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Monday, July 28, 2008 CBS Sees Sponsored Web Video Programming as Viable Model PALO ALTO -- It's back to the future for the business of Web video: Advertiser-sponsored programming from the early days of television, when Texaco, Geritol and Lucky Strike paid to develop or sponsor new programming, is the most viable business model now for episodic content created for the Web, says Jigar Thakarar, director of content management at CBS Interactive. Jigar, based in Los Angeles, recently joined CBS from CAA where he was an agent doing many Web video deals. He says in this interview that CBS is actively looking at acquisitions from "from Web creators to Hollywood talent." Of the CNET acquisition and the strategy around building the news operation, he says that there is a big focus on developing vertical or niche content. For more on the strategy at CBS Interactive, check out this interview with CEO Quincy Smith by Joseph Weisenthal over at paidContent. I interviewed Jigar on Tuesday at Stanford at the Beet.TV online video roundtable. HP Has MTV-Like Webisode Tomorrow, HP launches a webisode about college life called "Dorm Storm." This show is being distributed by Broadband Enterprises which guarantees 20 million views of the show. Brian Morrissey at Adweek has the details. Update: 7/28 Adweek's Brian Morrissey has a feature about sponsored webisodes and what's happening at Boing Boing. Check it out. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer *******
30 Jul 2008
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Thursday, July 31, 2008 Pay to Play: Online Video Subscriptions on the Horizon, Conde Nast Portfolio's Blaise Zerega Believe it: There will be a subscription model for online video. paidContent's Joe Weisenthal reports today that TheStreet**** will soon experiment with a subscription model for online video. Surely more publishers will follow as advertising opportunities are limited and some will pay a subscription price to watch video content. How to get users to sign up? The engaging power of video games could help turn online video viewers into registered users or paying subscribers, says Conde Nast Portfolio Deputy Editor Blaise Zerega. All Those Eyeballs and Not Enough Ads Blaise was editor of Red Herring and managing editor of Wired. He's seen a few cycles in the Valley. Like during the first Internet bubble, valuations are being based on "eyeballs" rather than on a viable business model. As advertising can't support all these digital media start-ups, we expect a subscription model could be viable for some. I interviewed him at Stanford last week where he participated in the Beet.TV online video roundtable. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer *******
5 Aug 2008
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*******SponsoringOnline**** Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing is a business distribution model that allows a parent multi-level marketing company to market. The Real Problem with Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing. So, what is the problem with MLM and network marketing? And network marketing/MLM is a great opportunity for people to have their first business, MLM Network Marketing Resources All MLM, network marketing, multilevel, and direct sales companies that we become aware of are listed on our site. was created to serve the MLM and network marketing - viable online businesses or scams? Learn more about MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) before you dive into a network marketing business. multi-level marketing (a.k.a. network marketing & referral marketing). The idea behind multi-level marketing (MLM) is simple. Imagine you have a product to NETWORK MARKETING - Best Network Marketing Network Marketing and Home Based Business Ideas. Best network marketing, mlm and home based business. MLM - Network Marketing Blog Thoughts and Opinions on Network Marketing, MLM Software, and MLM Leads by Ty Tribble. Network Marketing & MLM Training from Home Business Blogs The show talks about topics related to network marketing, mlm, and home business. It has been a lot of fun recording these and I already have 5 shows MLM Training Network Marketing Success from Doug Firebaugh MLM training Network Marketing Success from DOUG FIREBAUGH Training site for home business and direct sales professionals with recruiting, leadership, MLM - Network Marketing Opportunities and Information Click here for In Depth MLM (Network Marketing) Information. Guide to network marketing opportunities, generating leads, and building a business. Network Marketing and MLM's Millions of people have found personal success through a home business. Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing companies or MLM’s provide a great Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) MLM, Multi-Level Marketing - once legitimate, now a scam. The Truth Behind the Smoke and Mirrors of Multi-Level and Network Marketing -- and those who marketing, network marketing MLM, network marketing and direct sales forum. Look here for MLM, network marketing and direct selling ideas, MLM companies and success tips. MLM - Network Marketing Business Journal MLM industry journal is the oldest, largest MLM newspaper for the newest network marketing, direct sales, homebased income opportunities and articles. Network Marketing MLM Network Marketing, Direct Marketing features Network Marketing ebooks, mlm network marketing, Direct marketing. mlm leads, network marketing leads, real time mlm leads, home Your very own lead control panel, so that you can access your Network Marketing leads online from any location any time. You have the ability to pause your Network Marketing Software, MLM Software Specialists, Partner With Us Today And Create the Perfect MLM for you. Natural Selling - Network Marketing and MLM Training learn how to sell Network Marketing without fear, anxiety, or losing your friends! Michael Oliver expert sales trainer. Network Marketing MLM The most comprehensive guide to network marketing and mlm programs on the internet today. Network marketing and mlm training, tips, and valuable information Genesis Consulting, Network Marketing Software, Party Plan Welcome to Genesis Consulting, MLM Software, Network Marketing Software,MLM, network marketing, multi level marketing, and party plan software is our *******SponsoringOnline****
