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USPTO is violating science by allowing the hydrology of wick/wicking beyond the required functioning of oils lamps regarding the compliance to Hydrodynamics and Thermodynamics. A deep science of fluid moving on porosity is already common knowledge in Soil Physics/Hydrogeology more than a century. www.tubarc.blogspot****
16 Jan 2007
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Israelis Petition Chinese Human Rights Violations ******* id=34 HOLIDAY WONDERS,Best Gift for All! *******holidaywonders****/ *******bestchineseshows****/
8 Dec 2007
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There is a lot of Real Estate that is in code violation. We can help you get your real estate back into compliance. Stop occurring fines now, call today! Se habla espanol! www.nhpoftampa**** See how-to-do a $200,000 house rehab and flip! BRENDA AYALA show's you how to Rehab a house the right way. Flipping house's is not easy and you should always consult with a Licensed General Contractor. In this rehab and flipping series, BRENDA AYALA - FIGUERUELO, General Contractor, Real Estate Mentor and Investor will walk you through the phases of acquiring, rehabbing and flipping a house. She is followed by Kris Krimitsos and his video production team. Stay tuned to see the rehab happen and ultimately the flipping of this beautiful house to an investor. BUY SELL REAL ESTATE RENT APARTMENTS HOMES LAND CONDOS COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL ... FLIPPING HOUSES, TAMPA REAL ESTATE, REAL ESTATE MENTOR, AUTHOR, INVESTOR, INVESTMENTS, FINANCING, MORTGAGE, REHABBING HOUSE'S, REHABBER, GENERAL CONTRACTOR, FEMALE, LATIN, LATIN GC, FEMALE GC, REAL ESTATE MARKETING
6 May 2008
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Watch the video for Violator, by White Williams
14 Jul 2008
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******* MLM Business Violated Terms
17 Feb 2009
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Scrapple TV catches up with Kurt Vile about his signing to Matador Records and the local Philly scene. Also, check out the live videos from his show with The Violators that night at Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA! Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Sep 2009
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Apologist - Violator // Proton Music [PROTON0110] Genre: Tech-House,Prog-House,Deep House, Release Date: Feb 01 2010 Label: Proton Music 1 Apologist - Violator (Original Mix) 2 Apologist - Violator (Latenta Project Remix) 3 Apologist - Violator (Kosmas Epsilon 'Punishment' Mix) 4 Apologist - Violator (Michael L Penman Remix) Release Info: Italian duo Apologist unveil "Violator", their sophomore single on Proton Music. Salvatore Arancino and Matteo Bruscagin's devotion to synth work that is as technically impressive as is it is emotional shines as the track slowly builds to a unique climax. To help tell the story, Proton Music veterans and an exciting newcomer deliver quite a varied package of remixes from the epic deep tones of Latenta Project to the techie serenade of Kosmas Epsilon to the quirky techno of Michael L Penman. Dig in further: Latenta Project manage the Wavesurfing radio show and music label while Kosmas Epsilon hosts the Personal show while running the Epsilontrax label. Music Promo Service by VIP Ultima *******www.VipUltima**** VIP Ultima is a Promotion Service for Music Professionals. It is used by Record Labels, Promotion Companies, and other Professionals in the Industry to manage their promo campaigns and get feedback comments from Top International DJs and Reviewers
22 Jan 2010
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First, Trace Trajano gives an overview on what code violations are. Then, he provides a detailed and step-by-step guide on how to profit from homes that have been fined by the city government. Be amazed at how easy it is to make money in this promising market! Visit *******reiwired****/html/smcampaign/yt/ for more videos.
19 Apr 2010
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Balochistan, November 08: The Pakistani province of Balochistan seems to be perpetually in a state of crisis. Incidents of target killings and bomb blasts are on the rise. Young people often go missing and leaders are targeted and killed in the region. The people of Balochistan say that the Pakistan government and its law enforcement agencies are to blame for violations of human rights in this province. In 2010, violence has surged in Balochistan. Human rights activists are concerned about an increase in target killings. Human Rights group Amnesty International called on Pakistan to investigate the torture and killing of more than 40 political leaders and activists in the region from June to September in 2010 against a backdrop of increasing political unrest and Pakistani military activities in the southwestern province which borders Iran and Afghanistan.
