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Not only do the ladies fall all over each other to get to this dude, but the little chickens heart Mr. Greenwald, too (his vegan diet may have something to do with it). Alexander Greenwald sits down with peta2 at a photo shoot to let us know that chicks love vegetarians. For more information, check out *******www.peta2****?c=tube
21 Dec 2006
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Every year in the U.S., billions of animals are slaughtered for food. Raising animals on factory farms is cruel and ecologically devastating. Eating animals is bad for our health, leading directly to many diseases and illnesses, including heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Being vegetarian helps Danielle have the energy to keep up with her busy lifestyle. For more info and a free vegetarian starter kit, check out *******www.GoVeg****.
4 Jan 2007
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Meat stinks for animals, the Earth, and your health. Make the compassionate, environmentally sound, and healthful choice go vegetarian! You would be surprised how much energy you will have when you switch to a healthy vegetarian diet. For more info and a free vegetarian starter kit, check out *******www.GoVeg****.
2 Jan 2007
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America's #1 college magician Brian Brushwood chronicles life on the road in his weekly "Brian Brushwood on the road" vlogs and podcasts. In episode 4: Brian teaches a kickass bar trick with toothpicks, and addresses rumors and innuendo of vegetarianism on the tour. To catch the latest BBOTR episodes, visit www.bbotr****
3 Jul 2007
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Vegetarian Society
7 Nov 2007
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Vegetarian Soup Tofu Seaweed Mushroom by Chef White Lilly
4 Oct 2007
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Yesterday Khairul and I went to Hare Krishna temple nearby Penang Botanical Garden to have our vege meal. This month, October, from 11th till the 19th, we are celebrating the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Almost everywhere you can see stalls decorated with Chinese calligraphy 'Nine Emperor God' selling vegetarian food, in fact they are all vegan food since during these 9 days no dairy are allowed at all and even the utensils have to be new and never been used. The reason I became vegan surely not because of this festival, it is purely because of animal cruelty, so I couldn't tell you more about this festival. You have to google it by entering a phrase such as ' Nine Emperor Gods Festival ' and you will see a bunch of links and photos which are related to it. Come on, just for nine days you are being merciful? I am speechless, really I am. Video above isn't about the festival really, it is where were we during the first day of the festival and the 4 female cows :) ps : the cows are lovely to touch and they are so big!
13 Oct 2007
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AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian Adult Dog Food tested on 'Ah Gal' . She seems to love it. To know more check out my blog post titled 'AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian Adult Dog Food'
1 Nov 2007
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Kevin Nealon delivers a witty, tongue-in-cheek vegetarian testimonial. Hilarious!
11 Nov 2007
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How to make Vegetarian Gravy. Vegetarians take notice! Heres a recipe for gravy, perfect to dress up everyones holiday plate. Visit HolidayKitchen.TV for step by step instructions and to order the DVD!
15 Nov 2007
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Here's a vegetarian gravy that everyone can enjoy. Visit www.holidaykitchen for step by step instructions and to order the dvd.
13 Dec 2007
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*******www.RenegadeHealth**** - This is a fun show... I'll tell you that. Might be the best to date! Great information, some humor and a great question from a reader about how to keep iron levels regulated with you're a vegan or vegetarian and you're not eating red meat. I also take on the popular diet book "Eat This, Not That". BTW: If you have a health question please go ahead and either post it directly in the comments box or go up top to the "Ask Kev" tab and ask away. I'll be answering your questions on the show!
27 Mar 2008
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