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"Angels To The Bow Lend A Hand" (Gareau & Williams) ANGELS TO THE BOW LEND A HAND My daddy built instruments People would come from far To string his hand made violins And to marvel at his guitars He taught me to love them How to fix those ole cracks To add coats of shellac They were classic in the land Chorus: I loved to string the guitar I thought it sure had a ring But Daddy said son play the violin You sure can make it sing But I was a teenager Who did not understand The guitar is a girl's/boy’s wonder But angels to the bow lend a hand I'd go to the corner bar And they'd ask me to play I'd reach for my ole guitar And would sing right away As soon as I stopped singing I'd have to play my violin They'd say if you keep playing Our souls you're sure to win (©(©SOCAN (BMI)))
4 Jan 2007
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Kuwaiti guy shows off his skills on playing the violin
7 Feb 2007
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adaggio the streets finest violin player performing at an underground event in London England
6 Feb 2007
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Luluk Purwanto, violin; Marcello Pellitteri, drums; Essiet Okon Essiet, bass; Rene van Helsdingen, piano; Martijn van Beenen, Camera. Excerpt from the DVD: Ímpressions of a tour. Recorded live in Indonesia during the Stage Bus Tour: 2003 Mahabharata Jazz and Wayang. Sponsored by Djarum Super. Film edit: Reza Kartadiwiria Released by Munich records. www.luluk****
14 Mar 2007
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This girl plays a song by the group Black Eyed Peas on her violin. Her playing is good but I don't know about that dancing. LOL!
9 Jun 2007
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Some guy who play violin very very good.Just watch.
7 Aug 2007
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20 Jul 2007
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Wedding with guitar and violin paul Skye and violinist from th Florida Orchestra (727)579-9019 This is in Tampa at the Davis Island Garden Club
14 Oct 2007
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www.tymur**** Tymur Melnyk (me) plays J.S.Bach's "Chaccona" d-minor for Violin Solo. Asahikawa Crystal Hall, 2006. More info: www.tymur**** Enjoy!
28 Oct 2007
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Well a cool Violin Player :D Fisrt Song: YES [Owner of a lonely Heart] Secound Sond: Michael jackson [Smooth Criminal]
30 Dec 2007
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Francesco Maria Veracini Allegro violin and piano
2 Jan 2008
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Everdream - Without You - Violin
15 Feb 2008
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