8 Nov 2010
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REP. ZOE LOFGREN (D-CA): “Count 11: Conduct and violation of the code of ethics for government service clause two. We found a conviction by clear and convincing evidence.” A House ethics subcommittee has found longtime Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel guilty on 11 counts of violating House ethics rules. The eight member bi-partisan subcommittee ruled the New York Democrat broke House rules when he -- among other charges -- failed to pay taxes on his home in the Dominican Republic, misused rent-controlled apartments in his Manhattan district for personal and political purposes. This as he served as ranking Democrat and chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. MSNBC reports what will happen next to the Harlem Democrat. “What will happen now Contessa is that the ethics committee will go to a sanctions hearing. We don't know exactly when that will be. They will decide amongst themselves by a vote what exactly they believe Mr. Rangel punishment should be. It could be a reprimand, it could be censure, it could be expulsion.” Most analysts agree expulsion is highly unlikely. Fox News says after the verdict Rangel immediately came out against the ruling and condemned the findings. “How can anyone have confidence in the decision of the ethics subcommittee when I was deprived of due process rights, right to counsel and was not even in the room... I can only hope that the full committee will treat me more fairly...” But an Economist blog says -- Sorry Charlie, you had your chance to apologize -- and now this has become a -quote- “tiresome spectacle.” “A simple admission of guilt would have likely cost him less in terms of both cash and character. The congressman has spent his life doing many commendable things—fighting with valour in Korea... tightening sanctions against apartheid South Africa, and so on. Unfortunately... he also seems to have accumulated an overabundance of pride.” CNN’s Jessica Yellin reports the possible punishments could mean more humiliation for Democrats fresh from a bruising midterm election. She says Nancy Pelosi could be stuck in the swamp a little while longer. “Its an embarrassment for the Democrats to be sure. Nancy Pelosi when she became speaker promised to reform the ethics process and drain the swamp. Those were her words. So, and remember Congressman Rangel charges came out while voters were just beginning to focus on the election in the fall and also around the same time the ethics committee revealed plans to hold another trial for another Democrat. So politically this is damaging for Democrats.” As for punishment, McClatchy reports Rangel is likely to face reprimand -- which is the mildest form of punishment.
18 Nov 2010
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Muzafarabad, December 14: Locals in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is rising against the growing repression. Lack of democratic institutions and rule of law is leading to increased rights violations, nationalist leaders say.
14 Dec 2010
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If you have received a Grading Violation from the County of Santa Clara, take care of it immediately. The County is cracking down on grading violations. There are severe penalties and fines. And even in some cases jail time.Seriously, if you have a grading violation call us today and we will fix it for you. Carnes & Associates is a Land Surveying company, that has been in serving the Santa Clara County for over 30+ years. We are the leaders of experience and cutting edge technology in the field of Land Surveying. We perform Topographic Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Elevation Certificates, Site Plans, Land Use Planning, ALTA Maps, Marking Property Corners, Legal Description for Easements, Lot Line Adjustments, GPS Surveys, Fix Grading Violations, and any other surveying related tasks. Give us a call at (408)847-2013. Visit us on the web at *******www.carnesandassociates****
18 Jan 2011
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Bill O'Reilly wants to ask Megyn Kelly whether it's possible that this fairly insignificant Agriculture Department employee violated the Hatch Act.
