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Vision Of Escaflowne Opening Deutsch. Lyrics: Sharing this moment with you All around me All around me (3x) People Sharing this moment with you (2x) Sharing this moment with you If I could Make you dance And give you joy People For the time of a song I would be the happiest man (2x) People All around me All around me Sharing this moment with you (3x) People!
13 Jan 2008
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. DARPA Grand Challenge champion team Stanford demonstrates Stanley's vision system.
15 Jan 2008
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vision of escaflon
21 Jan 2008
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over night wargame in Sai Kung using 3rd generation night vision. i appologise for the short duration of the clip but the camera man was under fire too...
17 Jan 2008
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Learn how to make a night vision torch, put it in front of a camera and you have night vision googles.
3 Apr 2008
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Drop in on Vision Street Wear and see whats up for the new year.
7 Feb 2008
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This is a fair and balanced Night Vision test of a PVS-14 Gen3 (current US military issue) Night Vision compared with SuperVision Night Vision. Both units were mounted on identical Sony HDR FX1 high definition video cameras mounted behind each other. The resulting images are as close to what you would be seen while actualy using the devices as it is possible to recreate. Police officers from the oceanside (Calif.) PD witnessed the test. A PVS-14 costs a lot more than the SuperVision's price of just £990 British pounds, but judge for yourself which you would rather own when you watch this demonstration. Seeing is Believing! SuperVision is available to order at www.nightvision-shop**** on the hand held night Vision page
17 Mar 2008
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In the U.S., more than 50 percent of people with glaucoma are unaware they have it and remain untreated until a large amount of irreversible vision loss has occurred. In order to help raise awareness about glaucoma and how to prevent it, award winning producer and director Joseph Lovett is working on a new documentary chronicling his own experience with the disease to educate the public about how to preserve their vision in time for the first-ever World Glaucoma Day. In the US, health costs from glaucoma-related blindness have been estimated to be in excess of $1.5billion a year, and the magnitude of the problem is rapidly increasing as the population ages. On March 6, glaucoma experts are encouraging patients at risk to utilize resources from the All Eyes on GlaucomaTM campaign, which aims to help people recognize and understand the devastating consequences of glaucoma – the world’s second leading cause of blindness. The campaign also seeks to increase public awareness of risk factors for glaucoma and reinforce the importance of having regular, eye examinations. Viewers are encouraged to visit the interactive consumer website, www.AllEyesonGlaucoma****, which offers tools such as an “Am I at Risk” quiz and a “Conversation Starter” on important questions to ask at the eye doctor.
9 Feb 2009
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26 Mar 2008
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Migraine Doctor Bernstein explains how migraines affect a woman's vision. For more information, treatment, symptoms & solutions on headaches visit *******www.EmpowHer****. Share your headache & vision story now & send this video to a friend in need.
17 Jul 2009
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millenium vision/moskva/
29 Mar 2008
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A chopper equipped with Forward Looking Infrared cameras busts some pilot who is trying to take a piss in peace. No one can hide from night vision.
14 Apr 2008
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