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Find Bruce Masters online: Twitter: TheBruceMasters tumblr: brucemasters Vladimir Putin Predestination Synopsis What happened to the little boy who wanted to perform magic tricks in order to impress the love of his life? He grew up … and became the president of Russia! In a fictional re-imagining of Vladimir Putin’s life story, the president is taken on a dramatic journey of love, patriotism, and valour. A young Vladimir rises from the adversity of his youth to tackle dark underworld criminals, in so doing becoming the Russian bear predestined to lead the people of that great nation. Just before the mafia strongman can deliver a death blow, destiny steps in to save Putin, knowing he has work to do to save the world from disaster. Years later, the seemingly invincible leader ponders his past as he prepares to thwart yet another attempt on his life. He takes out the black folder that holds the key to world peace, the proposal he wants to put forward to the president of America … but will he listen? Will Putin’s master plan be implemented in time? Alone in his office, he channels his energy, bending yet another teaspoon with his mind, as he hears the assassin approach… In Vladimir Putin Predestination Bruce Masters relates the leader’s fictional backstory relating to his rise to political power and the making of his indomitable spirit necessary for his role in the Make It Great Again! series. With all that is going on in international politics, Vladimir Putin could be just what the world needs now.
6 Apr 2019
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