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A couple of guys from Norway making this video. With amateur stunts and things like that. Vaults, "molbos", and other tricks from 10 metres.
16 May 2006
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These freestylers perform some really cool vaults
27 Apr 2006
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Pole vaulting into a lake...sounds refreshing.
27 Sep 2006
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Parkour tricks and vaults.
25 Jan 2007
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Pole Vault Break
5 Mar 2007
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Vault will be the indispensable provider of information and solutions for professionals and students who are pursuing and managing high-potential careers. We will achieve this goal by delivering the timely and actionable insider information and advice that allows them to define and achieve personal success at every stage of their careers. Based on our knowledge of professionals and students, and our relationship with them, Vault will be a vital partner for companies seeking engagement with this valuable audience.
Training of a young vaulting group in a riding stable near Graz. They're showing amazing figures on the horse's back.
11 Apr 2007
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Workers removing.. 'cutting' through a bank vault door to be removed
23 Apr 2007
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Steam vault eroic
9 Jul 2007
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pole of a pole vault game gets crashed in to the genital area
16 Aug 2007
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A tour of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. A vault which will be containing around 1,500,000 different kinds of seeds.
27 Aug 2007
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Headed to a career fair in the near future? Or just clueless about what to do at a career fair? Then check out this video for Vault's career fair advice. Learn how to prepare for a career fair, what to wear, and how to pitch yourself to an employer.
11 Sep 2007
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Are you eager to enter the exciting new era of video resumes, but don't know where to start? Is your written resume looking lackluster? Could you, frankly, use a personal makeover as well? You're in luck. Enter the Vault Video Resume Makeover contest today. Up to five lucky winners will receive the following: * A professional video resume shot in the Vault studio * A written resume makeover by Vault career pros * A personal makeover at a top New York City salon Your winning video resume and look will be featured on the Vault web site this fall - just in time for the autumn recruiting season! There are two ways to enter the Vault Video Resume Makeover Contest. Entry method 1 Send a brief (30 seconds or less) video clip of yourself explaining why you need a video resume makeover from Vault, plus your written resume. Entry method 2 Send a brief (200 word or less) essay about your need for a video resume makeover from Vault, plus your written resume and a digital photo To get started, click on the Video Resume Makeover Contest on your Vault Member Home Page. If you're not already a Vault member, you can join Vault for FREE.
20 Sep 2007
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