11 Aug 2008
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*******SponsoringOnline**** Multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing is a business distribution model that allows a parent multi-level marketing company to market. The Real Problem with Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing. So, what is the problem with MLM and network marketing? And network marketing/MLM is a great opportunity for people to have their first business, MLM Network Marketing Resources All MLM, network marketing, multilevel, and direct sales companies that we become aware of are listed on our site. was created to serve the MLM and network marketing - viable online businesses or scams? Learn more about MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) before you dive into a network marketing business. *******SponsoringOnline****
11 Aug 2008
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In this www.artistshousemusic**** interview, Colleen Griffiths, President of Undiscovered Radio Network, shares some hard-won advice on how to launch a viable entrepreneurial effort that has a chance of lasting past its initial round of funding.
14 Aug 2008
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Final version now available! 2.0 in just under 5 minutes. This is the 2nd draft, and I plan on doing one more final draft. Please leave comments on what could be changed or improved, or what needs to be excluded or included. Subscribe if you want to be notified when the revision is released. UPDATE: I just added this video to Mojiti where you can actually write your comments into the video itself. It is an exciting experiment in "Video 2.0". Go check it out at and add your voice! Transcripts are now available as well: couple of people have noted that the statement, "XML was created to do just that" (separate form from content) is misleading because CSS enables the same effect with HTML. I tried to integrate CSS into the video, but it ruined the flow. Perhaps in the next draft. My statement on XML is based on the following from xml****: "In order to appreciate XML, it is important to understand why it was created. XML was created so that richly structured documents could be used over the web. The only viable alternatives, HTML and SGML, are not practical for this purpose. HTML, as we've already discussed, comes bound with a set of semantics and does not provide arbitrary structure." Thank you all for the comments. With your help the next draft will be cleaned up and hopefully free of factual errors. A higher quality version is available for download here: Please note that this is the second draft and the final version will not be available until late February after I review all comments and revise the video. Please return for a new download link at that time. The song is "There's Nothing Impossible" by Deus, available for free at Deus offers music under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license, yet one more example of the interlinking of people sharing and collaborating this video is attempting to illustrate. CC: Wesch Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology Kansas State University
21 Aug 2008
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*******www.bigticketreview****/bttwleadgen/ If you would like to create your very own lead generation webpage then let me know and I will show you the inside and outs to getting true and viable leads. You know how much leads cost if you have looked at different lead marketing companies. I will show you how. Just join my team. Distributed by Tubemogul.
24 Aug 2008
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Monday, August 25, 2008 Businesses Use "Hives" to Build Niche Communities HiveLive, a platform for building business-oriented custom social communities, lets users create custom blogs, wikis, and forums with Web 2.0 building blocks called Hives. While a social network like Facebook is geared toward the mass consumer market, HiveLive is carving out a viable niche for itself the enterprise market. The company's different focus means it isn't in direct competition with Facebook: "We work with organizations who often use both," CEO John Kembel says. A company-specific network allows for employees to have private, internal conversations about future plans like product designs, Kembel says. The user-generated social networks, easily formed and transformed by members, are based on the structure of beehives. Competitors include Ning, OneSite and Boston-based Mzinga. Andy interviewed Mzinga co-CEO Barry Libert in November, 2007. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer *******
26 Aug 2008
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Avortement tardif : possible au Québec? Interview d'un médecin. L'avortement tardif (alors que le bébé est viable) est-il possible au Québec. Oui... Avortement, Ivg, Avortementivg, Anti, Pro-vie, Anti-ivg, Documentaire, Tardifs, Meurtre, Espagne, Canada, Québec
6 Sep 2008
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Avortement tardif : possible au Québec? Interview d'un médecin. L'avortement tardif (alors que le bébé est viable) est-il possible au Québec. Oui...
