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Zhongshan, originally named "Yongfeng", was a Chinese warship later renamed after Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1925, the great forerunner of the Chinese Democratic Revolution. The warship was involved in the battle of Wuhan in the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). It was bombed and sunk in the Yangtze River by Japanese invaders on October 24, 1938. (Wikipedia)
10 Jun 2007
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from warship 2 f-4 fly low
30 Aug 2008
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Attack the Japanese warships but make sure ours don't get destroyed in the chaos.
12 Aug 2009
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www.bookscanning**** presents you historical images of Warships from China, Chile and Denmark.
8 May 2010
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www.bookscanning**** presents you historical images of Warships from Germany. We're specializing in the Digitization of old books and images.
10 May 2010
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Sit back, turn the lights down and light a candle. Now you're ready to enjoy this sexy trailer for the sexy Leviathan: Warships.
18 Apr 2013
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Ship in Storm | WARSHIP Hit By Monster Wave Near Antarctica
10 Apr 2021
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Vasa Museum segment in Stockholm from "Vikings, Tivoli, and Trolls", the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's new free video presenting highlights of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Starring Copenhagen’s colorful Nyhavn Canal, entertainment at the Tivoli amusement park; Swedish square dancing, Norway’s scenic fjords, waterfalls, the Bergen World Heritage Site, Trolls, and the Viking Ship Museum, plus much more. With historic houses and digital effects. To see the entire 25 minute film + 30 other free, non-commercial, amateur travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please click on any available link, or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
23 Oct 2006
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please see the clip then comment shortely,
7 Jan 2011
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Hi Folks! Things are sure heating up in Iran civil unrest in the streets is their country getting ready to collapse like Egypt? Why is Iran sending war ships near the coast of Israel? Is this their big move to insight war with Israel? I think so time will tell. Iran leaders and people feel that their savior the 12 Imam will come back up out of a well when the country and world is in civil unrest, are you almost there? The real scary part is that they think they can bring about the return of this 12th imom by helping to bring about this civil unrest. Is bible prophecy coming true right before our eyes? Is the man of great peace ( NOT ) soon going to reveal himself? Is the stage being set for this Antichrist ? Time will tell One thing is for sure NOW is the time to become self sufficient so you will be ready for whatever is around the corner. I can help you, I will even close your sales for you and earn you $500 $1,500 $3,500 or even $6,500 per sale,paid daily! Prepare or Perish! Your choice... Kevin Casanova 315-899-2044 www.ProsperitySalesSystem**** www.WebsiteBroadcaster**** I have been a Top Income Earner in the home based business industry for over 25 years now and I know what it takes to succeed online, and can help you. I have earned as much as 10k to 30k in one week online I am not saying that to brag but the truth is you just don't get there without knowing what program to work and how and where to market online and offline. If you remember one thing I tell you remember this: Success online is ALL about the marketing and knowing how to send MASSIVE Traffic to your website. I have just launched a NEW Website Traffic service that can help you do that it's at www.WebsiteBroadcaster**** Call me now with any questions! Prepare To Prosper
17 Feb 2011
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Puttering through the ocean looking for friends to sink sounds like a good time to me.
5 Feb 2013
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Puttering through the ocean looking for friends to sink sounds like a good time to me.
29 Mar 2013
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DVD Available at: *******www.longtailnet****/1296 The Canadian navy sails to one of the most lawless regions in the world: the Persian Gulf. This program follows the real life stories of the brave men and women working on Canada’s warships during a mission in this most volatile part of the world.
24 Dec 2009
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BY BLAKE HANSON For the second time in more than 30 years, Iranian warships have entered the Mediterranean Sea. Euronews has more... “The navy’s top admiral said the craft, thought to be a destroyer and its supply vessel were on a mission of peace but also that Iran wanted to showcase its naval power.” The ships reportedly docked at a port in Syria. The move is similar to the only other recent Iranian Mediterranean voyage in February of last year — when a destroyer and supply vessel swooped along the Israeli coast and docked at a different Syrian port. The National Post has more on that incident... “The first Iranian presence in the Mediterranean in February 2011 provoked strong reactions from Israel and the United States, with the Jewish state putting its navy on alert.” The media first learned of the Iranian voyage Saturday — the same day a high-ranking British official made a big statement about the Iranian threat. The Huffington Post has more... “The warships mission comes as concerns about Iran's nuclear ambitions were raised by Foreign Secretary William Hague. He warned that the state's nuclear plans could plunge the world into ‘a new Cold War’ with the Middle East.” A writer for Allvoices**** says the Iranian navy could be something to be worried about... “Teheran [sic] has been boosting its navy’s presence in international waters since last year, deploying vessels to the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden in order to protect Iranian ships from Somali pirates.”
20 Feb 2012
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