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This is actually the first video I made for my Video Art class Normandale. It's basically about what my interests and hobbies are, told in a way that I can identify with. Please leave comments and ratings so I know what you think about the piece. Thanks much!
12 Apr 2007
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This was my 4th project for Video Art class at Normandale. It's a different interpretation of the popular fairy tale, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". Let me know what you think by leaving comments and/or ratings. Thanks so much!
15 Apr 2007
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Video Art Project #5: "Perspective Communication in Three Acts"
7 May 2007
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This video art (video-installation) was created by using a cellphone videos only. The editing was made with Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premiere. I wanted to keep the minimalist & native feel of this video, so I collected basis sound samples and using cut-to-cut editing, without any sound manipulation, to create this soundtrack.
5 Nov 2009
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Love Movement Video's video arts programs teach at risk youth video production and "Life Skills"....thanks to Katherine Scott of 6abc for speaking with one of our classes...I chose this B footage because it was the first time this young man ever used a camcorder
8 Feb 2010
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People understand that the Ocean contains many drops. Less understood is the concept that a single drop also contains the Ocean... Enjoy and think about this video art project by Picchio. It's all about water, wasser, acqua, eau...
12 Jan 2012
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Clip estemporaneto realizzato da Christian Brogi il 29 novembre 2009 a Vico Pisano, sull' Artista Veronica Finucci (Siena).
1 Dec 2009
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This is the second piece I did for my Video Art class Normandale. This one is about putting two different types of media (a classical piece by Johann Strauss and an over the top fight scene from a kung fu movie) that you wouldn't think of combining into one and pairing them together to create an entirely different mode.
15 Apr 2007
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I made this video in Video Art class at Normandale Community College. It's about someone trying to succeed at telling a story about failure, but ultimately fails in doing so. Also add comments and ratings so I can get some feedback. Thanks!
15 Apr 2007
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Nava Aharoni - belly dancer in the middle est, from the bigest festival in israel with the "mozaik project" and video art. beutiful!!!
27 Sep 2007
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Join us as Michael Blaze host of Arts, Culture and Us TV show interview Nic Cha Kim co-owner of Niche.LA Video Art on Art Walk Night. Nic Cha Kim is also a co-founder of the community organization GalleyRow**** that help establish the making of Gallery Row located on the fourth floor of The Spring Arts Collective building on spring and 5th Streets. The Los Angeles Art Walk takes place the second Thursday of each month from 2nd Street to 9th Streets between Main and Spring Streets. Blaze-Out
7 Apr 2009
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Dolphin - Without Us – video-art
17 Apr 2009
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