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Vitiligo causes are not fully know to anyone. But there are some theories about among them most reliable one says that major factor behind vitiligo is autoimmunity. Inheritance is second thing regarding vitiligo causes but it is rarely happen. <a href=""*******www.vitiligoguide****/vitiligo-causes/48/">*******www.vitiligoguide****/</a>
26 Apr 2009
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Vitiligo is an common skin condition and many treatments procedures are applied to it. Psoralens therapies is an relaible name in vitiligo treatment. See about the Magic of Psoralens for vitiligo treatment. by *******www.vitiligoguide****/
3 Apr 2009
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Vitiligo is common pigmentation disorder which causes white patch on skin. Statistics about vitiligo says that about 2% of total population is suffering from this skin condition. Cause are not fully known to anyone therefor treatment of vitiligo is a tricky matter. by *******www.vitiligoguide****/
6 May 2009
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Anti Vitiligo Oil is a pure herbal formula for vitiligo treatment. Now Vitiligo skin disorder recovery is not impossible by the regular use of Anti vitiligo oil. Many vitiligo patients all over the...Anti Vitiligo Oil is a pure herbal formula for vitiligo treatment. Now Vitiligo skin disorder recovery is not impossible by the regular use of Anti vitiligo oil. Many vitiligo patients all over the world have been using this herbal oil and are satisfied for vitiligo cure from its successful results. Vitiligo patients can also view different conditions of vitiligo skin disorder in vitiligo pictures at *******www.antivitiligooil****/vitili...Category: EducationTags: vitiligo vitiligo cure vitiligo treatment vitiligo skin disorder vitiligo pictures vitiligo USA vitiligo treatment USA vitiligo cure America vitiligo America*******www.antivitiligooil****
14 Aug 2009
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vitiligo is a critical skin disorder disease. It is cured with antivitiligooil which is a herbal formula for vitiligo skin disorder treatment is being used in America(USA)and worldwide. *******www.antivitiligooil****
30 Jul 2009
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Anti-Leucoderma™ is a herbal oil for the treatment of vitiligo white patches or dysfunctionalties of melanocytes cells that cause depigmentation resulting in loss of skin colors with irregular white, milky white and pink patches.Leucoderma skin disorder ( irregular white patches ) can occur any where on the whole body but following are the common body parts.
22 Dec 2009
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Treatment for vitiligo is always not successful.” Michael Jackson “(The Biggest pop star of music culture of African America) was also diagnosed with vitiligo in 1986 by his dermatologist, and he tried his best to control Depigmentation but he has still white patches to this day on his face. However the following method are used as treatment of this diseases
4 Sep 2009
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"Remove Stretch Marks from your skin with Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatments. New Jersey Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. David Goldberg, performs Laser Stretch Mark Treatments and Vitiligo Treatments in New York City and New Jersey. For More Information Visit: *******www.skinandlasers****/Vitiglio_removal.htm"
10 Sep 2009
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This video shows causes of vitiligo.
27 Dec 2009
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This video shows results of Anti vitiligo.
2 Jan 2010
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Our over thousands patients(specially in United States Of America, South Africa and worldwide) have taken advantage of this new herbal technique to gain excellent results, With a success rate of 85%. Anti Vitiligo Oil™ results can be noticed within six weeks of its use.
8 Jan 2010
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43- HPV, 44- Vitiligo: And on HPV? Yes, this virus is often found in the cervix. I have no experience because I am not a gynaecologist, but I think it is worth trying, because as the auto-hemotherapy acts against viruses in general - and HPV is a virus -, I think it should also be used. It is the gynaecologists who would have to try it out and then introduce it as a common practice. If it works well - as I believe it should work, since it works on other viruses this case should not be any different. And on vitiligo? Patients who are carriers of vitiligo get worse when they are tense. The neurovegetative system is balanced by auto-hemotherapy, and this prevents relapses, which are bad phases, where there is a large increase in the vitiligo patches. But it won't cure vitiligo, it won't have any curative effect.
7 Jan 2010
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*******vitiligo-home-remedies.plus101****/ ---Vitiligo On Lips Treatment. Using This Powerful Secret Information, Thousands of Vitiligo Sufferers Have Been Successful in Stopping The Spread of Their Vitiligo Immediately and Curing Their Vitiligo Within 2 Months, Naturally and Permanently! ***********/watch?v=kAaw3OxOP4w cure for vitiligo treatment for vitiligo on lips lip vitiligo treatment treatments for vitiligo new treatments for vitiligo vitiligo lips treatment natural vitiligo treatment vitiligo on lips treatment natural remedy for vitiligo home treatment for vitiligo cure vitiligo naturally
30 Sep 2012
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