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This is the video interview for Steve Muccini. You can view his complete resume at www.muccini****. Steve is a senior marketing manager with over 15 years experience in marketing, ecommerce, new media creation, writing, SEO and video production. Additionally, he was an early pioneer and evangelist of both Internet business and online advertising. He would make an exceptional member of your management team. Recruiters, human resource professionals and other hiring managers should contact Steve directly at www.muccini**** or at Stevemuccini****.
8 Jun 2009
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For more movie news, reviews and interview check out Collider**** Before going any further, to all the people nervous if you watch my video interview with Ellen Page it'll somehow ruin Inception…don't worry. I made sure to only ask questions about parts of the movie that were featured in the trailers. That way you can watch the interview and still walk in spoiler free. And trust me…that's what you want to do. The less you know about Inception the better. Anyway, at the recent Los Angeles press day for the film, I was able to speak with Miss Page after the press conference ended. During the extended interview we talked about what it was really like to make the movie, working for Christopher Nolan and alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, the paparazzi, does she read online sites, and we talked about future projects like HBO's Tilda, Freeheld which Catherine Hardwicke is attached to direct, Super, the Michel Gondry project Return of the Ice Kids, and a lot more. If you're a fan of this talented actress, you'll love the interview as it really turned out great. Hit the jump to check it out: Ellen Page How happy is she that she can finally talk about the movie. Talks about her friends and their reactions to it 1:00 - She talks about filming the French café scene that's in the trailer and TV spots 2:10 - The paparazzi that watched them film the movie in Paris. She tells a great story about Leonardo DiCaprio and the paparazzi 3:15 - Does she read the online movie sites (she plugs Democracy Now) 4:10 - Her reaction to seeing the movie and the takes Nolan decided to use 5:00 - Her opinion of Christopher Nolan and Inception 6:00 - How did she get involved in Tilda and was she nervous to do TV 7:30 - The last few years of amazing TV on HBO 8:15 - She talks about who she plays in Tilda 8:45 - What else does she have coming up. She talks about Super 9:45 - Talks about how she has been writing a lot and mentions Stitch N' Bitch which HBO bought. She also talks about Freeheld which Catherine Hardwicke is attached to direct and it's being written by Ron Nyswaner. 10:20 - Mentions a project with Michel Gondry. Says it's about students at MIT and they develop their own inventions and one of them involves water that when you drink it you hear music. She says it was being called Return of the Ice Kids
13 Jul 2010
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My Path Builder, a growing network for entrepreneurs, is proud to present a video interview with Warren Bobrow, a Food Writer and Photo Journalist. www.mypathbuilder****
28 Jul 2010
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My Path Builder, a growing network for entrepreneurs, is proud to present a video interview with Michelle Kawka, a Photographer. Michelle Kawka is an award winning, internationally exhibited New York-based photographer specializing in portraiture, lifestyle, corporate, fashion, travel, public relations and architectural work for a wide variety of advertising and editorial clients.
10 Sep 2010
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My Path Builder is a growing network for entrepreneurs, is proud to present a video interview with Shawn Slevin, Founder and chair Swim Strong Foundation, a not for profit 501c3 organization inspiring children to unleash their possibilities through the life lessons learned in competitive swimming. Produced and Directed "Breaking Barriers", a documentary film showcasing the roots of the Foundation, the St. Sebastian Swim Team in NYC. Produced "Inspiring Messages", featuring Olympians and up and coming swimming stars sharing the importance of the life lessons learned through competitive swimming. Featured on BronxnetTV; NY1.Centanni Radio and honored by the WNBA. www.theswimstrongfoundation****
21 Sep 2010
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Bruce Willis and Karl Urban Exclusive Video Interview RED; Plus Updates on Rian Johnson's LOOPER and Pete Travis' JUDGE DREDDFor more movie news, reviews and interviews...make sure to check out Collider****Opening on October 15 is a really fun movie called Red. Featuring an all-star cast that's more impressive than The Expendables, Red stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker, Karl Urban, Richard Dreyfuss, Julian McMahon, Brian Cox, and Ernest Borgnine. Based on the graphic novel Red (Retired Extremely Dangerous), the movie is about a group of retired black ops agents that get back together to try and figure out why some former agents are getting killed. Anyway, a few days ago I was in NYC for the press junket and I was able to sit down with Bruce Willis and Karl Urban to talk about the film. During the very relaxed interview, Willis and Urban talked to me about making Red, using fake names at Starbucks and on dressing room doors, filming on location, their fight scene, and Willis talked about why he wanted to make Rian Johnson's