27 Jan 2011
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This video was sent to us by our associates over at BoatingLocal****, a website which celebrates New England boating lifestyle with news, videos, articles and much more. In this video, Tom Richardson visits North Atlantic Marine Services to go over fuel system violations that might go unnoticed to the untrained eye. There is a full blog on their website, BoatingLocal**** and all of the products you will need to perform the job can be purchased at JamestownDistributors****
7 Apr 2011
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Sacramento Building Code Violation Assistance. We help you with your unpermitted additions or structures with getting a permit Call Sacramento Design Group (916) 384-0075 or www.SacramentoDesignGroup**** DO YOU HAVE AN UNPERMITTED ADDITION OR STRUCTURE WITH A BUILDING CODE VIOLATION AND NEED TO GET A BUILDING PERMIT? WE WILL HELP YOU DEAL WITH THE BUILDING DEPARTMENT SO THAT THE UNPERMITTED ADDITION OR STRUCTURE HAS A PERMIT.WE WILL DRAW THE PLANS AS REQUIRED BY THE BUILDING CODE ENFORCEMENT & GET YOU THE PERMIT. WHETHER YOU'VE RECEIVED A LETTER IN THE MAIL FROM BUILDING CODE ENFORCEMENT OR HAD A BUILDING OFFICIAL STOP BY & TALK WITH YOU, WE CAN HELP YOU THROUGH THE ENTIRE PERMIT PROCESS! DON'T BE INTIMIDATED OR AFRAID IF THIS HAS RECENTLY HAPPENED TO YOU! WITH OUR BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE, WE CAN HELP YOU THROUGH THIS TOUGH TIME. We have developed a system in which we will come out to your home or Business, take photographs of the work that's been done, take the measurements of the existing home or building along with any measurements necessary for an addition that may have been done. We will then put together the necessary construction documents which may include: Structural engineering & Title 24 energy reports then submit them to the appropriate Building Department.We will even call the Code enforcement officer to let them know that we are working with you on your project so they will know that you are taking care of the Code Violation. ONCE WEVE PUT TOGETHER A SET OF PLANS, WE WILL TAKE THEM IN & SUBMIT THEM FOR PERMIT. THAT'S RIGHT,,,,WE EVEN TURN THE DOCUMENTS IN & WALK THEM THROUGH THE ENTIRE PROCESS! Some of the most common projects that we see today with building code violations are: Home additions, Home remodeling, Patios, Trellises & Decks. So if you've recently received a letter in the mail that says "you've got 30 days to comply" give Sacramento Design Group a call (916) 384-0075. We can get out to your place usually within a day or so & be able to comply with the orders that have been given to you by the Building Code Enforcement Officials. Do you need assistance with getting a Conditional Use or Building Permit in Sacramento, West Sacramento, Orangevale, North Highlands, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Folsom or Roseville? We will help you through the Permit process! Our company will assist you from drafting construction plans all the way through getting a permit in the greater Sacramento area. We have the professional permit assistance staff to assist you with obtaining the permit you need due to a Building code violation you've been issued in Sacramento! Call us (916) 384-0075 to discuss with our friendly staff, what's going on & we will share with you how we can help. All of our construction plans are guaranteed through permit issuance when drawn in accoradnce with current, applicable codes. We assist with all your permit needs; Building Design, Drafting & Construction Plans needs as well as assist in obtaining your Building permit in the Greater Sacramento area. The Sacramento Design Group is a Sacramento based Professional Drafting Company who offers complete Building Design & Drafting services for Residential & Commercial Construction projects, both New Construction & Remodeling. We serve the entire Sacramento region, including; Roseville, Elk Grove, Lincoln, Loomis, Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova, Wilton,Galt, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, San Francisco, Tiburon, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, Oakland, Vacaville, Davis, Woodland, Stockton & Placerville. If you have a Building Code Violation or Stop work order in the Sacramento area, we Design & Draft full sets of Construction Plans for the following code violation projects : Residential & Commercial Tenant Improvement projects • Custom Homes -Spec Homes • Whole house Remodels • Remodeling & Additions • 2nd story Additions • Tenant Improvements • New Garage Construction • Garage conversions • Restaurant Improvements & Remodeling • Hair Salon Remodels & Improvements • Night Club Remodeling or Improvements • Coffee Shop Remodels & Improvements • Churches & Religious organizations • Retail Tenant Improvements • Franchise Tenant Improvements • Casitas. Single or Two story • In law quarters. Complete with Kitchen • Patio Covers. Wood, Aluminum, Steel • Decks & Balconies. Wooden, Composite materials • Trellises Sacramento County Building Code Enforcement Sacramento City Building Code Enforcement Elk Grove Building Code Enforcement Sacramento Design Group can assist you if you've been issued a Building Code Violation or a stop work order. You will most likely need a complete set of construction plans or Blueprints which we can help you with. We even offer taking the plans down to the Building Department & discussing your violation with them & submitting the plans to get a Building Permit. Professional Tenant Improvements construction plans, CAD draftsman, Roseville draftsman, custom home plans, title 24, structural engineering, blueprints, blue prints, code violation, violations, permit help, permit assistance Call Sacramento Design Group (916) 384-0075 or www.SacramentoDesignGroup****
9 Oct 2011
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