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Visual Impact – MAGUS is the leader in broadcast equipment rentals in Southern Africa, providing camera, sound equipment and support systems, with in-house back up and engineering facilities. We have a special focus on High Definition equipment and HD expertise. Our personnel have developed and participated in large and specialised projects ranging form reality TV shows, multicam studio application to variety of HD feature films. Some of these projects are: The Bachelor (German), The Apprentice, The Block, Idols West Africa & SA, Fear Factor international and SA series, Meerkat Manor Movie, White Lion HD Movie, Sinking of the Lusitania, Faith like potatoes, Bunny Chow & Conversations on a Sunday afternoon
17 Jan 2008
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This is the ending of a 3d Visualization project we recently completed.
28 Jun 2009
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This is the entire 3d Visualization project from start to finish.
29 Jan 2008
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Omniture recently acquired Visual Sciences. No more WebSideStory. How will this affect your business and what can you do about it?
30 Jan 2008
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*******www.acomputerportal**** How to remove projects from Visual Studio
16 Dec 2008
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Carlos Aldana's visual effects reel. All shots (except one of Narnia) worked by him.
13 Feb 2008
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DJ Ty from www.agiprodj**** shows us the Visualizer feature on the new Pioneer SVM-1000 sound/video mixer. The visualizer is great to use when you need to play a track that has no video. It's kinda like the visualizer that comes with Apple's iTunes.
3 Mar 2008
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Interview with Mark Quirk, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Product Manager at the Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Sql Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 Launch Live.
11 Dec 2009
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This is an introductory video showing how to use visual studio 2008 to create websites
8 Sep 2008
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*******sherriesglobalcashportal**** No matter your home based business, you should visualize your success every day--good for cash gifting, Avon, herbalife, Melaleuca, x2o, etc.
15 Apr 2008
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January 16th, 2008 (Tokyo, Japan) – Lightrhythm Visuals and Insector Labo, announced that they will be releasing the ausiovisual compilation DVD Ryuke – Tokyo Remix Sessions. Produced by two of Japans top CG and Motion Graphic designers the visual richness and dense textural works reconfirm Tokyo as a leader in visual content will be available globally from May the 1st 2008. The two Japanese creators VJ REEL and K-Mixx formed a partnership in 2004 where they first concepted the album. Performing together extensively in Tokyos vibrant electronic music scene and working closely with audio artists from the Insector Labo they matured a collection of modern works which fluctuate between 3d concepts of virtual reality, Film influenced by the surroundings or the Asian metropolis and expressive and playful graphic studies of data, The audiovisual works were discovered by VJ group Lightrhythm Visuals who expanded the project into a six way collaboration project commissioning further remixes and authoring the record. The disc reveals an array of creative video techniques from the dynamic beat driven pulsating in-sect to the industrial structural qualities of beautiful destruction. A key element of Ryuke is its collaborative concept: with each track being visually remixed by top visual producers from around the world. Featuring adapttions by from scenes top influencers VJ Anyone, and Funkshun.01, alongside the graphic inventions of Kevlar, and finished off by two memorable interpretations by the labels founder Ben Sheppee its truly a cultural melting pot with artists from four continents taking their place on the disc and involving in the original Japanese works.
16 Apr 2008
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More at *******xoax**** [*******xoax****] This video tutorial shows how to make your first program in C++, using Microsoft's Visual C++. The code is a simple "Hello World" program that is ideal for beginners or newbies to C++.
25 Apr 2008
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Práctica Visual
23 May 2008
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Dicionário Visual de Inglês Online - *******xokmax****/dicionario Assista este vídeo e descubra um dicionário visual de inglês online para aprender e praticar a língua. É um recurso fantástico para qualquer aluno de inglês. O dicionário contém figuras para ilustrar os signficados das palavras. Se tiver quaisquer dúvidas, entre em contato pelo *******xokmax****/contato
30 May 2008
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Visuawords - Dicionário de Inglês Visual *******xokmax****/dicionario Descurbra uma ferramenta poderosa que te ensinará a relação entre palavras de forma visual. Saiba imediatamente se a palavra é subsantivo, verbo, adjetivo, ou adverbio. Digitando apenas uma palavra no dicioário inglês online você verá a relação desta em relação outras palavras parecidas. Envie as suas perguntas pelo *******xokmax****/contato
30 May 2008
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*******free.livingfreeandwealthy**** Visualization and using the Law of Attraction was the key to creating success online for myself
3 Jun 2008
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