7 Sep 2008
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*******alternativeenergyhq**** Mendel Biotech is one of the companies trying to come up with the next generation feed stock for bio fuel production of ethanol, to get us off the corn wagon and onto renewables that are viable. Going Green 2008
19 Sep 2008
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Forex trading is one of the most viable options for someone who's looking at bigger possibilities, bigger profit and greater ease in trading and business. Because of it's high liquidity and speedy transactions, forex trading is becoming a popular game among players in the field of business and marketing. Read more at www.forextradinghq****/art_mini_forex_trading__small_capital_lower_risk_and_greater_possibilities.php
19 Sep 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ India and Nepal to revise Kosi Treaty Decision by both the countries to review the Kosi treaty is welcomed especially after the utterly futile mud slinging match that ensued between India and Nepal following the devastating floods in river kosi. The treaty signed in 1956 gives India the entire responsibility for design, construction, maintenance and repair of the kosi barrage leaving Nepal with little or no role to play in the project within its own territory. Yet, India continues to blame Nepal for the annual deluge conveniently forgetting the corrupt politician – engineer – contractor nexus within its borders that siphons million for repair and construction of embankments works that are never done. When Nepal next sits with India to discuss the Treaty, it must ensure that we get fair right to decide upon the matters which affect the people within our borders. It is for both the countries to ensure that any revised water agreement between both successfully prevents the reenactment of current tragedy. Satellite channels becoming popular in Egypt The fasting month of Ramadan is raining profits for broadcasting companies in the Middle East. 30 days of fasting in the month of Ramadan have transformed the long hours of darkness into prime viewing time. The month takes up as much as half the annual production budgets of some networks and generates a similar proportion of advertising revenue. Competition for airtime in the season also grows fiercer. The variety of programs aired is bewildering than ever. It includes fresh drama serials, score of religious Ramadan specials, celebrity chat-fests and reality shows etc. Satellite television has taken off in the region like nowhere else. In wealthy Gulf States, some 95% of households own digital receivers; even in poorer countries, such as Jordan and Morocco, the satellite penetration rate now tops 75%. Not surprisingly, the number of free-to-air channels available on Arab satellites has grown six fold in the past five years. For sure, gone are the days when people waited for the sound of canon shots to break their fasts its time to switch over to satellite television. Unity pact signed between Mugabe and Tsvangarai Mere glance at the fragile national unity pact signed between Mugabe and Tsvangarai through South African mediation, points towards the challenging days laying ahead before Zimbabwe. The division of powers proposed by the pact between two centers will provide enough opportunity for both the parties to be at loggerheads with each other. Success of the deal requires visionary leaders. Presently, Zimbabwe does not have a leadership which is ready to bury its differences and work for the good of the country. The whole pact is a sham construct. It allows Mugabe to retain himself as an absolute monarch after all the misery and despair he inflicted upon the ordinary people. Zimbabwe needs Tsvangarai’s leadership along with a viable economic reconstruction program to bail the country out of its current political and economic hardships. We should work for a Zimbabwe sans Mugabe. Indian Girl commits suicide over Big Bang fear It exemplifies the new height scaled by the Indian TV channels in terms of showcasing their irresponsibility. Such was the extent of media hype surrounding the experiment that people actually rushed to the temples to perform special prayers fearing the end of the world. This has not happened for the first time. Before this, natural phenomenon such as eclipses have been foolishly and thoughtlessly associated with black magic, blood sucking vampires and bad omen. Such programming only generates superstitions and fears in the minds of emotionally weak persons. The media should own up its responsibility for causing this untimely death and refrain from airing programs that generate nothing but fear and useless superstition. *******www.instablogs****/
