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When i look your pic, i feel to vomit! [Quotes and Poems] On my channel, you will like of my quotes and poetry! Everything I write and talked, is from my own authorship! In addition to the quotes, I have humor stuff like the funny news! Also messages with the talking kittens where I make the voices without editing! And I still draw the covers of my videos, also the designs! Original content, you find on Metacafe! Because is all written and spoken by me! ^_^ Support the channel on Patreon! Search on Google "Frases e Poemas - Quotes and Poems" And you will find the Patreon, channel products and social networks! And all of my videos are in HD 1080p, they have a great image resolution and sound, even being short! With movie quality to you watch on Metacafe! I write many quotes, poetries, messages, also the funny news, funny farts and many more humor and comedy stuff! And I still do the voices of the talking kittens without editing! As I said before, everything I wrote and said on my channel is from my own authorship! Be in Portuguese or English! If you like literature, texts, citations and love reading, you will like my quotes, they are original and exclusive, because they were all written by me! Have all kinds you can imagine, not to mention the poetry ones, they look like music lyrics, they are special and full of emotion! Use the #FePQaP and show that you are part of the channel Frases e Poemas - Quotes and Poems And with this hashtag, you can also find my videos and even the channel products in the search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others, do a search! :) Thanks for watching! :) Frases e Poemas - Quotes and Poems Escrito por - Written By: Pericles A. (Myself) Copyright © All rights reserved.
12 Aug 2019
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14 Aug 2019
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instructions for making piles of fake vomit. Fun for all ages!
16 Jan 2007
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Watch the folks get sicker, watch their barf fly farther, see their puke get greener. Gilbert Grape's got nothing on this vomit inducing, cookie hurling, chunk spewing spectacle. - Flashlight Brown www.flashlightbrown****
10 Feb 2007
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Plant vomit because of the an ugly girl.So,annoying.
11 May 2007
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Crazy ability to store HUGE amounts of water internally, and then vomit it out. How the heck does he do that??!!!
22 Dec 2007
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An Indian Guy initiates his vomit himself in the public. This happens only in India.... Funny Indian Guy....
30 Dec 2007
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Recorded live from a studio session at Elvaerket, Elsinore Denmark. April 2008. Video by: Henrik Jensen and Alexander Fog. Music by Vomit Supreme.
16 Nov 2008
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Police say members of an Arizona State University fraternity vomited milk from a campus bridge onto cars below, causing a crash that injured two people.
3 Oct 2008
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17 Oct 2008
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vomited into a face full of
28 Feb 2009
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a kitten vomits as it watch its friends fight...very cute..
22 May 2009
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Milk Vomit
22 Sep 2010
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******* - nausea for pregnancy – nausea vomiting pregnancy – pregnancy sickness Around half to two thirds of all pregnant women will experience morning sickness to some extent, particularly in the first trimester. It is associated with varying degrees of nausea and vomiting. For most women, morning sickness begins around the fourth week of pregnancy and resolves by the 12th week. However, one in five women endure morning sickness into their second semester, and an unfortunate few experience nausea and vomiting for the entire duration of their pregnancy. If you need information, you can visit : ******* - nausea for pregnancy – nausea vomiting pregnancy – pregnancy sickness
20 Mar 2011
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******* - vomiting pregnant – remedies for pregnancy sickness – pregnant no morning sickness Pregnant women are also concerned that constant vomiting may threaten their unborn baby. Vomiting and stretching may strain the abdominal muscles and cause localized aching and soreness, but the physical mechanics of vomiting won’t harm the baby. The fetus is perfectly cushioned inside its sac of amniotic fluid. In fact, numerous studies have discovered that moderate morning sickness is associated with a reduced risk of miscarriage. However, prolonged vomiting eventually leads to dehydration and weight loss, a situation which could possibly deprive the child of proper nutrition and increase the risk of the baby being underweight at birth. If you need information, you can visit : ******* - vomiting pregnant – remedies for pregnancy sickness – pregnant no morning sickness
20 Mar 2011
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