Looper and Urban talked about Pete Travis' Judge Dredd. Finally, one last thing before watching...while my interview was supposed to end after three minutes, you'll see Willis tell me to keep asking questions even though the person running the interview wanted it to stop. I've never had a big movie star tell me to keep asking questions after my time was over. For my first time getting to ask Bruce Willis some questions on was very cool. Bruce Willis and Karl UrbanThe interview starts off with Bruce Willis and I talking about how we change our names if we go to Starbucks...Karl Urban says that Willis would change his name on his trailer everydayDid they know when they were filming Red would turn out to be such a fun movie. Willis talks about how great of a job director Robert Schwentke didDid they have a lot of friends that wanted to visit the set due to the cast They talk about the challenging locations they filmed at Willis and Urban have a great fight scene in Red. I ask them if there is anything about filming that scene that they haven't talked about yetWillis talks about Looper and Urban talks about Judge Dredd Willis then brings the interview back to their fight scene
8 Oct 2010
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My Path Builder is a growing network for entrepreneurs, is proud to present a video interview with Ingrid Saxon. In over 15 years of teaching in NYC Ingrid has helped hundreds of people using the same proprietary method Controlled Relaxation developed by her father, David Sorin-Collyer, which has been used by literally thousands of speakers, singers, actors, dancers, including many celebrities including Michael Bolton, Paul Simon, Liza Minelli, Bette Midler, just to name a few.
17 Oct 2010
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My Path Builder is a growing network for entrepreneurs, is proud to present a video interview with Cheni Yerushalmi of Sunshine entrepreneur with smart insight and experience; whom is helping build our business potentiality in NYC by supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs in an intelligent way
22 Oct 2010
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My Path Builder, a growing network for entrepreneurs, is proud to present a video interview with Barry Miller. Dr. Miller had fourteen years of experience in the corporate world including seven years with Becton Dickinson a leading health care products manufacturing organization. I hold a Ph.D. in Human Development from New York University and has written many professional articles and has been quoted on job search and management which have appeared in the National Business Employment Weekly, Fortune, Associated Press, Management Review, Time, US News and World Report, NY Times, Cosmopolitan, More, Working Mother, Working Woman, Smart Money, Esquire and Maxim. I have been seen on National television, on the Later Today Show, NBC and Fox News.
30 Oct 2010
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My Path Builder is a growing network for entrepreneurs and we proudly present a video interview with Jorge Cano-Moreno Co-founder/President of Urban Latino. As founder and Publisher of the first publication targeting English-dominant 2nd and 3rd generation Latinos, I was responsible for building the magazine into a national brand grossing over one million dollars a year in revenue. ULM proudly exists as one of the fe independent voices of the Latino culture in the US. The publication has been profiled in The New York Times and was on Hispanic Business magazine's list of fastest growing businesses (2000).*******www.urbanlatino****
1 Dec 2010
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My Path Builder is a growing network for entrepreneurs and we proudly present a video interview with Robert Peninno and Spencer Casey of Terrier Tri. Robert began his triathlon career over 12 years ago building on an already impressive athletic base. He completed his first Full IM in 2001 which followed with 6 more. He has been an USAT age group All American, competed at Clearwater 70.3 World Championships and has may age group wins and podium finishes. As a USA Triathlon Certified Coach, he has continued to compete while successfully encouraging other eager athletes to follow in his footsteps. His philosophy is that he wants his athletes to get in shape while having fun. Spencer Casey serves as our head coach of running at Terrier Tri. He has been with Terrier Tri from the beginning, and has a way of leading that exemplifies the very best that our company has to offer: he is caring, thoughtful and highly knowledgeable. With over 20 plus years of running experience at the collegiate and elite level, and 10 years of coaching experience, Spencer brings a depth of knowledge that is rare. His unique running and coaching experience allows him to relate to all kinds of athletes, whether they are just starting out or seasoned veterans. *******www.terriertri****
8 Dec 2010
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My Path Builder is a growing network for entrepreneurs and we proudly present a video interview with Soi Montoya, Artist/Co-host who loves to express herself threw music and TV/film. She love to interview other fabulous people, so that we could cross market and help each other attain increased exposure. Fabulous! I have now started our own show called,"Soi Fabulous TV". It's a show about everything. A mini blog/reality show, and interviewing fabulous people from all walks of life.
7 Apr 2011
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