20 Sep 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Taro Aso to become Japan’s new PM Many are hoping that Mr. Taro Aso will help uplift the country from the political and economic turmoil. Mr. Aso becomes the prime minister at a time when the Japanese are extremely unhappy with high prices and a slowing economy. No wonder his promise of providing supplementary budget worth $107billion US along with ruling out consumption tax increase for three years to inject the necessary economic stimulus has brought a lot of hope to the electorate. He has also called for tax incentives that will encourage corporations to repatriate overseas profits and increase spending on capital equipment and research and development. The measures may sound appeasing but the mishandling of issues as far-ranging as a tainted rice scandal and health insurance for the elderly by the previous administration can make the going difficult for Taro Aso. Whatever else is said or done Mr. Aso can assure victory for LDP in the next general elections only if his measures manage to bail out the economy from current crisis. Ugandan Govt. to punish prostitutes Ugandan Ethics and Integrity minister should come up with a novel idea to curb the flourishing menace of prostitution in Kampala. The fact that the practice still exits in spite of stringent laws to curb them implies that the problem lay somewhere else. There are factors that are helping promote prostitution. Women are either forced or else they make a conscious choice to pursue it. Those who are forced to enter prostitution have either been trafficked or else are economically unsound to sustain themselves. How can the government think of punishing this category? Instead, the ethics minister should step forward and rescue such women besides providing them with a viable economic alternative so that they can enjoy a decent living. Those who make a deliberate choice too cannot be punished because in the end it is the men who help run the business by patronizing it. Next time while driving through streets lined with prostitutes, Ugandan men should make a deliberate choice of ignoring and driving through or else getting distracted and ending up in a brothel. Practicing the former will definitely wipe off the need for such regressive laws. Mexico’s war against drug cartels failing The border city of Juarez is central front in Mexico's war on powerful drug cartels. Nearly five months after the government of President Felipe Calderón sent more than 2,500 federal troops and police to the state of Chihuahua on Texas' southwestern border, the pace and scope of drug violence have reached unprecedented levels. The carnage raises questions about the government's ability to restore order – particularly in cities such as Juárez, an important trade and immigration conduit to Texas. The ferocity and resilience shown by the warring Sinaloa and Juarez cartel to control smuggling routes into the United States has surprised everyone. There is also a renewed concern over corruption within the government. These killings clearly indicate that the Mexican state has absolutely failed in its mission to protect the public. It appears that no amount of soldiers or special police agents is enough to stop the killings in Juárez, either because they are incompetent, badly corrupted or intimidated by the cartels. A new response is needed to the bloody expressions of organized crimes. New Zealand opposes lifting of ban on Whaling The recent decision by authorities in New Zealand to continue opposing the lifting of an international ban on commercial whaling is really commendable. This despite an international survey showing that the numbers of two species: humpbacks and southern right whales, earlier endangered are now rising fast. The threat to humpbacks and southern right whales has been downscaled from "vulnerable" to subjects of "least concern" in the annual update of the so-called "red list" of endangered cetacean species. The two species were now less threatened with extinction. Much of the comeback has been due to the protection granted from commercial whaling. This is a great conservation success and clearly shows what needs to be done to ensure these ocean giants survive. New Zealand has also led opposition to bids by Japan and other countries to lift the 1985 moratorium on commercial whaling introduced by the 80-member International Whaling Commission. Humpbacks and southern right whales both migrate through New Zealand waters to South Pacific breeding grounds and are major attractions for tourists on whale-watching trips. New Zealand has a long history promoting the conservation of whales and we will continue to do so especially, then when most small coastal and freshwater cetaceans are moving closer to extinction *******www.instablogs****/
24 Sep 2008
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"We call the shows that we produce 'social shows,' and they're very different from a TV show or a film," says Miles Beckett, a creator of YouTube hit "Lonelygirl15" and the CEO of Eqal Inc., a production company he co-founded earlier this year with fellow "Lonelygirl15" creator Greg Goodfried. "The way that you actually construct the narrative, the way that the plot points flow over the course of the week, the way the site interplays with the video, the way the community works together and talks to the videos and talks to the characters, is all different," Beckett tells Tech Confidential in our Behind the Money video interview with Beckett and Goodfried, who is president of Eqal. Over the weekend, Beckett and Goodfried debuted their new online video show, a serial drama called "LG15: The Resistance." Including some of the original characters -- but not the leading role of Bree -- the new show is a bit like "Hamlet" meets "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" while working on the "Blair Witch Project" in the land of "The Matrix." The initial episodes are prompting considerable