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Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
20 Apr 2018
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Smashy Road: Wanted is a profoundly engaging hustling amusement with astonishing designs and a control framework that is ideal for touchscreen gadgets. Over that, the haphazardly produced situations will offer you a long stretch of time of fun.
26 Apr 2018
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God wants to hear unconvincing voice
8 May 2018
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Smashy Road Wanted is a highly entertaining racing game with amazing graphics and a control system that’s perfect for touchscreen devices. On top of that, the randomly generated scenarios will offer you hours and hours of fun
9 May 2018
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Smashy road: Wanted - go behind a wheel of a fast car and try to escape from the police chasing you. Dodge the oncoming traffic and go around obstacles. Guide your car through different locations like deserts, cities, etc in this game for PC . Do harsh turns, move the car from side to side and do other maneuvers to trick pursuers .
15 May 2018
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The newest driving sensation taking the gaming world by storm is the new hit in the Smashy Road series. With Smashy Road: Wanted, you are on the run from everyone! Drive through a variety of randomly generated areas avoiding the police, SWAT teams, Army Jeeps, and even heavy-duty tanks.
23 May 2018
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Smashy Road: Wanted is an arcade game wherein players drive vehicles at high speeds in the expectations of outrunning the cops. Though this often leads to violent crashes and explosions, the game's blocky, pixelated style means neither the motorists nor the police officers are shown becoming hurt or killed. The game additionally allows you to buy dozens of new vehicles using either dollars or in-game funds, which you can earn by watching advertisements; ads also appear between each level.
31 May 2018
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Smashy road: Wanted - go away, behind a wheel of a fast vehicle and try to get out of the police chasing you. Reduce the oncoming traffic and move around obstructions. Guide your vehicle through various destinations like deserts, cities, etc in this game for Android. Perform harsh turns, move the car from side to side and do additional maneuvers to trick pursuers. Police cars, jeeps, and even tanks will chase you.
6 Jun 2018
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Download Smashy Road: Wanted For PC- The game means you are driving a rushing car on a simple road and try to move left and right to reduce incoming cars and trees and avoid the police while collecting coins.
22 Jun 2018
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I want a daughter like this
30 Jun 2018
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The owner of the dog can’t eat anything alone, his dog wants a bite of everything that its owner eat. No matter when it will come in for a bite.
6 Jul 2018
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Smashy Road Wanted is a new game in witch primary focus are cars. From the developers of cross road game you can expect, simply the best game and smash road wanted delivers all the expectation!
7 Jul 2018
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Duckbill F you i do what I want Bag Raiders Shooting Stars Meme Adapated from the Spiderman/MLP F You I do what I want Poorly Animated WarSYndicate
10 Jul 2018
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She Wanted To Follow Her Boyfriend so She Threw Her Dog In The Trash! Would you get rid of your Dog to follow your partner… And would you do it by throwing him in the trash? I highly doubt that any sane human being would do such a horrible act. No one in his right mind would think that getting rid of your Dog is a right decision. And no human would ever think that the best way to get rid of your dog is to throw in the trash! But you know, there is evil in this world and many people are doing acts that can only be described as being ‘evil’. I simply can not find any other word. While Nathan Bennie, a trash collector, was on his daily rounds he was shocked when he looked into one of the trash cans. What he saw in there was unbelievable. Inside there was a Dog, she was very weak, she was starving to the point where he could see all her bones through the skin. He was shocked, he immediately took the dog out and gave her his lunch, called the nearest animal shelter and her waited with her for their arrival. He did not believe the situation, how would a dog end up there, and why! The truth was soon revealed, because every criminal has to do one stupid thing, and this was just the case. The owner of the dog forgot that the dog was micro-shipped, and that they could get her, and they did. Once they located her she was arrested. She confesses to throwing the Dog in the trash can to get rid of her; so she could follow her boyfriend to Texas!! But before starting her new life in Texas, she is going to spend some time in prison, as she is charged with animal cruelty, I really hope she gets sometime to think about her act and how horrible & inhumane it was, and I think she would have a lot of time to spare in jail, so I guess she will. I still ca not believe what she’s done, It’s absolutely horrible! The dog, which is only 10 months old, has now gained back 8 pounds and on her way to recovery. He’s already got a lot of requests for adoption, and once she is completely
16 Jul 2018
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SMASHY ROAD: WANTED - You are Desired! Take your driving to new heights! Control and unlock all 90 motor vehicles. Race through the desert, grasslands and the city or come across Hidden areas with great rewards! Escape the Cops, the SWAT, the Army or marine JEEPS and the TANKS!
16 Jul 2018
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From the looks of the driving wheel, the safe assumption is he had a different vehicle than he planned. He wanted a ship, to be the captain, not a driver.
16 Jul 2018
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