, and individuals living under it go under the impact of these energies. Accordingly, it is imperative to comprehend the association between the recuperating specialty of Vastu and the positive vibes inside our homes.
14 Aug 2019
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Vastu Shastra is a conventional Hindu architecture which actually means study of design.
16 Aug 2019
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astrology consultants Provide all type of astrology services for business and personal like free tarot reading online, tarot reading online, janam kundali online, kundli match making, kundali match for marriage. Also they Give vastu consultant predict vastu for home, vastu tips for house. Astrology service
12 Jan 2017
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