discussion, with 5,000-plus comments posted about them on YouTube already. Since the first episode of "Lonelygirl15" went online in June 2006, the show has garnered more than 100 million visits, making it the most popular online video show to date. Its early popularity was fueled by mystery about its origins, with some fans insisting that it was the home-grown product of a lonely teenager and others believing professionals were behind it. Beckett, a former doctor, and Goodfried, a former lawyer, put the speculation but not the controversy to rest when they identified themselves and their cohorts as the creators of the video segments. Beyond attracting a cult following with "Lonelygirl15" and its U.K. counterpart "KateModern," Beckett and Goodfried have attracted serious investors. In April, Boston's Spark Capital led Eqal's $5 million Series A, with angels Ron Conway and Marc Andreessen participating. "I think they could become as big as any media company out there, because what they're doing is absolutely the future of media," Conway told Tech Confidential in a previous interview. "They're designing original content for the Internet, and they're hugely creative in that regard. They're successfully commercializing that content so it's not just user-generated content for the Web like you see a lot on YouTube. It has a whole commercial strategy around it -- advertising, sponsorships, contests -- where they can build a big, viable company." - Mary Kathleen Flynn See April 17 Q&A with Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried from Tech Confidential See June 16 Q&A with Ron Conway from Tech Confidential
25 Sep 2008
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*******www.GasIsCrazy**** Cars****, Fuel Economy (Gas Alternatives) Spikes in gas prices often turn attention toward alternative fuels. Ethanol alcohol, in the form of E85, is in the news due to political debates, ... EERE: Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center Program ... The Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC, formerly known as the Alternative Fuels Data Center) provides a wide range of information and ... (Gas Alternatives) (Gas Alternatives) are being tested and put into use around the world because ... (Gas Alternatives) are also found in solar power. Solar power is harnessed and ... *******www.GasIsCrazy**** (Save On Gas) Here Pricey Gas Fuels Alternatives Higher oil prices remind drivers that fossil-fuel supplies won't last forever. For investors, now may be the time to begin thinking about other sources. Gas prices too high? iReporters use bikes, trains Gas prices too high? iReporters use bikes, trains. Story Highlights; iReporters share stories of looking for alternatives to driving ... Natural Gas: An Enticing Alternative GM FastLane Another alternative, natural gas, is enticing because it is abundant, affordable and relatively clean. This week in Washington, D.C., the Select Committee ... Money: Gauging the (Gas Alternatives) - US News and World Report *******www.GasIsCrazy**** With gas prices exceeding $3 a gallon in some areas, there's renewed talk about alternatives to gasoline-powered cars. A Student's Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles This page is a Student's Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles Crunching the Numbers on Alternative Fuels - Popular Mechanics RE: Crunching the Numbers on Alternative Fuels There seems to be a well balance solution in the book "Beyond Oil and Gas: the Methanol Economy" ... ABC News: Viable Alternatives to Rising Gas Prices Aug 24, 2005 ... Propane fuel stations are harder to find, but it's a more affordable alternative . "It's about 80 percent of what gas costs," said Daniel ... air gas air heater alternative fuel alternative fuels baseboard heating diesel alternatives diesel fuel diesel gas electric baseboard heaters electric gas electric heater electric heating electric wall heaters electric water heaters energy alternatives energy gas ethanol fuel fire gas fuel fuel alternatives fuel oil fuel savings garage heater gas gas 12 gas 22 (Gas Alternatives) gas boiler gas btu gas burner gas burning gas chemical gas cng gas coal gas combustion gas conversion gas conversions gas cost gas effects gas efficiency gas emissions gas engine gas engines gas exposure gas fireplace gas fireplaces gas flame gas fuel gas fuels gas furnace gas furnaces gas garage gas health gas heat gas heater gas heaters gas hydrogen gas insert gas installation gas kits gas methane gas oil price gas oil prices gas portable gas prices gas pump gas radiant gas safety gas solar gas stove gas stoves gas systems gas tankless water heater gas temperature gas thermostat gas toxic gas unit gas vehicle gas vehicles gas vent gas water heater gas wind gas wood stove gasoline alternatives heat pump heater heating gas home heating systems hot water gas hot water heater hot water heaters hot water heaters electric infrared heater infrared heaters infrared heating liquid gas lpg gas oil alternatives on demand water heater price gas process gas propane gas propane heaters (Save On Gas) space gas space heaters tankless water heater tankless water heaters vehicle alternatives wall gas water gas water heater water heater electric water heaters wood gas
15 Jun 2010
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