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Music is my life. I also love art. Dancie Dance Revolution is the best game ever invented! Mexican food is the best. I love meeting new people. I'm loud, outgoing, and very random! I am a senior right now. I plan on going to a community college for two years and then going to an art school. I'm a cartoonist. All my friends love my cartoons. If I didn't have my friends at all, I'd die! I hang out with them whenever I can! I do have a job. Get Culverized! :D I did go through I depressing time but that's all over and in the past. I love DeathNote.
Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael jackson - all loved by millions but couldn't find the beautiful strength inside themselves. Written by Beth Lawrence and Norman Thalheimer; sung by Beth Lawrence with sweetening by Nyle Steiner, Inventor of the EVI, this song will make you think about Life - priorities - the desire to find yourself.
28 Feb 2012
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