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Get the latest and fully-equipped DVD GPS for Holden Commodore VE on Kayhan Audio which has been developed to become the most stable Android Vehicle System. With the Quick Processor and High RAM, this DVD GPS will blow your mind, not your budget
18 Dec 2019
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The Tint Guys a division of Sound Performance Inc has continued to ensure our staff is knowledgeable, professional and helpful for the past 18 years. Whether it’s a simple audio upgrade to your vehicle, residential- commercial, remote car starters, smartphone integration, custom fiberglass enclosures or a custom audio installation and automotive window tinting in Columbia, our team will have you covered every step of the way. Address : 1310 Indiana Ave, Suite C, Columbia, MO 65203, USA Phone : 573-874-9203
24 Dec 2019
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Making Your Next Trip Easier with a Limo Service Near Me. You’re planning on having a seminar or convention for a number of your employees in the next month or two in Pittsburgh. To visit a new destination or you have plans to expand into this area, Pittsburgh offers many benefits to corporate clients. The same holds true when you rely on a quality Car Service and Cheap Limo Service Near Me. Not all coach buses are the same and when you call on the services of Car Service Near Me, you can choose from a variety of vehicles, including an executive minibus or a traditional minibus. If you’re having a large group make this trip, a full-size coach bus may be ideal. You can also hire a reliable car service near you. Everyone would be picked up at the airport and driven to their destination at the same time. You can call us at 866-727-5466
24 Dec 2019
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December 2006 (Medialink) -- Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV's) are slated to be all the rage for the future and may revolutionize on-road transportation in the next few years. This new emerging technology has the potential to significantly reduce energy use and harmful emissions, as well as our dependence on foreign oil. The first Fuel Cell Vehicle with a radius of 250 miles at the largest distance to date at is debuting at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show for the first time, supporting that FCV's are sustainable as a viable technology. Fueled with pure hydrogen gas onboard in high-pressure tanks, they can also be fueled with hydrogen-rich fuels; such as methanol, natural gas, or even gasoline. Previously, FCV's only worked efficiently in warm weather, but this latest technology starts easily even at temperatures as low as minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit, making it accessible for everyone anywhere. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Produced for DaimlerChrysler
4 Jan 2007
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How Its Made Three-wheeled Vehicles
18 Jan 2007
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Adats Vehicle Machine
30 Jan 2007
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A lunatic jumps out of a moving vehicle with his kids still inside. So much for that Father of the Year award.
25 Feb 2007
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This instructional video by Scuba**** discusses the advantages of using scooters. Having a scooter, also known as a diver propulsion vehicle, will eliminate the need to kick since it is moving you through the water. It is common to improve your diving time by about 50% because the less you work the less you breathe. The battery life on a scooter is approximately 90 minutes and has a speed of about 2.5mph.
29 Aug 2007
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Burnout 2 - 25 vehicles totalled on Freeway Fury
8 Oct 2007
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For decades automakers have researched crash safety with controlled experiments. And the use of seat belts, airbags, and roll cages have all dramatically improved occupant safety. Until now, real world crashes were too unpredictable and therefore difficult to gather accurate information from. Safety researchers trying to reconstruct injuries in a crash have had to rely on engineering estimates of collision velocities and vehicles motions, before, during and after the collision to make dynamic assessments. But now, improved vehicle technology is making it possible to study actual crashes. A new partnership between The University of Michigan Medical School and OnStar is working to collect crash and injury information from specific vehicle crashes. Acting as an eyewitness, OnStar’s Advanced Automatic Crash Notification transmits the crash severity, number of airbags deployed and location of the vehicle to an adviser, who passes that information along to first responders. With the permission of the owners and occupants the medical information, histories and x-rays are gathered and combined with the vehicle information to get a greater understanding of why injuries occur. This new research tool has the potential to improve emergency medical response techniques and improve vehicle safety. Produced for General Motors
27 Sep 2007
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Brave Suspect Manages to Steal a Female Cops Vehicle I would make a female cop joke here, but last time I tried that, a legion of feminists threatened to eat me.
21 Oct 2007
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A promo video for the 2007 line-up of Samsung vehicles
9 Nov 2007
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