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The beginning was back in '83 and we start as duo"Artoo"®© on two acustic guitars (members were Teo G. & Bojan Š.)..In '85 I got my first synth Yamaha PSR-16 and the Voyage Mode ®© alias Voyage M.®© (short name) was born.. My friends Aljoša K. & Dalibor M. also formed their band called "Void"®©, which was soon renamed to "Sabotage"®©. The "Voyage M."®© (Teo G.) lent to the "Sabotage"®© a few texts to record a different perspectives of that songs. We cooperated on doing some common stuff until Sabotage ®© existed.. In this days Voyage M.'s ®© members are: - Teo G. (multiinstruments, vocals, song writer) - Aljoša K.- Alex Q.(multiinstruments, vocals, song writer) and occasionally : - Tjaša K.-Tasha Q. (vocals, song writer) - Kristina B.-Cristy (vocals, song writer) Music style : Electronic / Avant garde / Experimental / Ambiental / Electro / Synth-pop / Pop / a little bit of rock (sometimes) Voyage M. sites :
Après 2 mois de voyage en Europe méditerranéenne et 1 mois au Proche-orient, j'arrive à Istanbul, face au Bosphore. La suite sur *******
14 May 2008
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Love them or hate them, the Voyagers are all around the country - and now all these shots are historic...
16 May 2008
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*******hotelectronicgadgets****/voyager Get your Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset
23 May 2008
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voyage de mes reves
3 Jul 2008
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voyage de mes reves
8 Jun 2008
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voyage planétaire vers mars, la lune, neptune et jupiter
20 Jun 2008
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voyage de mes reves
18 Jun 2008
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voyage de mes reves
23 Jun 2008
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There is no better way in which to appreciate Turkey’s infinitely fascinating history than by water. As devotees of the popular Blue Voyage know, Anatolia, bridging Asia and Europe, has housed many civilizations, some of which were in close contact with the sea and thus built their cities on the Aegean or Mediterranean coasts. Most of those cities have, of course, fallen. But due to the lack of highways, many of those ancient sites remain ‘undiscovered jewels’ and are thankfully still untouched. Even today, some of these coastal areas are only attainable from the sea.
26 Jun 2008
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A personal review of the LG Voyager VX10000. Not an iphone, but close enough! WORLDSBESTELECTRONICS.COM PLEASE CHECK OUT THE FOLLOW UP VIDEO: DO NOT SEND ME A MESSAGE...WRITE ON THE WALL AND I WILL RESPOND. Hey everyone, we have hit 20,000 viewers!!Thank you all very much. I hope you enjoyed. Keep your eyes open for another video coming soon ;) Yes, I am aware..there is an extra zero in the video. DO NOT COPY VIDEO..COPYRIGHT 2007!!!WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTIONS IF TAKEN WITHOUT PROPPER SOURCE IDENTIFICATION..PLAGIARISM. WORLDSBESTELECTRONICS.COM
21 Jul 2008
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A LG Voyager Pt 2 follow up after owning the phone for 4 weeks. Mobile TV, Vcast music, battery life.. PLEASE WATCH THIS FIRST:
17 Jul 2008
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WWW.WORLDSBESTELECTRONICS.COM Another review of the LG Voyager VX10000. Today, we take a closer look at the Pro's and Con's of the phone. We look into the antenna, the camera, the battery life, speaker quality, and much more! Thank you and please enjoy! WWW.WORLDSBESTELECTRONICS.COM DO NOT COPY VIDEO..COPYRIGHT 2008!WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTIONS IF TAKEN WITHOUT PROPPER SOURCE IDENTIFICATION. WWW.WORLDSBESTELECTRONICS.COM
17 Feb 2009
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